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I am thinking that my 11' Slug may be too big for me. Anyone have an extra 10'6 or maybe even a 10' Slug hanging around?
Anybody know where I can track down some copies of this? Kinda late to the party, but seems really cool project self published by Derek Dunfee.


I've read a lot of zines over the years put out for independent music purposes, but I love the idea of self published stuff on surf culture. I know he just did an issue featuring Kai Lenny but attempts to find them online have been fruitless. Or if you know of other people doing zines on surfing, put that link up.
Took my new (to me) 9'6 Bing Feral Pig for its maiden voyage yesterday. Never surfed a pig before. Malibu Surfrider, 3-4 ft waves, mid to low tide, slight texture, slight breeze, 2.5 hr session.

These are my thoughts:
1. This board locks in the pocket so hard
2. It noserides super well. (see above)
3. It does not like my sweeping cutbacks and big fades

It's almost difficult to break the board free while riding in the pocket. Maybe I'm used to super-fast boards that outrun sections but this board just gets locked in. Maybe I just needed to chill out a bit. My last 5 sessions were on a glider so there's that also. That lock made nose riding super easy. I got a bunch of 5's and a couple of 10's. Definitely need to be way back on the board to cutback. It didn't like my usual style of over exaggerated sweeping turns. A couple of waves felt like I was learning to surf all over again. It likes more of a subtle correction. Paddled great and likes to sit high in the wave. I definitely need some more time on the Feral Pig in order to decide if it has a permanent position in the quiver.

I'd be interested in other peoples experiences with the actual ride of a pig. There's a lot out there on board design but not a bunch on the ride.

50469714-D276-4C94-BDAE-1DCF3BEFCE4C.png They are starting to sell these.
I believe young skateboarders carried some benefits into the water but would like to hear from you.
To have to put up with us, I can't thank you enough.
thought I might start this thread to consolidate all the different members that need a little help.I currently know of 3 boards in RI that need help going south and 2 boards in NJ that need help going north. Not sure if this is a good Idea or not but thought we could give it a shot.
Hey guys!

Looking to plan a fun family trip somewhere warm with soft waves next year. Costa Rica always seems like it's a fairly safe, non-feral surf trip with warm water/weather, wondered if any of you could give me the scoop.

I want to surf, ideally head high and under. My wife doesn't surf but is into yoga and beach chilling but doesn't want to rough it. Daughter is 13 & will surf if it's tiny but not too bothered either way. I know the water is warm year round in CR but I don't know what time of year is better or what are the average surf sizes each season.

Seems like most of the surf footage I've seen is down the northern Pacific coast between Tamarindo, Nosara and Santa Teresa. Is it all mostly beach break? Is there much difference between all these areas?

I heard getting boards flown there is expensive. Is it possible to rent/ buy a beater

Basically any general info on where/ when to go/ avoid and how to make sure I have a fun surf trip and my girls have a great safe holiday would be brilliant.

heading to work on the House. Of course gunna hang with Tony PR. Good friend!! Hey island back up and running so if you’re looking for a surf trip. You need to check PR out. I have had waves every time Ive been. House should be done in a month or so ready for Airbnb. Let me or Tony know!!
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