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Discussion in 'Surfing' started by miscreant, Oct 17, 2017.

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    Great Texas video, @miscreant.

    I recently got a pretty sweet quadcopter for photo/video. I don't have anything that I'm ready to share yet, but the footage quality is absolutely stunning. I always say this jokingingly, but I'm also kind of serious: we've lived to see the future. The technology behind those things is unreal -- live POV video, all the telemetry/calculations/GPS data that it uses, etc. I think the real trick is to use it responsibly and lawfully. I passed the FAA Part 107 test last weekend, which permits me to use it commercially (basically anything involving money in any way, shape, or form -- including YouTube monetization -- constitutes commercial use). There are a lot of people who fear "drones" due to privacy issues, but the way bigger concern in my opinion should be the people who ignore laws and/or don't respect airspace and potentially pose risks to manned aircraft. Overall, the tech is awesome and the possibilities are endless.

    Along those lines and compatible with our forum: the world's first drone rescue happened a week or so ago. This could be a pretty interesting way to get to distressed swimmers quicker.
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    This thread is timely. A while back I was ready to haul my board and pack on a 2 mile hike into a spot that rarely breaks and not visible until the end of the trail. When I got to the access point I met a friend who was flying his quadcopter in a clear cut. When he saw me he had this smirk on his face and I said whatsup? Said he was flying her in to see if the beak was working sparing him the 2 mile hike if it wasn't! Total genius move! The break wasn't working and I didn't have to do the Battan Death March!
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    Ha! That's awesome. A buddy and I dreamt of a similar scenario -- it's about a 2.5 mile straight flight from my yard to the nearest ocean beach, but a 12.5 mile drive. The range and GPS is good enough that I could technically use it to check the surf without ever leaving my couch. I would never do it (for many reasons), but it is still pretty fun to imagine sending your own personal surf cam out to do some recon.
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    With skill you could fly into a couple of set waves and surf them like a pelican. No need to even get wet. Charge your batteries and do it again.
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