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G, what do you think? I was going for a Dr. Strangelove thing.
I just got an email from a friend who is a buyer at a large, discount retailer. Apparently, they are meeting next week with a “surfboard vendor” to talk about manufacturing & selling boards at their stores. Based on where the vendor is located, I can’t imagine they will actually manufacture the boards onsite. I’ve asked for a complete update after the meeting. I’m really curious as to the name of the vendor & where the boards are being made. I’m not going to share it now (sorry) but the brand name of the board is totally funny, or should I say, ironic, considering where they are going to be sold.

I’ve asked my friend to find out if they are poly or epoxy boards, etc. I’ll report back when I hear something else. Just thought I’d share that…

Thank you:

Monkey and Drum for letting me crash their campsite
Lonedog and Chris a for letting me nip at their dinner
Mario for letting me nip at the dark rum and making the long trip
Austin for your self-made beautiful board (Austin's custom board for the San O weekend)
Benny1 and Log Donkey for letting me nip at your tasty nuts (honey roasted peanuts!)
Ben and Sasha for the use of their cooler and a good movie
Little Al for being there in case I locked my keys in my car again
Miles for paddling out again and again and again
Ned bringing his son and tossing him right in the soup
Dewey for not cutting me off on the 5
Grush for traveling in super classic surf style in the VDub bus
To all I didn't take advantage of or meet but had a blast with!

It was a gathering of a bunch of real great guys that I could hang out with every weekend at SanO or wherever. I'm just back about 1 hour and I'm looking forward to next year.

I'll have pics to post later...
For anyone that will be in the area a few of us plan on meeting up at Malibu Friday morning the 22nd. I know myself, DB, mro87 and Mr/Mrs AF plan on attending so if anyone is around stop by. Its not like the place isnt already crowded so the more the merrier.

The shirts are in the mail! I hope everyone likes them!

They're doing this as I write this on Colin Cowherd's show on ESPN radio concerning the NFL teams. It is really funny.
I have noticed a change lately. boss
I blame New Jersey and Texas. Oh, and Point Break. And Lance Burkhart in that other movie. And those old school Chandler boards. They suck.
I think the early fall is a good time for a NJ get together. The last few times I did this, the turnout was very limited, but let’s give it another try. The first weekend I am free is October 7th and 8th, so I am opening up my house for a post surf BBQ/party. The summer crowds will be gone and October is usually a good time for waves. We can meet up at the beach for a surf and then head back to my place in Neptune, NJ (about 1.5 miles from the beach). We can do the whole surfboard swap thing and I will open up my entire collection (except for a select few) for everyone to try out. If the surf is mellow, we can bring out the vintage toys as well.

I will supply all the food and drinks, and I think it would be a good idea to take donations for joemac.net. Feel free to invite your friend, but I have a smaller house, so let's try to keep it low key and mellow.

I have to check with the wife, but I don't think the neighbors would mind a tent community in my tiny backyard if we want to make this a mini SanO' (since I can't make it out there).

All of those that are interested, PM me your email address and I will start an email chain. We have plenty of notice here, so the lame excuses of having to cut your grass that day or having to get a hair cut will not be tolerated.:D
Any particularly good models?
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