Are these boards real deal or reproduction? Educate me pls

Discussion in 'Surfing' started by WhiteRussian, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. WhiteRussian

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    Oct 16, 2007
    Boston Harbor
    Wandering around during a vacation we ran across several antique surfboards (or reproductions) at the lobby of Margaritaville resort in Hollywood Beach. While the easily-getting-exited side of me was sayin "Wow, look at those!", the adult and a pragmatic part of me was replying - Dude, this is mass-produced decoration... I think these are not real antique boards, but, boy, they look soooo freaking cool. I grabbed rail of Hot Curl and literally feel the speed and glide... "Daddy, daddy I wanna icecream!" - My wife laughed at me, my face probably was showing everything lol.

    IMG_6913.jpg IMG_6904.jpg IMG_6915.jpg IMG_6914.jpg
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  2. Bruce Fowler

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    Jul 28, 2018
    I think these might be the real deal.

    Ironic, but I'll mention it anyway (then probably get blasted for "making this all about me") - the Chandler family certainly have a long history in surfing, including one of the Chandler boys ordering a model I called "Back to the Future" in the 1980's. The board was a mix of old & new design hence the name.

    Anyway, as the story goes, they usually kept the board at a vacation house along the beach in a beach house that flanked the estuary just north of Carpinteria. For some reason, the board got taken to their primary residence in Pasadena, where, during a bbq, a set designer for Zemeckis' Back to the Future series saw the board, and loved it. The designer was working on Back to the Future II (unknown to many, BACK TO THE FUTURE FOWLER BOARD.jpg BTF 3 was actually filmed at the same time). He decided to paint an approximation of my model into the "Surf Vietnam" wall mural that appears about 15 minutes into BTF2.

    I had no clue that this was even happening, until I went with my wife on Thanksgiving Day to see the movie (released 11/22/1989) in Santa Barbara. Imagine my surprise, when scenes depicting the board popped up in the background several times as McFly & the Professor are exchanging dialogue. It wasn't until much later that one of the Chandler boys came by and explained to me how the board ended up in the movie.

    My wife, who had been a working actress before going to work behind the scenes for Lorimar, told me I could contact them and act incensed that they put my board into the movie without my permission. She said it would probably be about $3K to $5K worth of what they call "nuisance money".

    I didn't bother, as the unsolicited promo did me more good than harm.

    Lengthy footnote of interest aside, the story about these vintage boards with its details sounds accurate & plausible. Those guys were real craftsmen back in the day, and the scarfing of the wood to add on more nose allowing Simmons to correct the bow is the way it would be done. Honestly, I don't know why anyone would go to such great lengths to fake these boards unless it was for substantial financial gain, and the building of such boards would be more of an ordeal than a pleasure.
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