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    Mar 26, 2018
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    Howdy! I have two boards up for sale or trade in the SF area.

    The Andreini is 6'3. It is Clark Foam, glassed by Scott Anderson. I showed it to Mark when I first got it. He doesn't remember the board, but he said it is a variation on a Vaquero and that it is a bit closer to a Liddle template. It has fuller Andreini rails of course (thin compared to his new boards though), and it is pretty flat out the tail. The board has a handful of small repairs, and had some delam repaired on the deck. Overall it is a solid board with lovely patina. Comes with an 8 3/4 Aflex fin.
    $500 for jammers. It will go up on CL for $550 in a week or so.

    The Mabile is a 6'3 Honey Badger. It is in good condition, with mild pressures and one notable repair on the belly - flush and solid. It comes with a Skip Frye fin.
    $400 for jammers. I am going to post it on CL soon for $450.

    I am in the market for a midlength, so unfortunately these two have to go. I would love to trade one or both boards, + or - some cash for a 7'4 - 7'10 Vbowls. I would also entertain an Andreini, Liddle, Mabile, or possibly other midlengths in that size range.

    Looking to sell locally before I consider shipping.

    IMG_2702.jpg IMG_2703.jpg IMG_2704.jpg IMG_2705.jpg IMG_2658.jpg IMG_2660.jpg IMG_2655.jpg
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