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So as our thoughts turn to hurricane season here on the east coast my thoughts turn to a 10' Redman WRV I picked up a couple of years ago. Hung on some dude's wall since Redman shaped it for him. Triple-stringer, tailblock, considerable, continuous rocker. Never felt so much confidence in a board in larger waves, especially on late, steep drops. Just passed on a CA-shaped DT1 because I'd reach for the Redman first, no question.

The serial number on the bottom says 60298-6 or 60298-G. Does anyone know (or know who might know) how I could get more info on the board? I'd at least like to know the year it was shaped ('98?). Wish I could ask Redman but he died in 2004.

He was an icon back in the day. "That's a Redman." "Wo." Have had a couple old-timers cross the parking lot just to take a look.

Much obliged in advance for any help.
Long shot I know.....

I've got a 5'8" Andreini Leenough Edge board with a single fin set up- Have a feeling it would go epic as a quad but no idea what Marc does for placement and would love to follow his marks. Even another quad edge board of his would be helpful. If you've got one holler!
Del Moro at Secos. The quality of the footage allows for for some unreal slo-mo.
Watch the water come off the rails as it releases and see how tail rocker is more important to noseriding than a 23" wide nose. Secos has always been a great logging wave:

Latest runs have Florence smacking the Carolinas and lingering. Yikes. It's far out, but I'm not liking the models going more south and west than before. That high is doing its thing. Surflie has Suffolk Co in Long Island at 35ft long period for a week from today.

get.png Should be interesting to see where this goes.
Hang on tight, , , , the models are all over the place, , , , ,

what happend to the $5 fee for joining - keep the riff raff out !o_O
My daughter is 10yrs old about 4’10” tall and maybe 70lbs soaking wet.
She’s been surfing an 8’ soft board all summer(prob 30 days) and has caught the bug.
I’d love to keep her on a long board but she’s interested in something small/more maneuverable.
My shortest boards are an 8’ Walden and and 8’4” pintail.
Shorter than that I’m lost. Anyone have recommendations for a shortish board that’s still stable and reasonable for a small girl to catch NE beach break stuff on?
So...I've got my 6'3 Pavel bonzer with 3 distinct delam spots/bubbles on the deck out near the rails- 2 where the heels of my hands would go to duck dive- opposite sides - and one down near the tail where my right heel would be.

I'm looking to get these filled in/fixed and didn't know if anyone knew of someone in this area - I've looked -
Thinking of doing a drill and fill myself but before that road...
Board is a rider that I love and just got back with a really beautiful resin swirl deck that I'd like to keep nice, but ain't looking to preserve for posterity. I want to surf the board is all- hopefully in this next swell.
Not looking for super Joe Pro repair although if there is someone like that within reason, hit me up.


Pavel bonzer.jpg