Traveling under "Real ID" rules

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    One thing for sure, , , , less Californians in the lineup!

    DHS is now saying that 23 states still operating under extensions, which delay their REAL ID mandate, have until October 10th to comply. Under the law, which has its origins in a 9/11 Commission recommendation, there is no single REAL ID: states issue their own documents but must now adhere to federal standards relating to card design and application processing.

    A DHS map showing how a variety of states are faring with REAL ID compliance. Green signifies compliance, yellow signifies an extension, which the Trump Administration say it will be ending on October 10, 2018. Blue signifies an extension under review.
    Department of Homeland Security

    In order to get the information needed to process those applications, REAL ID requires that states share information with the federal government—and that's where privacy groups have concerns.
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    Thanks Howard. We were just talking about this PIA. Now we can kick the can down the road into October!
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    My advice: unless you're going overseas, drive.
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    What about the groms? 2/4/6. Continue to stuff them in the luggage ?

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