Sayulita next week questions

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    I would personally check Saladita out. Since it in the Southern Hemisphere, the left there for goofy footers Is to die for. Personally, I hate going left. I can only compare it to a longer Malibu except it goes left. There is some good Utube video of the place. Just be aware of the State Departments travel cautions for some Mexico states. I have no idea of the other Mex breaks other than Saladita and Scorpion Bay BaJa. Just suggesting.
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    Saladita has a better swell window this time of year.. the itself wave is a long, walled up LB friendly wave, with plenty of lodging within easy walking distance...and can arrange to boat in to El Rancho, a peeling cobblestone left point where my son and I had some hella fun sessions back in the day when it was easy to drive to if you could find it..
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    Sayulita is different from salulida where Cj holds log fest. Today seems to be a small churches style crumbly right. With a lot of foam boards... Prob won’t even paddle out if it doesn’t get bigger than it is. Need to find a place to rent a traditional log but that seems slim to none
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    Take in consideration that from Sayulita to saladita is 8 hour drive
    and theres not much to do
    sayulita , on the other hand, has more activities for family

    Punta Mita and La lancha, and Anclote are top break points
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    EC1436E1-F104-4A97-8074-A1D6C838855F.jpeg Ya we might head around the point if families allow! Saturday here looks promising
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