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    May 7, 2006
    Well Alhoa73 you've sparked a Soduku memory quiz here for a chronologically challenged soul pushing 70 and surfing for over 60 years. Do you have any idea when you ask an old fart about anything? Well you're about to find out!

    12’ 4” American Plywood Paddle Surfboard – My first board surfing before the Half Moon Bay breakwater of 1957 completion. Still have!
    9’ something Velzy Balsa. My dad decided that if he wanted me to follow the passion to scale it down and get his son into Cowell's.

    9’ 6” Hobie First Foam Board (I was like 11 y.o. when I paddled out to second peak at Steamers from Cowell's, took off on a big wave, pearled, broke board and had to be rescued by my dad's bud Chubby Mitchell. Got hell for that and had to double my subscribers on my paper route and pull more fish off dad's troller. A life lesson!
    9’ something Blue Machine Bob Copper Design by Morey Pope. Dad and Kit Horn and I surfed SoCal for my first!!
    9’8”? Duke Kahanamokua (last long board I had before going to the shortboard fad)
    7’ Channin Diffenderfer Pin

    1970- 1980:
    7'6" Channin Diffender Pin (Blew fin and fin box off after surfing Patrick’s Point in 1972)
    7’ Aqua Jet (Second picked up at Wise Surf Shop in SF)
    5’8” Haut Gulf Coast Twin (tis board was so fast I flipped it on a wave at Sewers and put a fin through my wetsuit!)
    6’8” Del Cannon (my Yum Yum Yellow Magic Board for my homewaters of the Red Triangle) tis board made me a better surfer. I clipped the glass blue fin at Deadmans (SF). The fin had a fin hum after everything I could do to it but I rode it into being one of the first to ride the Humboldt Harbor Mouth. Good boards build confidence folks, man tis was my Ano board! No leashes and the discovery of barrels. Ya want to surf barrels? Ano and Stockton taught me how.
    6’7” West Cliff winger pin by Michel Junod. From 1974-1976 this board saw every inch of the Washington Coast on foot with a D-4 Kelty Pack and an REI Expedition II tent.
    7’Morey Pope’s first sponge board! Meet a young kid on the beach at Westport in 1978. He had one of these. His name, Mike Olsen, aka GNU/Libtech/et. al. He told me to try it. I did and went down to the only surf shop in the PNW, Mrs A's in Portland and bought one. I still have it! That board has introduced 100's of kids/adults into surfin that I have simply loaned out to. Luv ya Tom Morey!

    1980 - 1990:
    7’2” Haut Tri-cut winger pin with foam glassed fin. Another magic charger. Got my first pic on me in a wave at Westport! Wish I still had it as a wall hanger while I rock in my rocking chair!
    7’ Haut pin. Rode Honolua Bay on this board in 2x OH. Then, with the confidence of BK went onto some real waves on the Northshore of Kauai………………….Kalahewhai. After a very humbling experienced (I did get barreled) and a tattered board I was relegated to Anahola! But I had fun!
    7’ PJ Wahl, my first thruster. I meet PJ when he was a Ranger at Ft. Lewis. Great surfer, such a well centered human being I tried to mimic my life after. Blew the fins off this at Seaside Point coming in on a big day. A very serious day when I was glad the "locals" knew me. I would have been toast if I looked like Mike Purpus!
    6’8” Barnfield winger pin. My second thruster. Beautiful board but bought it from Josh who told me it’s previous owner died of brain cancer. Sad story and although this board performed incredibly I just got rid of it in pristine condition. Karma did not feel good. Have a picture of me on a big day at Westport on tis one. A magic board with a feeling of pain for the man that died before his time.
    6’2” Cleanline winger twin swallow. Tis board was a ripper at left points of the PNW but sucked on rights! Got pics!
    7’101/2” Walsch (Haut) Egg thruster with a 4” boomerang RBC custom center fin from Glen. Still have this magic board from Mikey. And what is so cool? Glen of RBC are old scullers, aka duck hunters! We still have our floats from Aoelus!
    9’ Walsch (Haut), da Aussie Nose Rider that got me back into longboarding and comp surfing. MAGIC! I’ve had four boards copied off tis template.
    9’8” Walsch

    9’6” Bob Pearson (Arrow)
    9’6” Becker
    9’ Channin (Byzek) Walsch Copy
    9’ Channin (Byzek) Walsch Copy-Still have. My "Rock Board"
    9’2” Paul Strauch Watermark (Robert August)
    9’ Dane Perlee Walsch Copy – NAILED IT! MAGIC! By last 9'
    10’3” Dane Perlee
    9”10” Dane Perleee
    9’6” Performer (O’Keefe, CNC’d) For Sale at Cleanline (9.9 outa 10)
    9’6” Irvin Pig
    11’ Hunt (Thank you Little Al for my Twin River rider)
    9’10” Bing Pig…………..New addition. Going full circle! Luv it! Just turn it........paddle............stand up!

    In the future? Pushing 70 there isn’t enough time for a custom, but a 11’ EPS, 24" wide and a square tail with maybe training wheels would be nice under 15 pounds................hey Jim I'll be calling!

    To Mikey (RIP) and Dane, thank you!

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    This was epic! A fun little trip back in time.
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    Feb 6, 2015
    [QUOTE=" Half Moon Bay breakwater of 1957 completion. Chubby Mitchell. Blue Machine Bob Copper Design by Morey Pope. Kit Horn 9’8”? Duke Kahanamokua
    7’ Aqua Jet (Second picked up at Wise Surf Shop in SF)..

    cred, brother, full f'n cred right there..those who know, know..
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    great thread.

    2002 Started surfing
    10 Hobie 1966: Loaner from a friend learned to surf on this board was a tank
    7'9 Bic First surfboard cheap and great to learn on
    6'10 Tri fin, Couldn't surf it for sh*t
    7'10 Scott Brill Custom Funboard (first custom board, no idea what I was thinking)
    8'0 Muzzy Single fin
    7'2 In the Eye tri fin
    9'5 O'hare Tri Fin
    9'4 Hansen Master Powerflex (1967)
    9'6 Hansen 50-50
    9'8 Tyler 777
    9'6 Garbutt Custom Pintail
    9'4 Stewart Sixty Six
    9'8 Hobie Garry Propper (1967)

    Have had many others, some surfed some collected. These are the ones that stick out some good riders others where learning experiances
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    Such a great history! Thanks for sharing the boards and your stories. I love that one of your first was a crazy 12-foot tanker.
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    Oct 17, 2014
    NYC-EH-MTK and LBC
    I love seeing support for the Infinity boards. The used RN I picked up turned out to be one of my favorites.
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    Yeah, could use one of Jim's anti-gravity machines. Maybe even go 11'6" for the extra glidey glide, a Ka Po’e Ae’a. =^D

    Isaac, yes, Tom's board history is amazing and those he's surfed with and the sticks he's owned are a who's who of great surfers and shapers.

    Keep on keepin' on, DP! You comin' down in January?
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    Jul 31, 2007 the top of my head:

    9'0 Ron Jon "Woody Veneer Supreme" (2+1) guessing it was 4.75" thick..great paddler

    9'1 Original Randy French Surftech "Andy Irons Series" (i cant really back up the history on that board...i bought it for $150 and "Andy Irons is the F***king Man" was written in Sharpie marker under the nose)

    9'2 CocoaBeachSurfCo "1oz glassed special" (this came with a free fin and a waiver i had to sign to refuse revealing impending embarrassment)

    9'4 Hamilton "Laird's Lil' Brother" SUP....never used--wall hanger

    9'8 Tyler 779 (ordered as a 9'6 but the 2" tail block changed EVERYthing)

    9'9 Jim Phillips WTF ...finless. (do the math)

    10'2 Ole "Red-Caped Groin-Gorer" (a matador series Spanish import...will never sell)

    ...oh...and a handful of Zeph's. Those are pretty nice too.
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    Aug 28, 2007
    All those lists and I didn’t see one Roy Stuart.
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    None of us have $1 million.

    Well, at least not to spend on a board.

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