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  1. FirstPointEric

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    Here's a 9'1" Anderson Traditionalist. This one was made by Scott for "Leo" whom I bet is Leo Nordine, an excellent longboarder who's had Scott make him lots of boards over the years. I've owned one of Leo's boards and this one is nice: tail block, t-band, volan glass, Harbour fin and bag. This one looks like it's been used but not abused; the only thing you want to check is if the sticker in front of the box is covering spider cracks. Overall good shape for $400. Costa Mesa.

    Christenson Bonneville 9'6" in "9 out of 10 condition", not exactly a steal at $800 but it'll save you about $700 from new. Icons of Surf has several Bonnevilles but they run about $1500.

    This one has an opaque army green deck, clear rails and bottom.

    10'1" Weber Performer, triple sticks, clear layup, can't see the fabric weave so I'm assuming 6oz silane. It has "2 pro-repaired dings" (which aren't visible, perhaps owner isn't showing them) but despite less-than-optimal photos, it still appears to be bright white and these start at about $1500 new at the Weber shop, so $675 ain't bad.

    Pure Fun (Hank Byzak shape) 10'0" standard midweight squaretail noserider; blue tint and fin box. "Normal wear and dings", $340.

    RFC El Gato 9.5", looks new ("excellent" condition), $50 obo
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  2. FirstPointEric

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    Vintage mid-60's 9'4" Hobie in pretty incredible shape. Slight patina, only one repaired ding that I can see, t-band, original skeg which looks solid and deck panels. No asking price; owner says "make an offer" for board with Pro-Lite Stormproof bag. Ad is in SD, but board is on the Oregon Coast, to be "shipped COD".

    Ashley Lloyd 8'0" single fin. Brand new, red tint t+b. $729 firm.

    Bing LWPT, a shorty at 7'6". Quad box option with standard center box. Other than a few deck dents, looks new. $700.

    Hanel Pill bonzer 5'10". $390.
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    Aug 15, 2017
  4. SeniorGrom

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    Mar 20, 2012
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    Unless there’s a delam we can’t see, doesn’t look horrible to me. Anybody else have an opinion?
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    Used boards sell higher in a shop than on craigslist/jamboards, etc for lots of reasons.

    The dents are from a light glass job or a heavy rider. Assuming this was glassed by moonlight, so heavy rider. I'd say it's worth it and not trashed. Looks sweet. too big for me.
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    Pressure dents from being surfed. White decks and photo angles can make landscapes appear quite lunar easily. That board has also been available for a couple months. Probably because,
    Deck condition aside, at $390 you're within $100 of a brand new, no frills- tint - yet still Moonlight Glassed Hanel in the 5'10 - 6'4 area.
    Hell even the ones IN a shop like Mollusk hover in the low 5's...
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    Aug 15, 2017
    That’s what I thought. That board has been ridden a lot and/or really hard to be that close to retail on CL. The seller is also a business so they should be charging tax on top of the $390.
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    Saw that one on my iphone while stuck in traffic and yeah, the deck looks worse on my lapper than it did in the car. =^(
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