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Discussion in 'Surfing' started by rootdown, Jan 31, 2018.

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    These fin screws make so much sense because you can adjust your fin in the water. One thing I hate is having to get out of good surf to change fin position with a screwdriver; I got some of these so I don't have to worry about that anymore. Bag of 3 screws with plates for $6.95 and "OFF10" for 10% off. Since you're getting a discount, you might as well buy one of the "Pintail" flex fins as well; unlike the similarly-outlined Velzy which has little flex, the Dorsal is flexy without being floppy; excellent projection out of turns and it's surprisingly inexpensive ($27.40?!?) because they're molded polycarbonate. I'd never used anything but fiberglass, but gave this a go last month in my heavy 11 foot TMartin Legacy that has a similar outline to your board rootdown and it worked great.

    I also got one of the astroturf mats that's very similar to ones Tico used to make. The Dorsal mats are excellent. Very heavy duty; sturdily made and the astroturf is nice and soft. It beats gravelly asphalt--with the occasional little bits of glass--any day of the week.



    The base is wider than the box opening but sits snugly on top of the box which adds rigidity to the fin, complementing the flexy leg. And yes that crusty, oxidized fin screw was replaced with the new, tool-free one.
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    very true. when I am shaping a board, Im finally at the point where I know exactly where the the fin(or fins) has to be and where it fits in with how I make the rocker and how that fits in with the plan shape and foil and bottom contours.... But then the right fin for the right conditions (and the right board). that all said, I admit I am very inexperienced with single fin longboards. I am having so much fun now that I kind of know about how much fin area I need I can play and learn more about how different shaped fins behave and how that works with how I want to surf. Ive been through this wormhole before with my mid lengths and a whole bunch of new fins... Fins are cool and Im probably going to end up with a ridiculous collection if my wife doesnt stage an intervention!
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    ... and then there is always a dremel and a sander. I have been known to tweak a fin here and there when I wanted something in-between.

    Heck, I have even added back a little glass on a trailing edge when my fin vision was 20/200. Looks a little Frankenfin like, but the waves don't care.

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    Greenough 4C is a fun, underated fin as well.
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