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Discussion in 'Surfing' started by cuda, Apr 6, 2018.

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    Depending on the diagnosis, surgery should not be the last resort. I chose to forego surgery to repair a partially torn RC, with a projected recovery time of six months, instead treating it with PT and prescribed band and light weight routine until it blew catastrophically while surfing a winter swell, the subsequent repair and recovery taking a full year to recover from, and as it is, even though I'm surfing again, my shoulder will never be the same.

    Good friend of mine, fine surfer, martial artist and yoga devotee who is in superb condition, has been self-treating a shoulder issue for years through warm-ups, stretching and RC exercises. After watching what I went through, he finally saw a good sports med surgeon who showed him on the MRI that he had two partially torn rotator tendons, a partial bicep tendon tear, and two intrusive bone spurs. His surgery is scheduled next month.

    The best advice to give someone with a medical problem is to see an appropriate physician for a proper diagnosis.
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    One surgery and years if coping with shoulder issues, funny no one has mentioned the most harmful of all things at least to my rotator cuffs...STAY AWAY FROM DESKS, COMPUTERS, PADS AND LAPTOPS!

    No stretching when cold and also avoid carrying heavy things when you are sore!
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    Apr 19, 2017
    Guess I don't really qualify for this thread as I'm not 50+, but ever since I started rocking a real wide 10ft tow-in weight board my shoulder has been sore for long stretches after my sessions.

    Clearly I need to adjust my strokes so that I'm not straining myself, but is anything you guys do about the pain after the fact? Are the excercise described in this thread OK for a shoulder already in pain?

    Sorry for the possibly obvious questions.... I'm new to body aches.
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    1) Stretch out the muscles in the shoulder and rotator cuff properly with long mindful breaths. there is no stretching without mindful breathing and relaxation. ( i can send you an effect and easy routine)
    2) rest your shoulders properly, if you feel sore and there is more swell the next day, don't surf. go out with fins and a boogie board and work out your lower body.
    3) do a bit of strength training (low weight more reps) once your shoulder is rested.
    4) drink alot of water and eat protein rich foods to boost muscle recovery

    if you take it slow and build up, your shoulders will become stronger and will be less inclined to get sore.

    injury often occurs when your muscle is fatigued, has not been properly stretched, and you keep pushing it past its limit--which lends to bad form-- without allowing ample time to rest and regenerate...
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    Apr 19, 2017
    That's a tough pill to swallow
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    Cold Paks are your friend when in pain for any part of your body... ice for 20 mins on the hour...common these days for NFL running backs to spend 20 mins after a game in an ice water tub, a practice started by Rodger Craig of the 49ers while in high school, and who these days is a triathlete while many of his peers are crippled...

    worse thing is to develop a chronic condition = damage that will become a major problem later on..seriously consider changing to equipment which doesn't cause you pain. Think epoxy construction for massive sized boards..
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    I think this is good info. Ice every 20 minutes or so is what every competent doctor recommends for all kinds of injuries. There is a ton of merit to ice baths for athletes too. Seems heat applications have dropped off the chart.
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    Let’s see. Sharing some thoughts. I have been longboard surfing for over 56 years. Never went to the dark side. So there is hope. I have chronic pain in both shoulders. Vitamin I (ibeprophen) is my friend. But not too many or frequently. It is hard to sleep on my sides. I have had cortisone injections that only mask the pain for a while. As far as punching through larger waves with a longboard (too much volume and surface), a “legitimate” turning turtle helps. Also, wait for a lull. Of course, beach breaks don’t always allow for lulls. Plus, I ❤️ small waves. Oh yes, for carrying my 25# boards, I now use a “rail grabber.” Scrambling down the goat trails to the coves with a heavy board ain’t as easy as it use to be. But I love surfing so much it’s worth the pain, at least for me.
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    Dang it- now i'm worried about all my illegitimate turning turtles....

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    Mar 22, 2007
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    Yes, you should worry. There is a significant right way “legitimate” difference if they want to save their shoulders and extend their surfing longevity. Some folks, of course, are not open to instruction. They just simply love to complain and apparently love the pain too. Let me know if anyone needs a “legitimate turn turtle coach.” Oh yeah, my fees are not cheap but will keep you surfing into your 60s and beyond:).
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