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This is a sequel to my previous request with less complications. I need a little help to get a board down to Squid in Atlantic City (Margate actually). Anyone from the N.E. heading south anytime soon?
I have been surfing Spence's boards for a few years now and they just work. Finely tuned wave riders and will surf them until they fall apart. Spends the most time of any shaper I have used going over specifics.

Zen surfboards also makes some good riders and are also very tuned.

My questions here is "These shapers have awesome boards but are not the gucci brand names people crave ...why is it they are not trading for more? Is it Mollusk, Icons, or Pilgrim that deem boards good or not?
Stupid cheap...based on what I paid and condition. Below buy 2 get 1 free!!

Package only at $2400...
IMG_0130.jpg the longboardmaster has really taken care of us with this site's set up. I suppose my $5 sign up fee is dust in the wind since I was the lucky advertiser recipient!!!!!! If only that iPad Pro wasn't out of stock! ...sigh....
For anyone interested, their sale is on this weekend.

They Have specials on springsuits (2 for $60), thin jackets (2 for $30), kids fullsuits (2 for $60) and tons of other stuff that has been heavily marked down.

If you fit into the less popular sizes, they have a ton of Men's small/medium sizes.

I picked up a couple of e-bomb wetsuits tonight for $60.

If you're in the area, there could be a few deals.
To quote the great Hank Williams Jr (frankly a better song writer than his ol' dad- "Honkeytonkin" vs. "OD'd in Denver" just ain't a fair fight anymore than a kookbox outsurfs a Performer) all my rowdy friends have settled down into having infant children in their 40s, stiff jobs with no leave, bougie fucking boat trips to places you see in magazines every month or felony probation they can't leave the state on.

I'm heading to some mildly landminey left points with precious few (probably no) other surfers in Africa July or August of this year and looking for a pal to share van/driver costs (and to do all the buddy stuff like watching surfboards while the other tries desperately to find a place to shit in a crowded market- ever tried taking a dook in a trench toilet behind the fish market while holding onto your boardbag and trying to not let it touch the ground or any of the other eight blokes around you also taking dooks, much less while wiping?). Probably about $2k airfare roundtrip either via Rio (heeeello Eric) or Dublin and Addis (heeeello Paul and whatever amazing friend we make on the flight- Ethiopians are my favorites), a couple hundred bucks in visas (more if Brasil is involved and you have the misfortune to have an American passport and bear the brunt of your State and Defense departments' stupid fucking politics) and about a $1000 in van/driver fees. PM me if you got a hankering for some neat and interesting travel in neat and interesting places where there are no tie dyes, no white girls getting cornrows on the beach, no SUPs, no brazzos and no Peruvian backpackers with cocaine... Although if Rio is involved there will be all of those things. And they won't suck. Except for the SUPs. Those things always suck.