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Anyone knows of a good shipper at a reasonable price?
Before I move forward with an art project using this board I thought I should ask if anyone has any information that might help identify it's history. Way thick, over 3 1/2", fin looks like it was cut from a sheet of plastic with a hacksaw, then installed into the board by cutting out th eold fin and just sticking it into the hole and resin poured in. On the deck at the tail is the name Frank Salinger. Any clues? board.jpg fin.jpg thickness.jpg
Worked a 3 way deal with some guys up north. Anyone headed to Rhode Island before xmas and willing to take a 10'0 board w fin box with them? I can grab my board on my way north the last week of December, but I would like Croweater to have his board as soon as possible, if possible. I can meet as far east as Riverhead or anywhere on the north fork.
Hello, I have updated this video (Biggest Waves Ever Surfed In The History) with the record in Prowlers (Ireland) 16M. - 55 FT. Kurt-Ris.

You can see this video and more in the best playlist of surf: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLADDr_Ttzp6d_ywe-_ccm03SgHy3qL-3M. Please, add your play list :)
Hey Fine Folks-

I woke up this morning and, for no apparent reason, the patella on my right knee was aching as though I'd twisted or injured it in some other weird way. But it was fine when I went to bed last night and I hadn't done anything to it. I can get around on it okay but it does hurt especially when standing up. Tried doing deep knee bends but obviously that's a bit painful too.

I'm lucky in that I've largely avoided knee injuries despite surfing, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding (and playing sports in general) for most of my life. But this is kind of worrisome and would love any advice and/or possible explanation for something this odd.

I've put Salonpas on it but am wondering if ice would be better. Yes, I've searched the web too, but this forum has provided lots of great info and I value your judgement.

Thanks in advance.
What are your thoughts on wide points? With all these boards that I want...(ie: Hilbers Ant, Andreini Double enda, Lovelace V-bowls, etc.) with these wide points aft. They just look like they work in the type of waves I surf...San Diego county beach and reefs...but, I just saw that Dave Parmenter Aleutian Juice V6 8 ft single fin and man that thing looks killer...but the wide point is forward of center. Thoughts on this?
I purchased a board down in Long Beach area and was wondering if anyone was heading north and could bring the board with them. Its a longboard 9'10" glassed on fin, in perfect condition. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Ordered this bag from Rareform which recycles old billboards into all kinds of products. This 8'0 was bought on sale during black Friday and is pretty well made. They were on Shark Tank a while back too.