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What happened to the days of just putting your key in your wetsuit or hiding it in the under carriage of your car?

Introduce the key FOB, no touch, keyless entry with push start.

What are folks doing with your key FOB when you surf?

Imagine they are not intended to get wet
Hi all,

My name is Ron and I just recently moved to Eugene, OR. I grew up in Southern CA, but did not surf there until the last few years (what was I thinking!). I started surfing 3 years ago while living in Costa Rica and I'm stoked! Costa Rica is one of my favorite places in the world and part of that is because of the accessibility to surfing while there. I enjoy longboarding and I just want to keep learning and developing style. For the first 3 years I pretty much hacked it by trial and error, took in the advice from my friends and surfers in the water, but this year I had a chance to go to a real surf camp with instructors and I learned I was doing a lot of things wrong and how to correct those issues.

The last two weekends I've spent at the central coast in 1-4ft waves and it has been a complete blast. I got the kids out for the lessons division on International Surf Day and they loved it. I'm hoping to get out there this weekend again.

I just won a bid on a Takayama ITP on ebay and I'm in search of a wetsuit so that I can move around and not be tied to being close to a rental shop. I also picked up a carver board and have been using it to get stoked during the week on land.

I enjoy chatting in the water (although it's a bit of a challenge with a hood) and meeting new people. If any other Oregon surfers are heading out, feel free to let me know and maybe we can meet up.

I had been in search of a good community and several of the others I found seemed to be filled with a lot of attitude or did not have anyone from the PNW on them, so finding Jam Boards was a welcomed surprise. The vibe and stoke here seems real and I'm hoping I can contribute to it.

Hey...don't know if there are any Jamboarders on Maui but the family and I are headed there on Friday for a week. It's a family vacation but I hoping to sneak out a day or two and surf. I've never surfed there and I'm not bringing a board so if any of y'all are around and have a (long) longboard to spare that'd be great otherwise I'll probably stick with a rental and surf where I find it.

PM me or email me (surfore@yahoo.com)...


IMG_0052.PNG thank you longboardmaster for implementing the software you did with this recent update!!!!!
This thread could easily become more about coffee than the actual creamer I put in the title. I guess we'll have to cross that bridge when we get there.

I prefer my coffee black. I like to drink coffee on my way to surf in the mornings. I was wandering if any of you drink coffee before or after surfing, and if you do, do you use creamer, or do you prefer no creamer?

Shall we discuss sweeteners? Honey? Sugar?

I typically go for a dark roast, however, I have had light roast that were amazing.

Just sayin.
Hey fellow Jammers.
I'm traveling for work to CA and I have a weekend pass from the missus to go surf July 15-16. I was thinking Santa Cruz, maybe pleasure point. I need a reasonably priced place to stay so if you have any recommendations for a B&B or small inn around SC I would be in your debt. I'll also need to rent a board so any rec's there would be amazing!

Happy jamming!
- J
The other thread got me thinking. There are pros and cons on both sides and frankly, i'm glad most of the folks out there are leashed up. On the other hand, if you had to swim a lap everytime you goofed a wave it would keep the outside less crowded. Where I grew up surfing, no one wore a leash with a longboard. In fact, you would be mocked and shamed if you wore a leash. Everyone knew how to really swim and bodysurf as a result. My longboards never even had a leash loop or anything, still don't, the boards just look so clean that way. The leash makes walking the board awkward and I think they make traditional longboarding look ugly. On shortboards though, I always wear a leash. But moving around on the board is much less important on a shortboard. And I'm usually surfing somewhere with rocks or a long swim. Ok, rant over

So I loaded up the board on Wednesday morning inside my van to go grab a couple after work. Had to put the van in the shop, and I was in the IE working at the time. The van sat in 108 heat for 2 days. When I finally get to the pull my beautiful John Cherry out of the bag, it had delamed all down the stringer. OMG, I'm sick to my stomach....IS THIS REPAIRABLE???, Or do I put my Cherry on craigslist as a beater.
I emailed Mr. Cherry, and I'm going to call Roper, but I can't believe it. I could kick myself. I know better!!
Any suggestions, or help on this would be gratefully appreciated.

Thank you!!

PS: BoardAddicted, don't sell thAt Cherry just yet, i MIGHT NEEDED IT
Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere (search showed no obvious results)

Mini Noseriders - do the right ones 'work'? Can the compromise be a happy one?

There seems to be a plethora, from mini logs to sub-5ft stumps, with varying design attributes...

So what works? Or not?