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What are you guys doing these days for storing your extra fins? Let's see some pictures of what you've got.
We could have a lot of fun - Supsquatch!


Some local boys last year at Newport.
RIP, Jack O'Neill..did more to improve the quality of life for the norcal surfer then anybody or anything..bought my first wetsuit vest from his Great Highway shop in 63', that small piece of neoprene a personal game changer.

The great ones are fewer and fewer..
Today Jack O'Niell did.
Anyone use these for their classic weight logs.... not to sure I feel 100 percent comfortable having my cooperfishs stored on them. The racks bow about a inch with the boards on them
Mrs Grom and I decided to see more of the country. Was our 40th Anniversary so rather than a surf trip where I'd be obsessing, we flew to Bozeman. Booked 2 days of fly fishing (we're novices) as a sort of 'bucket list' experience. 10 days in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. Wow were we overwhelmed by the vastness of nature and beauty. A few pics...... Montana 1 05192017.JPG Montana 2 05192017.JPG
Found one. Bought it. Need to get it from Endicott/Binghamton, NY to West Palm Beach, Florida. I have shipping companies placing bids but if you want to come down here and have your gas paid both ways... bring her down to me!

Willing to pay $700 (or partially trade a board if that's more interesting) to anyone who can trail her down. Lightweight boat on a new trailer. You would need to pick up from the seller soon... for convenience, I can wait a bit to get her here though. Lmk if you are interested. I have a day or so before I have to commit to a shipper.


bonzer jamboards 2.jpg bonzer jamboards 1.jpg

6'7 x 21 x 2 7/8 - last seen in New England area. It was my first Bonzer and I'm looking to get it back. Have some plans in store for it.
Thanks - Keith
IMG_0842.JPG Hey All-

I'm curious about the Harbour E series fin in the larger sizes. Anyone have any experience on them? I've got a Harbour 10" HP (that's mine above, 9.5+/10 condition with only surface scratches) that I think I'd like to trade for an E in a 9.5/10/10.5". The Harbour site says the HP is made for tails 15" or narrower and my boards have tails that are all wider than that. If you've got an E (made for wider tails) that you'd like to swap, let me know.

But I'd be equally happy to simply hear feedback about the E series in the larger size.


Thanks in advance.

Hi guys trying to get my hands on Lackosense's beautiful JPNR. Anyone headed from Long Island towards NC, specifically Wilmington. I could always meet up somewhere in the middle if someone's going part of the way. Beer/gas $s provided of course. Gracias!