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Just saw this so figured I'd post it up for those in NE. Boards and beer, what's not to love.

I'm aware of Bryan Wynn and Matt Garbutt and really like their ability to make more of the classic styles, complex glassing, resin art. I'm sure there are others.
This is about longboards insofar as this is what is possible if you take one of First Point Eric’s logs and divide by two. Which is both longboards and math. Which is double smart.

After years and years of trying to alchemize a sub-6’ groveler that will let an ugly 200 pounder with shite balance and zero talent skate knee thigh high and smaller dribblers like a 1990s era H Street video, the dark lords of Fate, Destiny and Math Teachers dropped this in my lap: 5’5” x 21” Gary Hanel Pill. Been out for three sessions in abject dogshit shin to waist surf and fuck me if this thing positively flies. And allows you to do cutties and floaters and beligerent angry white guy snaps on things you wouldn’t even wet your log on. Although I still think the Bonzer MLV 3 is a better ride at waist to head high with some room to run and a proper fish is a joy on a long point or reef (ala that old Surfer article noting that a good fish makes 2’ Cardiff feel like 6’ Kirra), this thing positively squirts joy and Hocus Pocus in subwaist conditions. This revelation comes after riding the Lost... Puddle Jumper, CI Biscuit, Stretch Mr Buzz, Roberts Mush Machine, Noll quad egg, and Super Fling in similar sizes.

Big ups to Gary for making this freakishly fun design. Shackle Me Not.
FREE: 1 each Well cared for hooded Matuse Tomo 5/4/3 front zip.

Size: XL. I’m 6’2 205, like hot coco accompanied by jazz and a fire.

Think it’s from 2013/14. Used for two winters.

Served me well in frigid NJ coastal dips. One or two small repairs. Always rinsed and handwashed in mild detergent.

Hope it goes to someone who can really use it. You pay the shipping. EZ-PZ. - Roach




Ok, with winter around the corner and me trying to remain positive having to go back to rubber, I am back to thinking about my winter bucket list. Here are my top 2;

1) Tropical right hand point break. Trunking it.
2) Surf in the snow (on the ground and in the air)

someone in Wilmington grabbed my Lovelace, and I'm trying to figure out how to get it down there without shipping it.

It's only 6ft so fitting it in a car wouldn't be an issue.
I am buying a new house and there's a great detached garage in the driveway I'd love to store my boards in/ for easy access to my car. BUT I've always stored my boards in my basement. I am wondering people's opinions/experiences/knowledge on how being in an uninsulated garage in New England might affect boards. They will be completely shielded from the sun, I don't think the garage will get overly hot during the summer (and would install a fan system if it does) but will certainly get as cold as it get's around here. I have all Polyester boards. Love to hear from you.
Howdy. My new 5’5” Hanel is apparently done and chilling at surfy surfy. Work has me locked down for the next lil’ while. Any of yous passing Ventura or LA way from Encinitas who could pick it up for me will be handsomely rewarded... thanks in advance.
Larmo just posted in instagram that he's retiring. No more orders...

damn, I was going to order a new twinzer for myself one of these days