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Let me start off by saying that if someone really wants to steal something, it is probably gone.

Over the years I have been fortunate to have kept my bikes from being stolen, although I generally keep an eye on them and not leave them unattended for a long period of time. Plus I have a wide assortment of U-locks and hardened security chain that will at least slow someone down.

I've tried to do the same with my surfboards and I am using a modified fin box locking system that seems pretty stout without breaking the bank.,, I still keep an eye on the board and I don't assume what I have done is foolproof.

I went down to our local surplus marine shop and foraged through the bins until I found parts that would probably work. Paid my 5 bucks and headed home to see what I could come up with. I had done something similar with aluminum angle and strip years ago but that cuts like butter.

After a few hours of cutting, grinding, filing and drilling, and a couple of minor finger casualties, I came up with this...


With the soon to be replaced lock (Abus, Abloy, etc.)...


So far so good, but I need to connect it to something. I had been using a Kryponite bike cable, but those are easy to cut; and connecting all of this to an aluminum Yakima crossbar, seems to be counter productive. I have seen the Steelcore locking straps, that look like a pain and cost a fortune, and they don't cut as easily with bolt cutters, but there is also a product called Lockstraps that basically looks the same. I found a 2-1/2' strap with a little suspect locking carabiner at Home Depot for $15 and decided that would work. Run it through the door and hook it out of the way on the visor like this...


Not fail safe, but better than nothing and I really didn't want to use 20lbs of bike chain locked to the car frame.

i Follow them on insta anyone had the pleasure of making the trek? Always seems to be consistent and the scenery is unreal. Looking to go somewhere of the sorts in the next few years me and wife have deal she books trips then I get to choose.i prefer cold environments and surf. Just looking to get away with her and the kid. So why not go 4500 miles.

If anyone has gone experience travel wise, and stay and wave report would be great! We’ve been to Europe before and I’ve been twice.

When I first started surfing maybe 4-5 years ago at the ripe old age of 38, I decided I would go to Hawaii some day, but not until I was a decent enough surfer to justify it. Well, I am not quite there yet, but the kids are at a good age so we are considering a possible trip to Oahu in August. It will be my wife, me, and our two kids (8 and 11).

Please let me know some good hotels to look into. Something in the $200-350 night range would be good. I'd like to find a place close to the beach where I can conveniently surf in the morning, leaving time for family stuff in the afternoon. I am a weak surfer, so looking for mellow longboard waves. I suspect Waikiki is the best place for us.

Also, we will be limited to 8 days (not counting travel days), which I read in some travel guide is probably not enough time to justify visiting a second island, but let me know if I a mistaken. Thanks all.
A good friend of mine is now allergic to neoprene. After wearing neoprene wetsuits for nearly twenty years, his body is now saying, "no more." Are there any brands that do not use neoprene? I know Patagonia's newer wetsuits are neoprene free, but I've heard that they are too stiff, unworkable. Anyone with a newer Patagonia love their suit?

This guy is a great surfer both in rippage and in stoke. And while I'd love to keep him out of the lineup so I don't look as kooky, I am hoping to share waves with him through my retirement. That is, any insight would be greatly appreciated.
The wind was pretty brisk out of the SE and it was a real workout. The surf we have had lately has been when everyone but Roadmaster is at work.... I needed to get into the water so SharkB8 came over and we went for a short paddle. It was fun and not too cold!! Hopefully we will either surf or prone paddle next weekend also.
the stylemaster showing his quiver of Gary Mcneil's take on edge twin fins..

for those not dealing with a rode hard body trying to morph into a block of concrete, pretty hard to beat a 2 board quiver of a good lb and a speedy twinnie for pretty much most conditions.

I saw one, a quad and I was wondering about it. I have tried Google, but can't come up with anything. What do you West Coasters and Hawaiians know about these boards? Thanks!
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A week ago, when Justin was visiting family in Seattle, all of his luggage was stolen - which included a laptop, cameras, lenses, eye glasses... Literally everything, save for his phone, wallet and his wit, he needs to help run our business and stay employed.
I've decided to start a #GoFundMe campaign on Justin's behalf to maybe help recover at least enough of the missing items to get him back behind a camera before we take off for one of the biggest projects we've ever taken on.
To be honest, I feel pretty vulnerable asking people for help like this. So please know, if you've read this much already, I (we) really appreciate it.
All that to say, if you have a moment, we hope you'll visit our GoFundMe campaign (link in bio) and read over the description.

If nothing else, sharing the campaign on your social channels or with loved-ones (or heck, even strangers) would make a world of difference!

Taking time out of your day to read this, alone, means a lot to us... Thank you!

HI all - long shot, but I apparently left my booties on top of my car when leaving 2nd beach this am. Retraced my steps within 10 minutes to no avail. Size 9 Quicksilver 7mm - let me know if you or someone you know may have run across them.

Small waves generally. Up to head high. Any suggestions?
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