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D30874A3-7161-40DD-BC91-2FDA7DA833DA.jpeg FE9BDA5B-3185-4B05-A462-2DBAEC1DC496.jpeg 0677B763-47CA-4B0E-8ABC-BF9765225A0C.jpeg 31EBBF5B-F287-419A-9870-B78BF9CCA78F.jpeg 79BECB21-1BB0-4A1E-8A7B-778143852AE2.jpeg 312CBC9D-BA62-4CC2-9EE7-A140EB5BABF8.jpeg CDD6699B-D13B-4A4E-B80A-7EDC0D39566E.jpeg 6D1C6250-8A58-482C-91E3-D5E724A8987E.jpeg 23F28205-8E33-48DF-9E10-4B1927A565C6.jpeg stoked on my new custom fish from Jeff at Nine Lights. Same open face stringerless EPS epoxy with balsa deck/rails/tail.

Jeff killed it again color deck patch weight under arm just feels right. Hand made by him start to finish down to the keels.Wouldnt have another shaper shape me something under 7 ft
I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on my first custom. I purchased a used glider about 6 months ago and absolutely fell in love with the shape, style, and craftsmanship. It's a 10'6 Greg Eavey Glider and I'm going to have him do another one very similar just tailored a little more to my size. I'm smaller than the guy this board was originally shaped for. Any tips tricks or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the less than average photos, only ones I had access to.
IMG_1202.JPG IMG_1203.JPG IMG_1200.JPG
9CB6DC6C-6A17-4B45-8E41-9EFF3810DBEC.jpeg ealy bird gets ‘em.
Anyone test out yet? Certainly looks odd.

The Garrett Spencer CONUNDRUM will make your board feel very loose, which will allow for those last minute turns and adjustments. This fin will still be very stable for cross stepping & nose rides. The 7.5" should be used as a 2+1 set up on shorter boards.

COLORS: smoke or black at this time only! more colors available SOON
I can do all my basic stuff fine but I have a few fussy things that need an expert repair guy.
Anybody have someone they can recommend?
I'm in RI.
bside Tom Hogan(who is the best imo, doesnt do repairs very often anymore if at all) I havent found anyone near me who can do the detail oriented stuff very well.

Been pinged by a few for HPB photos, so why not start a thread of them..if my Chromebook will actually post pics..seems I paste them, see them, then they dissappear..

Being the cheapest person I know, and having just been booted to the curb by Microsoft's beheading of the best smartphone experience ever, I've bought an Android phone. Besides yuck, I don't know what surf/tide/wind apps to try first. Any suggestions?

People rag on Windows phone fanboys like me, but SurfInfo was IMO the best damned surf app ever written. Put together by a scientist from Scripps who surfs my home break, it was a tour de force of data presentation, integrating data from multiple nearshore buoys in real time, presenting wave energy and direction in an intuitive way that saved me countless hours and many gallons of gas.


What's left of it is a stripped down version tuned for our local haunt. This was assembled by another SD area scientist as a favor to Bill and his legion of admirers. I think they will share the code if anyone wants to put together something similar for their own spot.

They look like narrower eggs or funboards/funguns.
Seen them with all fin configurations.
Let me know if you ride/rode one, thanks.
Does anyone use these in bigger surf? I'm looking into ordering. pipeliner.jpeg