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curious what everyone prefers to prevent water from getting in your ears, while still being comfortable and able to hear.
Blue View Inn. Excellent Florida "surf destination" property that is very close to Spanish House, First Peak and Monster Hole. 5 Star Reviews.

I have an unused store credit at Pilgrim in NYC. they had to close the AMG store, where i usually ended up. I have this credit from a board swap. it is nearly $1200 worth. offering it for 5% discount, as good as cash, i can meet at the BK store if and when you want to buy a board or anything else.

Not looking to give it away...no expiration date. Just sitting on it, but nothing needed at the moment.

DM me to make an offer...if ur looking for a new stick at Pilgrim...thanks.

I would offer less than the full value as well, but most boards there are $1k plus anyway.
looking for someone who would be willing to pick up a board in VA Beach area and hold for me for a week or two until I can make the trip? Thanks
I didn't get a chance to met Seth (unfrozencaveman) but I always appreciated his posts and admired what all the JBers said about him.

Know him or not, hearing some stories about the man is great. I can't lie there was a point where I had goose bumps. And for some strange reason it gave me a little JB pride.

They are heavily rooted in San Diego Surf design. From Fish to Eggs to Gliders They lol seem to have worked at a number of shops around San Diego GandSe waters think about Kane Garden.
And Rusty. A number of their Boards really appealed to me. Of course I lived in North County for about 35 years. The glider looked really nice. At least they look nice in the photos. It has been a long time since I lived in the area and was wondering what some of the Crew still living and surfing those water think of Delrey?
I know that we do talk a lot about the costs and methods of shipping boards. But, I don't ship boards, only fins here.

Anyway, from-time-to-time I get a hassle from a "customer" (nobody from Jamboards, yet) about the "cost of mailing/shipping" fins and other sundries. I guess that I would have to say that there are more than a few folks out in the wild who do not know that you can't mail a letter for a quarter anymore! I only use the USPS because UPS is a hassle for me and otherwise cost the same or more and I already have a USPS Click-N-Ship account. AND, the USPS sends me FREE Priority Mail boxes!

So, yesterday's typical example, which was NOT a fin but used the same size box and approximate weight: A two (2) pound box. The guy was giving me a very solid WTF? about the postage cost. Hmmmmmmm, well OK guy, here's the deal, , , , my cost, after discount, for this insured Priority Mail Regional Rate A box to you in Oakland, CA, with "2 Day" delivery, is $11.20. Well sure, that may in fact seem to be a lot but, guess what? The "snail mail" cost is $10.56, no insurance, and you'll probably receive it sometime this month, and I'd have to buy a plain box just for you! He was still upset, thinking that it should only cost "a couple of dollars". He paid but, was not happy.
Looking for any info (approximate age, value, model, ride quality, etc). Picked up from my cousin, it's been sitting in a board bag in a shed for years. Hotline surfboard, 6'0 x 19" - not to sure how thick. superlite glass job and obermeyer logos on the top. Has two glassed on fins and a center fin box, freestyle fin system (not to sure how to remove the center fin..?) Thanks!
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