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I will turn 40 next year and I'm planning a trip to the scottish hebrides to celebrate with some quality surf and whiskey.

Ben's boards have always looked functional for big guys and I was thinking one of his big boy stingers would make a great travel board.

Don't want to bring my Andreini 10' Mcvee or 11' Munoz, but I think a 10'4 Aipa could handle anything I could encounter in the hebs, big or small.

Anyone surfed this model?

Regards Sami
Got a frantic call at work from my wife today when she went home for lunch that our front door was wide open, lights on and shit everywhere.
Pieces of shit ransacked everything, stole all wife's jewelry, laptops,$400 cash my daughter earned walking dogs, video games etc.

We feel totally violated. Worst part is my kids are scared to be in the house now and afraid whoever did it will come back for more.

This is supposed to be their sanctuary and safe place. I was in shock at first but now I'm fuckin ripped. Hope the cops find out who did it before I do.

Sorry just had to vent
Looking at a new log from Brian and contacted him.

Does anyone here have feedback about his High Cat model?

How do you spend your time ?
Get your kicks ?
Feed the gaping hole in the pit of your stomach ?
Hi all!

Was recently made hip to Jamboard by a fellow alt-board surfer so have been lurking for a couple weeks - I like the vibe and boards here a lot more than other forums I poke around in!

I'm not a longboarder, per se, but I do ride "weirder" stuff on average and have been doing my best to narrow my quiver down from 30+ board to six or seven. I'll definitely get around to posting a quiver shot this weekend.

I came across this Terry Martin board yesterday by a stroke of luck and immediately went and snagged it. While I've checked out some of his Hobie boards, I've never really seen any shaped under his personal label and this one is intriguing - 8'6" x 22.5" x 3", dished out nose concave, layed-up tailblock and no dims on the board that I can find; all the hallmarks of a noserider but without the length. All color work is done in resin tint. I just picked up a summer glider (7'11" Trimcraft Haley Pin) but couldn't resist this! Does anyone happen to know a little more about Terry's personal label, and maybe by some small chance, something about this board? Can't wait to get it out this weekend!
In the spirit of another thread, giving away a XXL Winter wetsuit to the first person to pick it up in Ocean County NJ. It's more than a few years old, but I believe it still has some sessions left in her. I rarely used it as I don't like frigid water and the struggle of getting out of the front zip.
Hyperflex 5/4/3

DM me if interested.
what's the 411 on the OFP? anyone who also has ridden a Salinas and can compare the 2?
I work a lot a lot 6-7 days a week year around. So when it comes to a little break it’s enjoyed. Went up to Refugio with my wife and 16 month old and tent camped.... I think that might have been more work than work! But we had a blast. Offshore and small but clear and sunny the entire time. Nice to get away from the bolsa warble. Took the boy out on the glider and paddled around did some Hikes and got a few waves! Need to stop filling all my time with home improvements and work and do this more.

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One of the dawn patrol ladies had her board go missing last night at Malibu. If anyone has any info, the Instagram contact for the owner is: @jenna.pepper. You can also message me any info, no questions asked, and no penalties incurred.