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Just read Tim Dorsey's new book, The Pope of Palm Beach. Like all of Dorsey's books a quick fun read and surf related.
Headed to Bali for 8 days next week, super excited, hardest thing has been choosing what two boards to bring, staying in Jimbaran area, planning on visiting zoo/safari and one of the water parks for the kids, 11 and 7 years old, if anyone has any other recommendations for fun family stuff, please let me know!!! yew!!!
Imma be in PV for the better part of next week April 1st - 6th.
I am not sure if I'm going to have a board or there will be waves... or if surfing is in the cards for me.

What are some "visitor friendly spots"?
Any info on board rentals?
Any other recommendations are appreciated - food, booze, fun bars to see bands - what you got.
Hey Jammers,

I'm looking to purchase a surf case located in Magnolia, NJ. Its a bit of a drive for me...i do plan to be attending the boardswap in April.

are any Jammers around that way, or will be traveling through Magnolia?

any help is greatly appreciated.
Hey Jammers,

If you have experience lugging your long boards around in a hard case (i.e. Santamonica surfcase), please share your experience!

how practical is it? how do airlines deal with them? how cumbersome does it get in the long run wheeling one of these cases around?
is there an appreciable advantage over soft coffins/bags?
Just picked up an 8'6" pig, set it up with a relatively wide base 9.5in Larry Allison flex fin set back so the edge is in line with the tail and had a short surf on it this morning.

It was surprisingly temperamental - wanting to turn sometimes, but resisting others... It also seemed 'sticky' going down the line on the larger set waves (shoulder high, punchy and lined up but not top to bottom, clean beachbreak) On smaller waves, it ran a little smoother and was more enjoyable.

Any thoughts appreciated - bigger? Smaller? Less base maybe?
Anyone have longer term experience with them, specifically w/r/t warmth and durability? Middle of the road price=middle of the road quality? I need a new hooded 5/4 but I won't be using it all through the winter. Been looking for Xcels on sale but not much out there yet. I suspect they'll start popping up at some point as it warms up but I'm looking for something soon.

I'll also be calling Patagonia outlets per Wade's advice.

Any info is appreciated! (Yes, I have searched this and other forums, with little success.). Curious about Need Essentials too.
sitting down with one of my shapers next week, come up with a new one, a do it all LB for fun sized surf. Thinking of having him clone a sweet 9'6 Frye he has in his collection (he'll get close, however, only Frye can clone Frye)..

What's your favorite ride these days? And what's next on your list?
Anybody have any thoughts or recommendations for trying to find a spot where I can surf and my girlfriend can stretch? Or for which location might be better for waves?

Right now we're debating between spots in Playa Maderas, Nic, and Tamarindo, CR.

Any insight appreciated.