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    Very cool, GL w the proposal!

    i completely understand, when i was in the region it was also 'not a surf trip with the gf' one thing you should look at is if you have an idea on what places you want to eat at make sure that they will be open on the days you are in each city. for me if i had 5 days in the basque country i might not do any in bilbao and only san seb. again busses are easy and blahblahcar worked well for me getting to different cities

    sorry for the wall of text i could write about this place forever, if you end up staying not in or near old town of san seb i can give more recs.

    yeah i just felt that bilbao was a smaller city with less things that interested us. there were a few food highlights there:
    In Bilbao:
    Cafe Iruna- the thing I like most is after 6 or 7pm there is a man inside in a corner alone that cooks Lamb Skewers over an open fire, these were amazing

    the train station there has a beautiful stained glasss piece if you are walking around it is worth seeing (or google it)
    plenty of tapas bars, i think they are also a city with very good lunch deals

    In Zarautz an incredible place called Jai Txiki with really great curry and noodles, i would get almost everything on the menu in the tapas portion and then get more of whatever you loved.
    there is one real fancy place you need a rezy for that we did not go to named Kirkilla

    in San Seb (will also plug the articles my gf wrote after the trip, also pastry chef Dominque Ansel is there now going to many of my favorite spots if you want to look at his ig):

    coffee- go to Old town Coffee (dont sleep on the cinnamon bun)
    -sarkona different toast and eggs

    favorite pinxos:
    Atari Gastroteka-patatas bravas, carillera, cubed cheese with mustard seed
    Ganbara- selection of oysters and egg yolk, fried white asparagus, pigs in a blanket (if fresh)
    Borda Berri- foie, pig ear, chocolate ganache
    Zazpri- beef cheek, ravioli with ox tail
    A Fuego Negro- fried chicken, mackobe
    Siri Miri- (owned by and next door to atari)- smoked salmon, mushroom risotto, chippiron croquettes
    cuchara de san telmo- foie that is like no other, risotto, pulpo, suckling pig (they offer pinxo half portion and full portion of everything so be clear as to what you want to order
    la vina- cheesecake (one order is 2 big slices)

    bread- bread in spain kind of sucks, the bread from The Loaf (any of them) is better

    Bar nestor- come hear early before it opens to reserve tortilla (one slice per person) come back when its ready and get the padrones, tomato salad, and the smaller of the steaks
    basque culinary center- easy to get to on the bus, make a reservation(realy good value if you want michelin style food with 1/25 price
    Mala Gissona- beer bar (if you like beer its one of the few that has more than one beer option, also has real good chicken wings this supposed to be about surfing or food, sorry i lost myself
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