5'4" Becker/Barahona Mini Simmons

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    I guess this is a funky enough board that I can post it here?

    5'4" Mini simmons shaped by Barahona under the Becker label. Glassed on wood half moonish fins that are great at kelpy beaches. Fast, fast, fast! Convex/belly up front, into single and then double concave out the back. Turned down rails and raised deck/ step deck. Definitely comes up all the way out the water and goes top speed

    No serious dings at all, very solid board. Put a little glass on the nose at some point, just to keep its integrity after sliding up a few rocky beaches and catches some dime sized dings. Absolutely water tight. Pretty thick. I'm 6' x 140 lbs and It's just a litttttle to thick for me. Ridden this things for years but it's been sitting since I've gotten a new fish. This board is the fastest I've had though.

    $350 or trades for other funky boards, smaller mini simmons, longboard, midlength, hull, whatever you got. Email me if you want to trade and well see whatsup.

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