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Irma Gunch, Modine's sister, looks to be getting ready to Light Up the East Coast!

Anyone headed north from NYC this labor day weekend (or anytime soon)?

Looking to get a board from Brooklyn up to RI or MA. It's small one (5'5) so an easy traveling companion.

Any help much appreciated!
Wanted to send a huge shout out to PoiDog and the Stoke he passed on to me. What a cool guy! Was able to pick up a project blank and a great fin for a song and dance. I really appreciate it - looking forward to my return trip to get out at your break!
I moved out to Maui about a month and half ago, the job I was offered was basically a lie with a paycheck and I'm over it. About a week after I got hear I met the president of a company that operates on all the islands, he asked me to interview for a position in his company. I wasn't made a offer yet but I feel pretty good about the interviews (3 so far) should have a offer on Monday or Tuesday. Come to find out I would have to move to Oahu, that move doesn't really bother me too much but I know zero about the Oahu neighborhoods or towns. I would be in Honolulu or flying out of the airport most days so I really don't want to go too far from there (less than 35 min). For the first 5 months I would be solo but when my girl arrives we would want a bigger place since we have 2 retrievers. Stoked on this job, they are a well respected outfit with some great people at the helm. Any advice is greatly appreciated Mahalo
It's that time of year again! Waves are rolling in...dust em off and get them ready!

Always an awesome time! swap17.jpg

Does anyone know who bought this board? And was it really 10'? Trying to find out for a friend
This is not going to be pretty. Already a cat 2, is picking up speed and is a HUGE storm with *28* foot seas. They're saying it will make landfall Saturday, then may head back offshore to reconstitute and make landfall again Tuesday.


GMZ001-252100- Synopsis for the Gulf of Mexico 454 AM EDT Fri Aug 25 2017 .SYNOPSIS...Hurricane Harvey is centered near 25.9N 95.4W at 25/0900 UTC, moving NW, or 320 degrees at 8 kt. Estimated minimun central pressure is 967 mb. Maximum sustained winds are 90 kt gusting to 110 kt. Harvey is forecast to reach near 26.9N 96.3W this afternoon as a major hurricane with winds of 105 kt gusts to 130 kt, and will be near 28.0N 97.1W tonight, then move inland near 28.5N 97.4W Saturday afternoon. Harvey is then likely to stall near or just inland of the middle Texas coast through the remainder of the weekend.

GMZ011-252100- NW Gulf including Stetson Bank- 454 AM EDT Fri Aug 25 2017 HURRICANE WARNING TODAY HURRICANE CONDITIONS. E to SE winds 70 to 90 kt. Seas 26 to 29 ft. Scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms. VSBY 1 NM or less. TONIGHT HURRICANE CONDITIONS EXPECTED. SE to S winds 55 to 65 kt, diminishing to 35 to 40 kt late. Seas 28 ft, subsiding to 18 ft late. Scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms. VSBY 1 NM or less. SAT TROPICAL STORM CONDITIONS EXPECTED. S winds 30 to 35 kt. Seas 12 to 14 ft. Scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms. SAT NIGHT TROPICAL STORM CONDITIONS POSSIBLE. SE winds 20 to 25 kt. Seas 8 to 9 ft. Scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms.
Let me know if you come across this board. It is a friends board that was stolen recently. 9'10" Code 20 Vintage, Thank you

FB95IMG95.jpg FB95IMG95a.jpg
Thanks to this forum (and a special thanks to NJ Longboarder) my long-term Vintage Bing Pintail Lightweight project is nearly completed.

The various dings, shatters, nose and tail damage are about fixed, the rails reglossed, and the board ready to be fine sanded rubbed out. There is a bit of delam, and that'll get vacuumed out in the coming weeks. Pat set me up with a repro fin, so then we'll be good to go!

And yes, photos and a thread are forthcoming.

The final missing element is... fin screws for the Waveset fin. Does anyone have the size/lengths for the front and back screws? Or does anyone have a set they'd be willing to part with? Unfortunately, everything is metric here. As always, happy to compensate in one way or another!

Thanks for any leads, with a bit of luck this beauty will be back in the water in Sept.