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I like the Karma whatever. The rest...well there are equal or better out there for far less cash, and even some that compete and beat the Karma,Good Karma, or whatever it's called.

No apologies. Just fact. I rode them. I can speak to them. Excellent boards, but not the gold standard that some would have you believe.

Value for money and matching shape to waves is with many local shapers.

If I hear much more about them I'm gonna puke...lime pepper and chili Tilapia all over my new laptop. Too much hype surrounding them. Especially here. May as well call it the Bing forum lately. Basta
This subject came up, and started to hijack Otter's thread...(Maybe you've seen this...)
In an effort to not hijack another thread, and clearly explain my view on this somewhat sensitive subject, I felt I should start a new thread.

I've never been to the left coast, and therefore know not how tourism effects those who live there, but they may or may not share some of my views concerning the subject. I'm sure some of those living in or close to other Jersey shore communities will agree with some, if not all of the points I will attempt to raise, and clarify......

Every location has it's different problems, and their tourism is drawn from different inland locations. My focus is Ocean City, located on the southern Jersey shore. I was born, raised, schooled, and presently work for this island resort community, but I now reside over the bridge (2 & 1/2 miles inland) in Somers Point....(more on that later)

The question was raised by aslbuck, as to why I complain about tourists. There was a time in my life that I looked forward to them coming down. I had formed many friendships with those who only came down durring the summer, and some of those friendships exist today, plus before marrage and kids, I looked forward to the increase in out of town ladies prancing around in bikinis....;)

Let's go back 30+ years ago. In Ocean City the vast majority of summer resident home owners would have their seashore homes opened up just prior to the Memorial Day weekend, they (or at least their family) would stay for the entire summer, then leave after Labor Day, have a local plumber winterize their home, and we wouldn't see them until the following Memorial Day.
Now most of these folks leave their homes open year round so they can come down and spend weekends at their seashore homes. That wouldn't be so bad if may of them were not stupid about how they did it. They fail to turn off their outside showers, lawn sprinklers, and faucets. They turn the heat...
I read on another forum that the OLC won the Log Jam.......:D

Can't wait to hear who surfed, who scored, how the conditions were up that way....

Will probably have to wait until sobber minds prevail tomorrow before we get any kind of accurate report......:shock:
I placed an order for a dark brown XXL Bing Pintail Lightweight T-shirt via the website on Sunday, got an e-mail confirming the order was proccessed on Monday, and got the shirt all the way over on the east coast on Thursday.....:)

Now I have something to wear to Surf night at T.G.I. Friday's this evening.....;)

Plus a nice little thank you note, and a Last Wave decal to boot.

It was a pleasure doing business with you, and will be ordering again real soon......

Anybody here drive a Prius??

What size boards can you manage to fit inside?
How about on top? What's the situation w/ roof racks and that sloped roof, and the antenna?:?
That's right boys & girls, this coming August I hit the half century mark, and my mole tells me the wife is going to let me go big....(as in new longboard big).....

Presently the only thing in my quiver is my 10'0 Takayama Model-T, it's great in the ripple to waist high, and even chest high if it's mushy, but once it gets above waist high with an offshore wind, and it walls up even a little, the flat rocker of the Takayama loves to go submarine on me. What I'd like to add to my small quiver is something for those days when it's above waist high to head high and walling up.

I'd like to drop 6" in length to 9'6, but wouldn't rule out anything in the 9'4 to 9'8 range as long as it's wide enough, and thick enough to float a fat old bastard like me.

I looked real closely at a pair of Bing Lightweight Pintails at the shop Smokey works for, one is a 9'4, the other a 9'6, I like the rocker, and especially the way the nose turns up, the overall dimensions look good, the only thing that concerns me is the light glassing.
The single 6 oz. bottom not so much as the double 6 oz. deck, I weigh 240 Lbs. and I'm concerned as to what kind of effect that load will have on the deck. My Tak has a heavy glassed deck on it, and so far I haven't put a single dent or compression in it.....

Are there any other heavy weights out there riding a Bing Lightweight Pintail, if so, how's the deck holding up......

Also...Mat if you happen to read this, can one be ordered with a heavier deck patch without disrupting the performance of the board to any great degree......?

i got an email from a customer this morning canceling an order. i thought i'd pass it on to you LN guys cause i thought that his opinion and my response might be of some interest. i'm sure that some of you will agree with him and others will agree with me. although this email is about my boards i'm presenting this as a general topic.

i believe that many people still have a romantic vision of how their boards are shaped and on top of that many are misinformed or misled by the person shaping their board.

i once had one guy ask me to handshape his board during a full moon. i obliged. i later rode the board and it was a dog so made him a new one. so much for a customers romantic vision.


Gene, I'll be honest. After visiting your shop and seeing a bunch APS3000 preshaped blanks and seeing your price list $1200 for a board sanded by somebody other than you, I lost interest in my order. Gene I'm 60 years old and ishapes, and production surfboards aren't my cup of tea. You still have a beautiful finished product. Good luck and Clean waves, **


hi **, it's a surprise to me that you feel that way, you seemed pretty stoked on my boards when we met. i would say that refering to my product as production surfboards pretty far off the mark. i believe that most production outfits can produce more that 3-4 finished boards a week!


i shape every cooperfish, that's what we were making for you.

i spend quite a bit of time shaping those boards after having most of the blanks precut by kkl. my programs leave a lot of room for interpritation and i feel comfortable that i'm giving you the highest quality custom shape that i'm capable of (by any means). i can shape from raw blanks(and often do) all day long and not get a better end product, for this reason i have a hard time understanding your point of view. how do my shapes look when they're done? i can tell without hesitation that i'm very...

Eric Christenson, younger brother to Chris Christenson makes some nice boards. His new website is up and boy oooooh boy would I love to get my hands on his 10’-0” Pelican model. This type board is what I want my next one to be. I bet it would surf like a dream down in
Pondering a sale of my coke-bottle green 9'2'' Gold Standard in good condition. Some rail shatters here and there, all water tight and pro-repaired. Just trying to garner some interest and see what folks think she may be worth? Beautiful board.

I am not that into the tail configuration of the board. A little too thinned out for me. I am hoping to transfer to a Silver Spoon(either by purchase or trade).

Irie, Chris
Went to Houston yesterday and pm-d the boys about meeting up Sat. morning for the anticipated front arrival (with offshores) since I had never met either one. I'd also never surfed Surfside before, which is about 1 hour south of Houston, but knew it could be pretty lined up in the right conditions. Rolled away from the in-laws at 6:05 a.m. and I thought I had purchased Onstar's new turn-by-turn navigation service because everytime I got close to a turn, B.O.S.S. would calling me to tell me what to look for and which way to turn (Thanks, Bob). Get to what I thought was G-coast's house in Surfside at about 7:30 and the wind is not offshore yet but I think I recognize B.O.S.S.'s new truck from his description, so I start walking up the stairs hoping I don't get shot for waking up the wrong person at the wrong house. I'm about 1/2 up the stairs and I hear this gruff voice yell something like "What's that trash coming up my stairs? Get that trash off of my property." Since I had talked to B.O.S.S. on the phone I knew it wasn't him, so I said "Well, that must be G-string" and heard B.O.S.S. laugh and knew I was safe. BTW, G-string has quite the Surfer's Tiki Hut Bachelor Pad on Stilts! Very Cool. Turns out they were waiting for B.O.S.S.'s policeman friend who had recently become a motorcycle officer. When he arrived and told us about his transfer, first thing G-coast wants to know is can G-coast see his motorcycle boots and somebody's mentioning boots and thongs and I'm wondering what I got myself into! Time to go surf! The wind was then coming around offshore and building and the officer and I got about 2-1/2 hours of waist to chest clean, groomed lines. B and G only surfed for an hour because they went to put up an new ceiling for an elderly neighbor. I took my waterproof digital camera but with the offshores blowing, got excited and forgot to take it out. Fun time, though.
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