Dudes smoking crack selling surfboards

Discussion in 'Surfing' started by pefa, May 5, 2015.

  1. Surfnfish

    Surfnfish Well-Known Member

    yep, same, been for sale for years...both the ask $ and hyperbolic description a joke...inventory MIA, lousy location, locals surfers don't patronize it, nearest beginner friendly break is 20 miles away so rental claim pure b.s.

    used to be a great surf shop in town all the locals supported..closed 4 years ago because the town just isn't a surf destination, easily the gnarliest surf on the coast..something the small group of core local surfers don't mind a bit..
  2. jbb

    jbb Well-Known Member

    Mar 17, 2010
    Southern California
    Lincoln City = Nelscott Reef
  3. Surfnfish

    Surfnfish Well-Known Member

    yep..here's a gal surfing Nelscott for the first time on a fairly mellow day..the reef is 3/4 of a mile offshore with lotta critters about..one guy took off, got buried on the inside, while underwater felt his board suddenly get yanked and then released, came up and found a really big bite radius bitten into it...on a 10'6 gun.."hmm, this looks tasty"..

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  4. walkingtheplank

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    Aug 2, 2004
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  5. surflax

    surflax Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    USA Pennsylvania
    Live in Philly now, Bunger is my hometown shop/shaper and someday want to grab one but this one, Nahhh think I'll pass...
  6. Gill

    Gill Active Member

    Mar 21, 2018
    Spring Lake Heights, NJ
    Haha... nice stinger on that board!

    There was a nice bunger at the Beach House last summer for a very reasonable price- I’m bummed I didn’t pick it up...
  7. Freddibetts

    Freddibetts Well-Known Member

    May 7, 2015
    USA New York
  8. Veterano

    Veterano Well-Known Member

    Aug 29, 2013
    The plan shape on that Skip can be dragged into the current really easily. I'm intrigued and may make a run on it with ..........
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  9. bonzer

    bonzer Active Member

    Mar 11, 2014
    USA New Jersey
    ......... BJ (?)

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