It begins Lance carson 50s pig

Discussion in 'Surfing' started by cheyneskeezer, Jul 11, 2017.

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    Sep 7, 2010
    Beautiful board. His work is so elegant.

    Came across an interview with Lance Carson awhile back. Was struck by his humility, wrote down what he said. "At 73, for me, the most important thing a human being has is your conscience. The flip side of that coin are the people you hurt along the way. And the regret. I shake my head at some of the things I've done in shame and self-disappointment. If there's people out there I've hurt along the way, I'm sorry."

    He was my hero, I'm not too far behind him in age, know about those regrets late in life. Poignant for me.
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    Frothing, absolutely frothing. Stunning board really
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    He's a class act
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    77FBD009-6263-4CDD-A926-F3CA9B53A358.jpeg C62DA52E-C26D-4E2B-818E-3FA7D904C042.jpeg A16367AC-C571-4D3D-BEDE-59A0E8A1B9A4.jpeg 04FD279B-3D34-48B5-94F6-77261882C87C.jpeg Stopped by Davenport on the way home from a job I was doing off Rice Road to check out the pig it’s looking killer so many thanks go out to Lance Gene and Andrew

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    Looks so good. Right on Cheyne. Did you go old, old school....aka 10oz?
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    10 n 6 top and bottom
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    Big Respect.
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    So good. Dig that rocker shot.

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