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Resin tint bottom with glass on tri, surfed two times, no dings. This is the cheapest Frye your going to find. Selling for a buddy who need's money for school books. $950.00 OBO

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Well it looks like my current wetsuit is in it's last season.I'm considering a Vintage Soul or a Nineplus fullsuit.Yeah...they look nostalgic and all,but quality and function are most important and don't mine paying for that.Does anybody have some experience with either brand? Also, I'm considering going with a longjohn and a jacket (no beavertail).Anyone ever use this combination in the winter? I wear a small in my O'neil 3/2 and i've tried a small in a Nineplus fullsuit.I'ts was pretty snug(no medium to try). Does anyone knows either brand's sizing compared to O'neils? Thanks to all-Waterlogged Nomad.
Alright guys, I am a newcomer by far, but I have always wanted a long board. I don't know much about them just know that I want one :). I am a big guy, so I need something that can handle weight, but not ride like a tank. I will be riding around the college campus and my neighborhood. The neighborhood entrance is a series of S-turns down hill but not STEEP STEEP, and it just got new asphalt :)

I am not looking for insanely priced equipment, or lower line. I want it to be a cruiser, I don't really need the whole turn on a dime deal, but it needs to turn rather well at the same time. I want something that will roll a while, so good bearings are a must, as are wheels.

I am not sure quite yet whether I want to buy a complete board, or piece one together.

Another thing is, my neighbor is a VERY good carpenter. He did all the wood work in his house and I am fairly confident in his ability to actually BUILD a board. What do you guys think about this, as a first board? Is there any way to get a "template" or a blue print of a solid deck design to work off of? Maybe that is a little advanced as a first timer, but is it so insanely hard to do, that it couldn't at all be done?

So after all of this, what can be said equipment wise for a big guy just lookin to cruise around boardwalk style and no carving or anything like that?
what are your top 5 favourite bands/cd's to listen to right now. just want to check out some new
music right now
Saturday in New York- definitely not a longboard wave but cool nonetheless

Sean Killarny pouring some stout!! photo Mike Nelson!!

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This year we will be holding the Log Jam on May 12th, with a no wave date of May 19th. The contest will be at 7th Ave in Seaside Park, NJ.

more info to follow soon...
Hey I was wondering if anybody knows the connections between Zeph and Cooperfish- Is he shaping boards now or still working with glassing etc? Anybody have any experience with Zeph's boards? Thanks for the info!!
transworld has a shot and list of some of al's boards


here's a shot of al from friday (from newport surf shots)

I ordered my custom surfboard from the Surf-shop in So-Cal when I tripped to the So-Cal from East Coast last month. And I finally received it last night. And then I opened up the box and took out the surfboard from the box. I have already stoked when I look the surfboard. It is so bountiful. The surfboard has tinted the way I wanted and polished so well. Then I started check the length and width of the surfboard. They are exactly as same as on my order sheet. I already love the board although I have not surfed with the board yet.

Then next moment I found out type of tail was the different from what I want. I wanted the round tail but it is actually squire tail. So I called to the surf shop and told the sales person about it. He said the shaper made the mistake. Then, He told me that I could test ride it and If I would like it then keep it and If I would not like it then call him again and then let’s think next step. Then I hung up the phone call.

After that, I had very complex feeling in me. Because even if I would love the board after test ridding and I got feeling like ‘want to keep it’, but the board is still squire tail it is not round tail. I paid almost $1000 for the wrong “custom surfboard”. Originally I wanted round tail board. Should I return it to them and ask them to make it again? What would you do if you would have same situation?

Please give me comment..
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