Source Surfboard Aqua Glider For Sale

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    Mar 22, 2007
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    DF4788B1-75E0-4282-B8C5-5E38A9D51167.jpeg Selling for a friend. Source Surfboard Aqua Glider Model. Double ender 100% hand shaped by Nick Palandrani of Source Surfboards. 10’ very little rocker with maximum V in the tail with a blended concave in the nose . Very fast board. works in 1’ to over head surf . Great summer and winter board. Also listed on the SF Bay Area Craigslist

    DF4788B1-75E0-4282-B8C5-5E38A9D51167.jpeg 6A180C96-911D-40E4-AE7F-0019150015E0.jpeg E004C60A-EF60-4244-A51A-33C77BB5BB0F.jpeg A41885D1-C351-49FF-BA41-2022749714F1.jpeg Delivery to Southern California can be arranged.
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