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sitting down with one of my shapers next week, come up with a new one, a do it all LB for fun sized surf. Thinking of having him clone a sweet 9'6 Frye he has in his collection (he'll get close, however, only Frye can clone Frye)..

What's your favorite ride these days? And what's next on your list?
Anybody have any thoughts or recommendations for trying to find a spot where I can surf and my girlfriend can stretch? Or for which location might be better for waves?

Right now we're debating between spots in Playa Maderas, Nic, and Tamarindo, CR.

Any insight appreciated.
zippy and I have tentative plans to meet halfway between Belmar and Ayer on 3/25 so if anybody has a board that needs to be moved one direction or the other nows the time.
D534963D-F891-41A6-A06F-CA6C6CE95980.jpeg D73205C8-BCEB-40C0-BF67-46C49E1B0FD2.jpeg 66D3039D-0EFF-4787-88FB-FCD59CD5CAE2.jpeg 778D46B8-CACA-46A6-93FC-9D5AB53029C6.jpeg So, there is a Rick Surfboards Barry Kanaiaupuni Model for sale near me. He says it is 1960's/1970's and looks to be. I sent the guy a message like 3 or 4 months ago and just heard back. Kind of a cool looking board, but I don't know anything about them and there isn't much on the inter webs, so I am looking for any information that you all here may be able to provide. He is asking $600, but seeing how long it has been for sale, I am sure that is negotiable. Price guidance is appreciated as well. Any information and help is appreciated. Thank you.

I apologize for the bad pictures, but they are what I have from his ad.
sell a few order a few the on going saga. More and more anything other than a log or mid length I go with jeff at Nine lights he’s such a pleasure to deal with.

First one up is a 6’4 Kidmanesque dreamboard with a bit more tail rocker and deeper channels based on feed back from Kirk at foam and function and RT . I was going to get a Kidman but the reality is it would take a lot of legistics time and money as he seems to be pricing himself out of shaping. It’ll be openface constructed and finished in a light aqua tint.

Second up is Jeff’s asymmetrical mini Simmons. 5’4 true Simmons swallow on the toe side with a slightly side cut fish template on the heal side with twinzer setup. Same open face stringerless balsa deck construction. This one will be finished in a sanded opaque white tint over everything fins and all.

61053D96-821D-4DB9-8E9F-9A48EC582BDD.jpeg 957941F3-A1DF-434C-9107-25D13BC87849.jpeg DE475638-9734-4EED-8B3B-D0322589D898.jpeg
Sought out a board train to no avail, so it looks I’m heading up there from NJ. Anyone need anything trained up or down? Get it to long branch or Pawcatuck and I’ll handle it for you.

The currrent yesterday in NJ was ripping and this topic has been on my mind:

We’ve got two kids at home and my sessions are spaced out a bit more thanks to their schedule. I’m cool with it and still get to surf. My opportunities to exercise are limited to like an hour window before the kids get up in the a.m. and I usually run which doesn’t help much with paddling. Pool isn’t really an option with these circumstances but I want something that I can do to have the endurance and strength for when things get good.

Any reccomedations for something to help with this? I know there’s a ton of stuff out there but with limited time, I want to keep it simple, endurance/paddle specific but a little more than just a ton of pushups. There are people way fitter and smarter than me on here, so I thought I’d throw it out there.