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Anyone on the east coast been to this board swap? Anyone on JB going? Is it worth the trip down from NYC? Thanks. 00404_lwFsEpdaFKt_600x450.jpg
Having gone through something similar with Sandy, I know the need for direct help. Those of you that know the area, do you know of any surf shops that are family owned and run and do good things in the community that are in need of help? We've got a fundraising idea and want to help a shop like ours that could use it.

Let us know.
apparently there was a paddle out for Chuck Vinson today, first I heard of his passing. A highly skilled shaper, during his Santa Cruz residence he made me some excellent boards from daily drivers to a memorable Hanalei spear. Passionate, opinionated, highly intelligent, a genuine character. Glassy swells forever, Chuck.
shoulder rehab going great, so time to line up a custom 9'4 - 9'6 lightweight epoxy cruiser to get back in the game with, will pick it up in person after Xmas while down in the OC area knocking off the rust in some of the mellower waves..

What shaper would you use?
Marge Calhoun, a legend woman of the surfing world has passed. RIP

My thoughts are with those among us and the population at large that are affected by the largest wild land fire in the history of LA County, e.g., Burbank (Greg Hunt), Glendale and others. SoCal fires are not to be messed with. They are fast and devastating. It's often lost that all of us live in a zone of devastation when man made causes or nature dictates. I'm just hoping that my Texan Forum folks and now my SoCal folks are OK?

RobSawyer, give me an update via PM 'bout, BOSS, Miles and Sterling. Please! Da forum of good folks.

you can buy a $100 gift card for $80.

Birdwell doesnt do sales that much, even under the new ownership, so not a great deal but not bad one either.

Thought I would share.
Picked this board up already pretty used from a member here after my knee surgery a couple years back. Had/has/having a delam spot right under where my knee was and it was jokingly a perfect fit.
It went from being a nice recovery board, to a really fun board, to my absolute favorite board- long or short - that I've ever owned. If I had to have just One board forever- No question this would be it. <-- saying A Lot.
Board like owner are beat up bruised scarred, some days bloody. Tape is over sun-cured patched dings and delam has grown more into the board it feels now. It's on it's way out. Absolute Soldier and my best Friend 1st light to dark 2 inches to 10ft. I've surfed and trained with this board and will keep it forever.
I would like to attempt to find another one whilst this is drying out to be fixed proper (and possibly being cloned?)and here's my attempt with the limited info I do have.

9'6 x 17 x 23 x 15 1/2 x 3 - my measurements. Board has no info anywhere. No dims/no serial- nothing.

I've surfed and seen other PTLW's and they don't even come close to the feel and speed of this board and every one I've seen differs pretty greatly in planshape. I'm almost sure it's pre-Calvani.

Mine has low entry rocker, domed deck, eggy 60/40 rails that are tucked under but not hard, and decent/moderate tail rocker.
Concaves run slight single in the nose to flat for only the length of the lam and blending to a slight double concave starting 2/3 of the way (no lie) up the board and running out the back increasing as tail rocker does.
Perfect width pintail, not too rounded, not too pointed. Rail starts tucked under almost chine last 1/3 of board to hard edge.

That's all I got with my limited knowledge and know-how, I'll try and let the pictures show/tell the rest.
Lawn is rented, can't help it's appearance nor care. Board is my Only longboard. Please excuse his appearance although he could care less as well. An absolute Warrior and is surfed or paddled 1st light...
Would rather rent from one of you guys instead of a shop but if no hits ,I'm open to suggestions .