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Following the Boardroom Show (May 4-5) , Dolly will be shipping me a 9’6 to southern New Jersey, New Gretna specifically. There will be room in the box for another board around the same size or smaller if anyone wants to share some of the shipping cost. PM me if interested.
Anybody here...used the surfboard collective before?

I have used the board source..1x..fantastic experience..

Thanks ahead of time..
Wondering if anyone out there has experience with non-GoPro waterproof video cameras? Looking to film out in the water but I've never had good luck with GoPros and never care for the video quality.

Every time I've taken a GoPro out I've usually gotten frustrated with it's user-friendliness and just put it away.

Thanks in advance,
I know what my own experience has been over time. Seems a high percentage of dings happen when boards are NOT being surfed or in the water. Like dropping, bonking in the house/garage, blowing in the wind, banging on the rack etc. Not counting long term wear like delams. What’s your story?
So for those of you that still "hide" your car key on a tire, in a bumper, etc -

Working today when a call came in on a missing vehicle. Young guy went surfing, hid his key on the tire, got back and his Toyota Tundra was gone. Go figure. Oceanside Harbor Beach parking lot, normally not a hot bed of lawlessness.

I used to try to advise people about this, now days I just let it go. "I've never had a problem", same as the guys that "never had an ear problem" out surfing after all the shit in SoCal gets washed into the water with a big storm.

I love freedom, even the freedom to make bad choices.
I know many of you are able to regularly surf without leashes and that surfing leash free can improve skills, I do it when I can, when it's safe. This is not about that.

The last two "Share your stoke" posts featured snapped leashes. Sometimes they go, and when they go, it's often not a good thing.

In Kawela Bay (its a long paddle out at over 800 yards to the line-up) I had missed a wave and the next one was gonna break on my head (typically there each wave breaks a little further out). I had to scratch for the bottom as this was well overhead. I couldn't get any momentum going to pull the board thru before the wave hit me and the leash started stretching, as I was being towed I felt the leash snap. Board recovery here can be a huge issue.

I took a few more on the head as I was trying to maneuver to an area I could swim/body surf in. One of my buddies took off near me and went down and his leash snapped (he was on a "step-up" short board). We both began a long swim inside. A little while later my son came cruising through (this is typically a long fast wave) and threw a shaka at the two of us as he went by. After an hour (probably 10 minutes) of swimming we made it into the flotsam that makes up the inside and our boards were floating nearly on top of each other. My son saw them there and cruised past and waited further inside and just kept an eye out on the boards and us. He figured we would be better off grabbing them there and he didn't want to sit in the mucky deep water channel waiting for a shark to nibble his toes.
Just a quickie that is good to know.

I've used Fed Ex for Ground Shipping & Home Deliveries for going on 10 years. Over the past year or so it seems like they've gotten worse and more expensive.

I posted on Jamz earlier this year how they lost (got stolen) a custom board to Texas. Before that a couple years ago, there was a mix up shipment of two boards going to different locations east and the one board took 28 days bouncing around the country before arriving upon the correct destination, New Hampshire. Fed ex never offered any compensation for that snafu!

I told the Fed Ex representative that called me, reaching out as my "new representative calling to see how they can be of better service and/or save me $".

I told him "your company has gotten worse while raising prices substantially". He cited the %'s that Fed Ex, UPS, and others have gone up after "holding our price with no increases for the last two years".

He said "we've noted a drop in the frequency of your shipments" and I said "yeah, I'm doing whatever I can NOT TO USE YOU GUYS".

Bottom line: Amtrak has worked out great and runs 40% to 50% less, the boards are handled as Baggage, they call the customer when the board arrives, and NO DAMAGE!

The one gem I want to impart to all of you that I got from the Fed Ex guy is (that) if you do us Fed Ex, PAY THEM USING AN AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD. Fed Ex partners with AMEX and you will receive 20% off the price.
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