Vitamin D vs. Skin Cancer

Discussion in 'Surfing' started by Flip756, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. shadydave

    shadydave Well-Known Member

    Mar 10, 2014
    Ayer Ma USA
    I just read that and found it extremely interesting. My wife and I are in the Landscaping industry and both of us have negative effects if we are unable to be outside most notably on rainy days. I personally don’t take supplements and don’t use sunscreen (I just heard the gasp). I probably would be a good study case. :confused:
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  2. Driftwood

    Driftwood Well-Known Member

    Dec 2, 2014
    My take is that sun is a good thing... in moderation. Like most everything else. And that, for some reason, people have a hard time with, being drawn towards absolutes.

    I get some sunscreenless sun time in often, but pay close attention to eposure. Favor hats and sleeves to sunscreen whenever possible. Then use sunscreen when I'm in the water or outside for longer periods during late spring/summer/fall. Haven't had a sunburn since '98.

    One thing that I will attest to, much to frustration of my dermatologists, is that I have way less KA's when I maintain a very reasonable sun exposure. Same thing for my daughter's eczema and psoriasis.

    People are a varied lot, I'm sure there is awide array of tolerance, reactions, and "best" case scenarios per individual based on their environment, history, genetics... Knowing your own limits, and what sets your skin off, requires paying attention but is a good place to start.
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  3. LÜGEN

    LÜGEN Active Member

    Nov 6, 2016
    The sun doesn’t cause skin cancer. It’s the burning of the skin. But people get melanoma on the bottoms of their feet or in places like Sweden. I think it’s allabour diet and genes.
  4. dtorrent

    dtorrent Active Member

    Jun 21, 2004
    I have never thought the "any tan is bad" mantra from the dermatologists is right. Sure, for some very fair people who can never tan, it is.

    I obviously surf. A lot. In the winter wearing a wetsuit I seldom even think to put sunscreen on my face, especially at dawn patrol. The sun is just so weak. If I was going to surf all afternoon in the sun, I would put some clear zinc on my face.

    When spring starts, and I start shedding wetsuit layers, I feel the gradual-tan model works for me. I usually dawn patrol, so the first few weeks of having nothing on my arms/legs, it's so early in the morning that I might get an hour or two of weak spring sun. That gradual accrual of weak sun, in the early non-peak hours, means that by April or May I am already pretty tan. I never burn. In the heat of summer I seldom surf past 10 or 11am anyway, as it is rare that the wind cooperates for that long. If it was a rare occasion of all day good waves in the middle of July, I would definitely load up on the clear face zinc and long-sleeved rashguard.
  5. Surfnfish

    Surfnfish Well-Known Member

    Feb 6, 2015
    Devils Lake, Oregon Coast
    Lot of documented research out there that has established appropriate levels of Vit D is essential to maintaining an effective overall immune system. Our personal physician tests blood levels for it during annual check-ups, and recommends 2,000 mg daily year around.
  6. Flip756

    Flip756 Active Member

    Mar 4, 2016
    USA North Carolina
    I'm pushing 20 years with out using sunscreen and its probably been just as long since I've been burnt. I also notice a direct correlation between my mental/physical well being and how much time I'm getting to spend outside. One thing I took away from that article that I found very interesting is the correlation between skin cancer (non melanoma) and healthy people.
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  7. Bighouse

    Bighouse Active Member

    Feb 21, 2012
    East End, Long Island
    My mom is extremely healthy. walks 3.5 miles a day (all weather, all year) has avoided processed foods for ever, drinks tons of water, hits the gym a few days a week still into her 60’s, keeps her mind sharp post retirement and is full of melanoma. She’s had large areas of her arms, neck , back removed, stuff burned off, etc. although, the removals are less and less these days.
  8. dingpatch

    dingpatch Well-Known Member

    Apr 2, 2014
    Florida USA
    VERY interesting! When I was a young lad (12 to 25) I routinely got severely sunburned. Years later, yep, , , , every kind of skin cancer. I now do get plenty of sun, but NEVER enough to burn; when in the water I'm covered up. My pre-bone marrow transplant labs from last June said that I had very good Vitamin D levels.
  9. Bighouse

    Bighouse Active Member

    Feb 21, 2012
    East End, Long Island
    My brother and I were raised with the concerns of my mothers melanoma. Lots of lotion, no burns and lots of visits to the dermatologist. He’s has a few “pre” spots removed, I’ve had nothing.

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