FS: Captain Fin Chris Christenson 8.5 Tracker

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  1. FirstPointEric

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    Hey All-

    Last one for now. Captain Fin Chris Christenson 8.5 Tracker. It's used but in as-new condition. A great fin but just a hair too small for me with 11 and 12 footers, but it'd go great in smaller longboards or hulls. This is a stock photo (fin is in LA) of the exact 8.5" model for sale. I'm arriving there this weekend and it can be ready to send early next week. $50+shipping, sorry no screw. Open to trade for a CC Tracker in 9.5"-10", Takayama Flex fin (10") or something bigger (9.5"+) and medium flexy and in good+ shape.

    Christenson 8.5 fin.jpg
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  2. FirstPointEric

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    Don't want to have to take a loss on this, but I'll take $45+Shipping. As I said, it's a great fin, just a little too small for the 11 and 12 foot boards I used it in. Though it's not in front of me, I recall it being in pretty much perfect shape, no dings, no scrapes, nada. As I said, I will trade for a 9.5" or 10" Tracker or the DT Flex (10") or show me what you got in that same vein.
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    The real McCoy. Below are photos also showing both sides of the leading edge.

  4. FirstPointEric

    FirstPointEric Well-Known Member

    Super clean fun. Please buy it. Got too many and I'll probably cull the herd a little more.

    IMG_3610.JPG IMG_3611.JPG

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