10'2" COOPERFISH, custom longboard

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  1. Marc

    Marc New Member

    Jun 13, 2017
    Santa Cruz
    I have a 10'2" x 3" cooperfish longboard for sale.
    Glass on pivot fin, volan tail patch, super veeeeed out hull, carbon tail block, excellent shape.
    The board is close to the DEVICE model but a squash tail and rails are pinched back a bit farther than the DEVICE.
    I bought this from a friend whom is a collector, I surfed the board a hand full of times but did not want to damage the board due to Gene retiring.
    $1500/ price drop now asking $1400 , , ,local pick up, I am located in Santa Cruz.
    PuRa ViDa!
    20170611_164545.jpg 20170611_164345.jpg 20170611_164611.jpg 20170611_164558.jpg
    Price drop, $1400

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  2. Shipwreck

    Shipwreck Member

    Jan 23, 2013
    West Coast
    If anyone in Socal wants this board I could facilitate the transport tomorrow (Friday 6/16) from Santa Cruz to Huntington Beach. I leave a day break, so hand off to me in Santa Cruz would need to take place today (Thursday 6/15). Seller/Buyer PM me if needed once you settle the transaction. Thanks.
  3. Marc

    Marc New Member

    Jun 13, 2017
    Santa Cruz
    Thanks man, i have had a couple of people in santa barbra and hermosa looking at it,
    Seriously, thanks again!

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