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The STD is being held captive at an undisclosed location.

It will be held hostage until our demands are met.

This is not a joke.

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That's right, one longboard and only one, your wife (or girlfriend... and she better be hot or unbelievably understanding of all your other addictions) has backed over all 23 and says she'll take your 8 children (or the one she claims is brewing) and move to Nebraska unless you choose one longboard to live and die by. What's it going to be...single or 2 + 1, round pin or square, volan or sanded finish? Call it your soul stick, call it your ultimate travel board....call it what you want, but call out only one. What's it gonna be? From San O to Indo., from Noosa to Wales...what is that magic board?
I been looking around for several months for a used Tyler Riddler. Anyone have one forsale? I am in Southern California.

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I walked into my, now, former favorite local surf shop and they had probably 60 boards in there. Not one was handmade by a U.S. shaper. Not one. Oh, there were licensed boards (Webber, Walden, Anacapa, Seven, 7S, etc.) but no master's and no locally shaped boards. Adding insult to injury, all these boards had an average price of $299. Forget the issues with Surftech, Boardworks and Southpoint - these are not cheaply priced (although NSP boards are a low end scourge), I am talking about boards like the ones named above and longboards under names like Modern and Blue. These "handshaped" boards from China look like the real deal - the Walden's have pretty swirl tints on them - some boards are triple stringered, etc. And some are hard to spot as garbage. But they are. I know this is not a new topic but since it is now hitting mainstream media as our trade inequity and recession oriented economy is now creating the beginnings of a consumer backlash, I thought it timely to re-up this discussion.

Anyway, here is the article:


Awhile back Greg Loehr blogged on the oversaturation of Chinese boards and how the Chinese government was pulling their subsidization of the huge surfboard manufacturers thus (he hopes) pointing toward the future diminishment of the China-effect.


At any rate, if you are tempted to buy these as a cheap new board for a beginner or child, please consider buying a used U.S. handmade board (and be careful: A Chinese made Walden is virtually indistinguishable to the untrained eye from an original - BECAUSE HIS ORIGINAL LABEL IS ON IT). I understand why they do it, but if they are going to license their shapes to a huge Asian manufacturer with sloppy oversight and no idea of what they are making, please have the decency, like...
Bio on Dora is now out and available. Thought some might be interested in this video from Amazon website. Anybody got the book yet?

Same deal as the fall. Hopefully we get a similar turnout and weather. Start to did out all your crap and post on here or PM me with a list of stuff you hope to bring.

Surfboard Swap/Sale - Sunday May 18th 10am-???

In front of:
Beach House Surf Shop
517 Main Avenue 08742
Bay Head, NJ

Be ready to wheel and deal. All deals to be made directly with the items owner or the person the owner trusted to bring the item. A 3x5 card with the owners name, contact info, asking price/value, and items interested to trade will be taped to all the boards. Plan to stick around for the duration if you bring an item. You are personally responsible to watch your stuff and be available if someone wants it. The Beach House is only providing us the location and will not take any responsibility for deals made or lost/damaged or stolen items. There will no fees charged. There will be a sign in book to just keep a log of boards and people who were there.

Some people have asked if it is trades/swaps only. The answer is NO. With everything, cash is king but full or partial trades are more interesting to some. We are also trying to limit the boards to vintage boards, longboards and retro shapes, but feel free to bring what you have. If space is limited, we may ask you to leave the shortboards, skimboards etc. in/on your car. Please only trade for things that are legal in the lovely state of NJ.

Everything is going to be on the sidewalk and driveway. We are trying to get some stuff together to lay down, but if you can bring some extra board bags, moving blankets, carpet, etc., that will help.
Anyone out there have any info on the Meyerhoffer boards? I have been hearing about sightings up and down the coast. I know he has two models and I read the Journal article but it didn't give you much. Just a rumor but the word out on the street or shall I say around town is that the whole production is a communist front.
Have you put similair tuflite and woody surftechs on scale. What's the difference?

What about GSI boards?

Are there differences in tuflite models of same volume?

I once scaled that a competition poly longboard can weigh a pound less than a tuflite of same size, so preassumptions and the truth don't always go hand in hand.

I live in SoCal & surf w/a full suit on year round, year after year, so I never had any issues w/surf wax (because I was always protected from it with several mm of wetsuit.) I never acknowledged I had a problem until fairly recently.

For the past several years I have been going on week-long surf trips to warm-water places like Oahu & Baja, etc. And I have noticed that after just two or three days of surfing in trunks (or shorty, rashguard, 0.5mm spring suits, you name it) basically anything that doesn't cover my whole body - I get the worse rash EVER. This rash seems to have gotten worse each year - so that's why I'm in need of some advice.

I'm not talking about just a couple red bumps. I'm talking about my entire length of my inner thighs, tops of thighs, tops of knees, underside of knees, my entire arms from wrists to the pits, etc - anywhere that barely came in contact with the board is red, puffy, severely inflamed, and horribly painful. It's actually quite disgusting to even look at. I look like some kind of burn victim or leper. Not exactly what a gal wants to look like when vacationing on a tropical beach. Also after this "rash" appears, surfing becomes just about the most painful thing imaginable. Anytime I so much as put my thigh on the board (which is 90% of the time paddling) I am wincing w/pain & essentially making the rash worse.

I don't think the irritation is caused from marathon sessions, as I only surf about 2 hours a day on these trips. I think it's caused from being allergic to surf wax. Not sure if it's just warm water wax or all surf wax. (Also my skin isn't used to rubbing against the board/wax - but there's more to it than that. My travel partner is in a full suit year round too & has never experienced anything like what happens to me.)

So I have a Waikiki trip coming up & don't want it to happen again. Is there any hope for me? Advice on what to do?

I am honestly considering buying a 0.5mm full wet suit simply...
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