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Im trying to get a longboard from SD North County to Waterman's Guild in Santa Ana.
Is anyone heading that way in the coming weeks?


some of our jamboards family must fly these things. does anyone have any video's they have made that they would like to share?

that video Don posted of the Great Lakes must have been shot with one.
Perfect place to settle some of those "differences of opinion", or just have some fun. Jamboarder's future outing in place of SanO weekend? Choosing teams would be a fun experience for sure.
So a casting call popped up in my newsfeed for Netflix's THE OA.

One of the roles they're casting for is as follows...

ROLE #5: Male, 30s-50s, American, comfortable speaking Vietnamese, surfing skills a plus.

Other roles are...

ROLE #1: Female, 65+, of Vietnamese descent, MUST speak Vietnamese, does not have to speak English.

ROLE #2: Female, 30s-40s, of Vietnamese descent, should speak English well and comfortable with Vietnamese.

ROLE #3: Male, 30s-40s, of Vietnamese descent, should speak English well and comfortable with Vietnamese.

ROLE #4: Male, 8-12, of Vietnamese descent, should speak English well and comfortable with Vietnamese.

So if you're an "American" (I'm guessing this means anyone, not just a person of Vietnamese descent), male, and 30-40 years old, comfortable with speaking Vietnamese, and can surf, you can appear on Netflix!

Agency is Aufiero/Horn Casting. Email to send inquiries to is aufierohorncasting@gmail.com.

Just wanted to put that out there! :)
I took a peek at my local Seaside Heights, NJ surf cam this morning from my desk as I often do and ended up getting a cool show: there were a few whales spouting and repeatedly breaching. I was able to get a few screen captures. I would have rather seen it in person, of course... but I called my wife, who was able to zip over to the beach and got to see one breach in person. Pretty neat and not incredibly common for NJ. Although, last fall was a great whale season here. Maybe this will be another good fall for it. Just thought I'd share the show.



Anyone know if there's a local source in San Diego to rent a space to glass a board? Might be more of a Swaylocks question, but I thought I would ask the Jamboard community first. Going to check with Bird's Surf Shed. If I recall, they rented space by the hour.

FINALLY shaped my first board, an 8'4" epoxy transitional shape wide point back hull, s-deck slight vee diamond tail based off an 8'6" Wilken vee bottom transitional board shaped by Robbie Dick.

Yes, I chose an incredibly challenging shape for my first go-out with a planer. Nothing like diving into the deep end.

Blank is on an angle in picture, so it looks like one side is wider than the other. Still need to fine sand. Only took me a meager two years of gradually sanding to make it!

Orange board is the Wilken...it's actually a deep vee diamond tail.

Any sage advice is more than welcome, since I'm a total newbie to the shaping world. Wanted to glass in a space to avoid any dust from the garage shaping room.
waves provide enjoyment