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hey dudes. just picked up this guy off of CL last night, posted it in the 'just board pics' too, but figured maybe someone may see this first. 9' chaize long fish, can be ridden as a single or a quad (pictures below). i've got a bunch of single fins i'm excited to try in it but was also thinking about trying it with some quads (because why not), or even keels if that makes sense. anyone have any recommendations? never had this style board before and don't know too much about it other than i'm digging it all around just looking at it. PO gave me a set of CF christenson keels with it (these green guys). any advice helps. thanks dudes! i'll be trying to ride it in the summer slop later today.



Anyone know where to get a good deal on a 4/3 wetsuit right now? Online or in store Orange County? Thanks
Looking to get a board from Cinnamon Rainbows in Hampton NH to anywhere in NJ. wondering if anyone can help without going too far out of their way? Thanks
G’day jammers! I was in the Bay Area over the weekend and cruised over to Lands End and OB. It was pretty rough on Saturday and nobody was out. A question for the locals - I’m curious as to the location of the breaks, as that was my first time there. Straight out from the windmills? South? I doubt I will ever have an opp to paddle out but I am just curious. In either case parking must be an absolute nightmare.

I came into a vintage Hannon today (price was certainly right) - it's seen better days, but I'm curious if anyone has any info (vintage, etc.) to piece together this old board's history. She came from Providence, where someone had it hanging around with the intent to learn to surf on it (yikes!).

There are no sigs or other markings that I can see. Looks like a triple stringer (one wide, possibly T-band in the middle & two smaller ones on each side). Small Hannon logo offset on deck and two small Hannon logos on underside. Hatchet (?) style glassed-in fin.

The deck is in reasonable shape for its age (one bubble delam that may or may not warrant attention - it's pretty solid), but had a lot of old black wax that is a b!t@h to get off. The glass is THICK & HEAVY. The underside has one big old nasty repair and what appears to be a couple of spots of injection-type delam repair (one spot covering part of the port-side stringer aft). Someone added a leash plug as well (I'm assuming). Alot of rough sanding of old repairs all over as well. There are various spots where the cloth weave can be felt slighty (just the texture - not the actual cloth), including the fin. Oh, and she's HEAVY - right around 38 lbs.

I'd love to get this tank in the water - if for nothing else to catch a wave or two, as I'm presuming this board hasn't been ridden on a wave in a decade or two. Any advice on a plan of attack would be great. The big nasty repair has a couple cracks where it is married with the orig glass, so that's probably where I'll start. Should I open up a couple spots to see if she's holding water (and what's the best way to go about this)? I imagine 38 lbs is about 10 lbs overweight for a board of this vintage (is that correct)? I have intermediate ding repair skills, so I feel confident I could at least shore her up for a surf.

IMG_2115.JPG IMG_2113.JPG IMG_2109.JPG IMG_2110.JPG IMG_2111.JPG ...
any suggestions for camping near Huntington Beach? And beginner spots to take my kids? Going after Christmas for a few days. Thanks!
Just an FYI...Da Kine is having a good sale on their website, just picked up a 9'6 Daylight Deluxe Noserider bag for $79 with free shipping, which is about $50 under retail.
I'm looking for 8' and up. Maybe a 10' with extensions that could be removed. Thank you
Just received my order from Tim Stamps. Absolute pleasure to work with, all emails replied to by no later then the following morning. Excellent pricing (includes 2+1 fins). Shipped via Daylight Trucking, SoCal to OR in 5 days, boxed and shipped for $180 all in.
9'3 clear Comp model, 4/4,4 all S cloth, 17 x 22 3/8 x 14 1/4 x 3 single to double
9'8 bluish Galaxy Utility, 6/6,6 all S cloth, 17 1/2 x 23 x 14 1/2 x 3 1/4 single to double
20180831_102541.jpg 20180831_102846.jpg 20180831_102533.jpg 20180831_102720.jpg