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Is it wrong to buy surfboards and surf products made in Thailand and China


Noel Whitman

Even prior to the closing of Clark foam, the controversy over surfboards made in Thailand and China was building as a threat to native board builders in Australia and the U.S. which are the world leaders in surfboard production and design. Certainly the threat to local builders and their employees has been real and that part of the controversy continues to be debated. However, the side of the argument that has only been touched on and perhaps the only side of it worth discussing are the reasons why it’s wrong to buy Asian made surfboards or if it is in fact wrong at all.

China continues to have one of the worst human rights records in the world and the communist government since 1959 has been responsible for close to if not over 30 million murders of it’s own citizens, even the Chinese Nationalist government prior to communism killed close to 11 million people. Gulags, government created famines and forced abortions are just some of the inhuman things that have happened or that go on regularly in China to this very day. Regardless of how you view the subject of free trade (which itself is not a bad thing) you must keep in mind that supporting trade with China the way not only our government, but the governments of the world have supported her for the last 30 or so years, you are in effect supporting the very acts which that government inflicts on it’s own people everyday.

Thailand is not the murderous nation that China is, but businesses in Thailand are controlled by the government. One of the most vile businesses in Thailand is the Sex trade. This disgusting trade is in effect slavery for children and young women caught in it’s grasp and the government of Thailand backs this trade and has in 2002 passed legislation to help foreign tourist to better enjoy the practice. There have been many reports of this on news programs of children as young as six years...
First one to post a picture of a Cabell Custom(other than the one i posted)will receive a gift from me!
Whether it's a van or bike, what's your set up to get your stuff to the beach?
I picked up the domain name www.vintagelongboards.com about a year and a half ago and I tried to start a site by myself, but quickly realized how little I know about wesite stuff. Walkingtheplank stepped up and built the site for me. Check it out and let me know what you think. I only put a few boards on for now to kick it off, but I hope to add more in the near future. WTP found a nice classified interface that we can use in the future, but I figured we should wait to see how the site goes.

Feel free to stop by the site and buy a board or two:D:D. I am trying to unload some boards so I can buy a classic wagon. If anyone has a classic chevy wagon (1955-1957 belair, 1961/1962 impala or 1966/1967 nova) or ford falcon wagon you are willing to trade for vintage boards, let me know and we can work out a deal.

Feel free to give us feedback on the site. If anyone has boards they would like to add, let me know and we can try to get them up there. The more boards we have on the site, maybe it will take off.
I'm just curious as to what guys and girls training regiments are out of the water or when it's flat. Some people I know can be fanatical and others could care less about it unless they're surfing. I'm not the most dedicated guy when it comes to that kind of thing, but would like to improve my endurance in terms of paddling, etc.

I like to run, but can get very boring after a mile or two, plus it's not doing much for paddling fatigue. I realize easy answers are swim and paddle more, but I'm more curious about how far, what kinds of sets, etc. I want to be surfing until I'm an old man and realize I may have to improve my fitness/nutrition to do so.

And as far as the 12oz. curls go, I've got plenty of practice in that department!
gear up...we're throwing an all longboarding contest... free tacos from surf taco, and an afterparty nearby TBA. seaside heights, nj.


and yes some might say paranoid. But I have really been on this story for months now ... the New Yorker had a long long medical article on this thing. It is not at all pretty. In the below I am referencing Topanga because there are Mallards in this ravine that empties into the ocean. Ravine is not the right word. But I grew up on this coast .. my whole life .. and I have been studying the birds ever since I read the New Yorker article ... I think there are already less. And birds do not die in the open. They disappear. Maybe they sink into the ocean .. I don't know .. but this is not the stupidest suggestion .. first the vitamin C to bolster your respiratory .. and second ... cloth or gauze wrap around your mouth (I know it will get wet .. but it will still filter) while you are out there. I would take 3 capsules of the 1000 mg C. I take more. I stayed down there easily 3 hours on Monday and I made my way all the way south that I could from the beach right in front of the ravine (or whatever you want to call that polluted body of water with the Mallards in it and that other type of bird - Egrit.) And I really really studied the birds ... and I am sure there were alot less. Plus they have all been in funny little bunches and quite a few of them just sitting. In fact one came really close to me. I think they sense that about 5 billion other birds on the planet have all been exterminated within the last months.

Anyway I have already read that Maine is starting to gear up. And now this article below says Alaska is. And they specifically mention Mallards. I don't think they have any idea what birds can get it because I have read that already it has jumped into pigs and cats in China. EXPOSURE to the birds .. their droppings .. their feathers .. their whiff .. who knows .. is what will kill you. The percentage is still above 50 that have died.

To me it is ludicrous that the birds might stop off in Alaska on their way down. Well maybe so .. but...
Check this out. If the link doesn't work cut and past into Google and it will list the "Try This Link" to get you to it.

This "60's" board was way ahead of its time!

Recently me and some of my friends decided to bomb some seriouse hills on a bike trail two of my friends are pretty ruffed up and i just know im next i have came close to wrecking because of speed wobble and i want to know how to stop it, i tried tightening my trucks but it still wobbled is there anything i can do????:(
yahhh get it????

Not all Mondays are bad...



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