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Figured you guys might get a kick out of this:

A customer of mine wanted to come watch me build his board. He brought his camera and asked me some questions before I shaped it. He edited it all together and sent me the file last night. It was a very fun day! He killed it on the editing. Stoked to be building him a 10' glider now.

Filmed in November of last year.
be the first to successfully identify this movie mogul--Applekat will happily send you a wonderful package of unspeakable goodness.

A rare treat.



With one video, in my eyes, eggs went from shameful to miracle. What I can tell from the vid, he's riding a Takayama (yellow), and an FCD (blue). Both look nice. Anybody want to chime in on eggs that have worked well for them?
Does anyone have one? Feedback on that style, what it works in what it does not?
Hi guys,

first of all a brief introduction: I'm Miguel, 40 year old guy from Portugal, surfer for the last 24 years, always as a longboarder. Paused the surfing activity for 8/9 years due to work/ family/ kids and being abroad but took again in May 2018. Stocked :D, and quite happy to find a nice forum about longboarding. It'll sure be nice to share ideas with you guys!

Now the question.
I added a Pig to my current quiver, it's a 9'4'' handmade by a great local shaper. He says it's his Velzy inspired design, nice round rails, roll bottom all along to a very slight vee off the tail. Massive tail width at 18''1/2 and nose width at 17''1/2. I'm using a DRD4 9.5'' Critter fin, it's a 4A inspired, but bit more flexy, fin. The board itself is an amazing ride and great noserider, the works, but I'm not thrilled...

So, apart from the D fin, what do you pig riders use on yours?

Thanks for your inputs!

Adding some pics, it's the red one:
I’m still in the exploration stage but starting to look at a surf trip for next year. Don’t put too much time into a reply as this still not a sure thing but...
Considering a family surf trip to Tamarindo C.R. Would probably be April vacation 12th-18th but looking for insight on lodging and general info.
To make this a success would need relatively nice lodging with easy access to beach and if possible a pool.
Also my daughter has celiac (needs gluten free food) so access to grocery store with cooking in the rental is a must which rules out most hotel options.
Kids will be 8 and 12 by then. Both are comfortable on boards with older one riding waist plus and younger one good to go on thigh to waist.
Any info from experience would be great!
Forgive my naivety- what’re some thought s on fish bottoms? So far I’ve ridden / super flat bottom planing surface(?) and Broms slight single concave to slight vee- which was magic when mixed with the subtle chine- but never double concave I see on Josh Hall and Jordan Braizie and others for example- thoughts suggestions whatnot and whoferall ? What about channels, deep single, et al?
Its a mystery to me anyway.. Picked up this 5'10 mini simmons down here in juno fl last year, had sticker on it from sunrise surf shop up coast from me.. Ironically enough the last picture was found through google image search but can't track it back beyond a pintrest post from 5 years ago..Definately hand shaped..Logo says Glide Surfboards, but the only two companies I know by that name are in UK and Aus, and it wasnt shaped by either of them.. Would love to know who shaped it.
I have some nice boards on the block.
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