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Looks sweet..
"This board features a wide-point foward, soft rail with a slight roll to single concave and heavy vee in the tail. The Alpha Pin is FAST and SMOOTH, and extremely easy to catch waves with excellent maneuverability for a board of its type. The model dictates a style of clean-line surfing."
Solutions for drying out boots - mine always are smelly and slimy
ive washed them out w shampoo / soap etc... yet they never get fully dry
Been planning a dory trip down the Colorado. A dear friend and premier whitewater guide I introduced to surfing years ago on a sojourn down Baja turned me onto a book, "The Emerald Mile" which he pronounced as the soul book of white water kayaking, rafting, et. al. Then he asked me what was surfing's soul book? Needless to say, he stumped the chump! Read 'em all, both fiction and non-fiction and I'd have to go through dozens to even gander a guess.

So help me out here, what's your thoughts? Fiction/Non-fiction, matters not. What book do you feel depicts the soul of surfing?
To those of the Paradise and Woosley Fires in California. I got back from my biannual surf trip to SoCal a week before these fires erupted and having driven down the I-5 corridor North of Lake Shasta brought back some haunting memories. Just south of Dunsmuir, last years fires scarred a corridor along I-5 along with the remediation efforts to halt mud slides. I witnessed such a fire a couple of years ago in that same area while driving south through flames on I-5. The cab of my truck was heating up mid day as the flame were throwing over I-5 melting the wax off my boards on the racks. I can only imagine the folks who went through a more horrific escape in Paradise and the Woosley Fire! My thought are with those folks who have lost loved ones, homes and businesses. Especially Forum Folks. I hope ICH escaped with his Hula Hop girlfriend and his quiver of boards. I love that guy!

So, my old surf buddy, Bill, who lives in Oceana up on the Mesa in Oceanside texted me yesterday on how to plan for him and his wife's escape from such a fire? Working with the USFS in the early 70's we went over defendable perimeters which mean nothing where he lives and with Pendleton and fires a common occurrence immediately to his North, and a scrub hillside below, I suggested #1) An escape plan well before a fire approached Oceana and the knock on the door to evacuate, #2) a packet/back pack of irreplaceable items he could carry i.e., a back up computer disc of all family photos he has scanned and documents, e.g., birth certificate, medical records and financial records including Social Security/Bank Records, #3) and this is important!, loved ones and pets. Yep they're inclusive. Make sure you have your pet carriers at the door and your pet food and a few gallons of distilled jugs of water in your rig.

I'm just hoping for the best for all the folks affected by these fires. And my thoughts to the firefighters and safety officers having to deal with this horrific situation.
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10'6" Brewer gun, Fred Hemmings model
I just had a board shipped to me from the west coast and there is some damage on the rail caused by the shippers. Probably a 4” rail shatter. I’ve done small ding repairs myself but I wouldn’t want to touch a brand new board or try to color match. Plus the shippers are covering the cost. Who’s the best to take it to around Ocean City, NJ? I’ve had Smokey help me out before and I pm’d him but I’m not sure if he’s around the forum much anymore to get the message. Thanks in advance for the help.
Aloha & mahalos
Anyone ever had a pair of these: Canard by Raindow