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So I did it. I was out at a favorite point over the weekend. Looked clean and lined up on a local cam, nobody out, light rain. I grab a fish, head down. Get there, one guy getting some nice rides on some sort of midlength. So I grab my board, down the stairs, and as I'm paddling out, the wind comes up onshore and cross shore, conditions turn to complete waist high wind slop in a hurry. My fish is bouncing around, submarining, nosediving, not catching much. The guy on the midlength is flying into the crap and still getting some fun rides. I paddle closer, and see that he's on a foamie of some sort. We talk. It's an 8'4" that he brings for days like today, shorter period stuff that's susceptible to wind shifts. He said he left his 6-0 in his car when he heard that the wind was going to change in the morning, and took the foamie into the water. I couldn't believe what he was able to do in those conditions and how fast the board got into waves. So I checked a used sports equipment shop, found an 8-0 foamie and the next time it gets like this, or it's a low enough tide that I'm worried about the rocks, the foam shall get to go. Anyone else care to admit they have one of these things, and if so, why?
I picked this up today. I've always loved the colors of this fin. 20190303_180821.jpg
so i have the opportunity to procure a mint condition Bing Gold Standard f/none other than Lackosense. of course, the challenge is transporting it from his place in LBNY to Melbourne, FL in a timely manner. can anyone help facilitate this magic carpet ride to its potential new owner? this is sort of an initial inquiry to gauge the logistics involved.

thx in advance to any who may reply


update: decided to go a different direction - please ignore this thread
Wax question...
What do you guys do with your boards when its 90 degrees and the water is in the high 50's?

I was visiting NH last year and surfing Straw's Point, and my wax was just melting off in the truck. It was impossible to rub wax on, since it just smeared in the heat. But the water was cold and needed cool wax.

There has to be a better way. Thus, my question to the experts.
Wrong Forum

See Classifieds: Buy/Sell/Trade.
anybody have experience/feedback on the 7’2 mega magic?
I’ve ridden the 8’ but not the shorter version.
Have a friend in NH looking for a board he can fit in his car but catch stuff even on the small days and there’s one on CL by me thought I could grab for him.
Coming soon to a break near you:

Thoughts? (Yes, I am stirring the pot a bit here.)
New York Times Article if you missed it. I tried to upload pages but they are not very legible. I'll try and PDF them tomorrow.

Never mind, catch it on line if you're interested. PDF is too large of a file

and yes I have girls

what do y’all prefer?

I only have experience on solid. Although it is quite a bit to deal with, I do enjoy it.

It is a luxurious feeling trim.The turns feel amazing too. There is something clean about a 10’ board built from only 4 pieces of timber. Also, the lack of a vent plug thingy is a plus in my opinion.

I’m guessing there are those of us that would prefer a chambered board. Why? If I wanted a lighter board I’d go with foam.

I’m challenged to get behind the idea of the Grain style builds. Those kit type boards that use 3,217 clamps at a time trip me out.
As an allrounder that will enjoy 75% of it's life in shapely shoulder/head high beachbreak with the odd sojourn to a point or a reef, what way would you go and why? Fin set up?
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