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Hi, longtime lurker from the UK with a few questions/favours to ask...
My 18 year old son is looking to take a 3 month course at a Concept Art & Design School in Burbank from September. I'm hoping to offer him some help and advice but alas my knowledge of Los Angeles is pretty much limited to Bruce Brown films, episodes of CHiPs, and Suicidal Tendencies music videos. General searches on the internet always lead to the most hysterical opinions so instead I thought of this site for advice from reasonable people.
questions in no particular order:
1. What's the best way to get around without a car? Is it generally safe to cycle?
2. Are there actual 'no go' areas? Or is it the same fearful hype that the media is pumping out about London lately?
3. What can I tell his mother to stop her worrying?
4. Has anyone got a spare room for a clean living, ridiculously hard working art student? He can pay his way in high quality oil-on-canvas portraits, design work or any unskilled manual labour. (His old Dad would also be happy to pay rent.)

This is surf related because I will definitely be visiting him as a pretext to making the pilgrimage to some crowded right points.
Any jamboarders needing a personal tour guide to the South coast of England and London, I'd be more than happy to repay the karma.

Lost my Austin stubby today off the back of my boat on the Barnegat bay, NJ. Lime green with white/black on the nose. lost it between Forked river and Tices shoal. Was in a black/silver sticky bumps bag. Please keep an eye out. Will happily pay a reward for safe return.

We ran back and forth for over an hour, so I suspect it may have been picked up.
I've been wrangled into doing tandem surfing with one of the gals in the local lineup. We went out today on one of her older tandem boards and while we(me) have some work to put into it, we had a fun time. Her board has that foam traction pad stuff on the deck. However, some of the strips that are closer to the rails have either peeled off or are about to. Any suggestions on what I could use to replace the rail strips? I don't think it's worth buying a whole new traction kit for it. And those kits aren't cheap. Thanks in advance for your helpful(and positive) suggestions.
Couple pigs posted in sale section.
I'm a pretty basic person. I don't think to deeply about physiological stuff but I remember seeing this about 6 years ago and every now and then I watch it. Surfing is one thing besides family my wife and now child that has always kept me even keeled and happy.

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Y'all see that photo Joel Tudor posted ayer of Tom Carroll gouging away (insert Pixies song) on a Liddle? So sick... but makes a wood want to see the rest of the sequence 'cuz goddamn, I wanna see where, if anywhere, that scrot to the water turn led.

Because unlike skateboarding where there is a gentleperson's rule that you don't publish photos of unlanded tricks, surf media is full of scoundrels, cretins, charlatans and liars and no stills on the web or print is likely what it seems.

But goddamn, what a turn.