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Hope to see whoever can make it this weekend to Del Mar. Come meet Bing Copeland and check out the boards.

Haole; We are also debuting a new line of smaller stuff called soCliche. Come early and get a free hat.

Pigeon; We got one new kine cherry brand...soCliche. Mo bettah you come early an scoah one hat.

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surf related garb that collects dust...

DVD copies: $4

a broke down melody
thicker than water
billabong odyssey
bruce irons movie
the far shore (70's)
smooth and casual I
big wednesday
lines from a poem
surfing hollow days (60's)
litmus (70's)

DVD originals: $8

longboarder (60's)
surf australia
one california day
single fin yellow
zen and zero
the golden breed (60's)
the ombak
free and easy (60's)
way of life
september sessions

VHS (if you still have a vcr) $4

tyler surfboards
smooth and casual I (tyler)
smooth and casual II (tyler)
smooth and casual III (tyler)
fine flow
longer (tudor)
love (tudor)
big wednesday
north shore
getting loose
barefoot adventure (60's) copy
endless summer I & II (same tape) copy
adrift (tudor) copy


way of the bird (andy davis) $10
encylopedia of surfing $10
guide to southern california surf spots $5
essential surfing $5
perfect waves $10

some other stuff:

spy sunglasses $25
ray bans wayferer(sp?) $50
arnette dirty harry sunglasses $20
Quicksilver Cell 4/3 hollow fiber (medium) $30

6'2" EC 5 fin bonzer $150

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It was great to see everyone at Malibu. I got a couple of great waves. Thanks to Andersonfan for letting me try the JFII. Mario and Co. nice to finally see you guys, Little Al, I saw you as I was going in, maybe we'll be properly introduced next time. Dewey, good to see you out there so soon after your surgery, Bobby, It was fun seeing you and "Nadine" on your home turf. I'm running on ~ 45 min. of sleep so sorry if I'm forgetting someone. I won't be there Sat. or Sun. hope you guys have a great time. Sorry if I dropped in on anyone,I tried not to (except for my last wave and that punk shortboarder:D). Hope everyone got good waves as the tide lowered.

A friend sent this to me. Looks like a great movie. Anyone have any info?

Looking for feedback from riders who can compare and contrast the boards. About to pulll the trigger on a pintail and it will be one of these two. Have ridden the Tak, but never the Hornet. Board will see action primarily in south Orange County CA and Scorpion. Any and all input appreciated.
Austin restored my DaCat recently. It's working it's way back up from Va Beach as we speak. People who have seen it already are raving about it. So I'm starting this thread to pressure Austin into posting a few pics because I can't wait until it gets to me, but also, I want everyone on the Forum to see what an awsome job Austin does with restorations. This guy is an incredible craftsman!

Let's see 'em, Austin!
Here we go again......

Surfboard Swap/Sale - Sunday October 12th 9am-???

In front of:
Beach House Surf Shop
517 Main Avenue 08742
Bay Head, NJ

Due to repeated requests, we are going to do it up again. Tell your friends, spread the word and lets get some buyers there. Please PM me with a list of boards you hope to bring. The first swap had a lot more interest because people had a better idea of what was going to be there. Come on down and buy/sell/trade your gear.

I will have the following (if I don't sell it between now and then):
5'11" Zippi Fish
12' Velzy Surftech Paddleboard (prone)
9'6" 60s Malibu pop-out
Weber grill with burgers and dogs.

We are working on reserving/renting a big tent in case there is bad weather. If we need the tent, we will need some donations to help pay for the rental.
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