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Bought and rode the bing 8’4” ptlw from @michael.
The board is great feels so loose compared to my normal 9’8” - 10’2”.
I saw the fin comments (planning on picking up a 8.5 4A if anyone has one they’re will to part with) when the board was listed, but wondering if anyone knows the bing recommendation for a fin. Felt like the 7’6” wilderness fin on it was a little overpowered.
I emailed them but haven’t heard back.
Neighbor left it out with a free sign. Its pretty rough but the deck looks good. Tail and nose have open dings and it has a stress crack on the bottom (and a lot of grime to be scraped off and cleaned up). I dont plan on riding it but I've been thinking about leaving it in my patio as pictured (worried the sun will kill it fast) or mounting it up high in the garage, but I'm also considering selling it if there's value? Is it more valuable as-is or should I fix it? Anything it could be worth? Serial # in the 6xxx's. Has a broken wave set fin too...
I moved to Texas a few years back and don't have a need for three longboards so I am selling two Tyler surfboards.

The first is a 10'6" Noserider that is in solid condition with a couple of repairs. In my opinion the best NR made. $1,000.

The second is a 11" Super Chief (good condition) with high density red stringers and walnut. This board I bought for San Elijo to compete with people on Skip's Eagles. I quickly realized that this can be ridden in small to overhead surf and is the board I rode most of the time. $1,500.

Send me PMs if interested. Thanks.
Mike Jacobs, American board builder, grandson of the legendary Hap Jacobs, and 3rd generation surfboard builder has started a movement/petition to financially put tariffs on finished surfboards coming from China and other countries as it negatively affects those American handmade surfboard builders and he feels will eventually end the art form as we know it.


Been in Nashville since June 4 undergoing a bone marrow/stem cell transplant at the VA and Vanderbilt University. Everything is OK.

But, I have to tell y’all that if you want to have rocking good time, come to next year’s CMA week. Non-stop good times! Oh and, the cowboy boots, long bare legs and tattered denim short shorts are so very easy on the eyes!

Old Roy copped a bit of a bagging on this forum but he was way ahead of his time it seems.

Hope he's doing okay.
I know this topic has been started in various threads, but I wanted to get a fresh one going. My brother is moving to Norway for school in a few weeks. He'll be there on and off for the next 2+ years. He'll be living/studying in Tromso, north of the Arctic Circle.

My Question: any jamboarders in Norway? Surfer connections? I know he can research stuff via internets but wanted to see if anyone on here has personal surfer connections in the region or suggestions.
He's a decent surfer and just a genuine good guy. He has experience living/working/surfing all over Alaska, so he's not too worried about the climate.

He's also volunteered to fly boards out from San Diego if anyone in Oslo or Stockholm needs anything in the next two years... he's also known to fly with California burritos if that's more your thing.
my surfing next door neighbor has been frustrated of late by the onshore wind cycle currently keeping us drydocked, so suggested he grab some fins and give bodysurfing the current chunky conditions a go.

He came by a few days later to say thanks for the idea, was having a ball and getting a great workout doing just that, so suggested why not up his game. A former oak cabinet door and a couple of shop hours later we had the latest add to his quiver...says with it much easier to get slotted and cover distance.

16 x 8 x 1 with high to low rails, moderate rocker, entry belly fade into slot concave, not sure what the volume is... lol

Hi there
Visiting San Diego in a week, and I will bring back two boards , so I am looking for a beater bag that can fit two ten ft boards. Doesn't need to be pretty, just solid.
Anyone interested in selling any 3.25-4" lokbox sidebites?