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Hey All,

I thought I would share one of our new creations out of the surfboard factory. This year we are making pig shaped longboard Christmas tree ornaments out of our resin. We use resin that is chipped off the floor to make some really cool designs. We are selling them for $14.50 and have a super limited supply. We can ship them anywhere for postage cost. Check them out.


I've got a ton of lumber leftover from a recent renovation project so I've decided to redesign the layout of my garage this winter. It's a two-car setup -- half of which is reserved for my two motorcycles -- and I'd like to build a wall rack for my boards and a place to hang/store my wetsuits and gear.

Any ideas or suggestions? I've seen some pretty cool racks and such (like Ripcurl869's). I'd love to see some pics -- what's your current setup -- hoping to get inspired.
Bout three months back, a friend of a friend bought a board through a local shaper for top dollar.

The other day my mate was onto me asking why a board would come up all dented and cracked over the stinger, the way he described it to me was as if it was stood against the wall with someone firing golf balls off it all day.

Now Im a big bloke and heavy on boards, but Iv ever done that much damage to a board over the course of years not to mind three months, and the lad that owns it is a small enough bloke who might get it out once to twice a fortnight.

Anyway, he brought it back to the shaper the other day to see what the story was and he was basically told, tough shit, it happens.

Would something like this be excepted state side?

Personally, after that sort of treatment, Id be screaming blue murder to anyone who'd listen, but its not my place.

Sorry, should mention, it is a performance orientated log, but not super light by any stretch.
Hey All-

A few quick questions for all y'all. I'm considering getting a big (11'1") Legacy model and I was wondering if any of you had had one shaped by Terry, and, preferably, had been there for the shaping session. The Hobie site has a couple pics of the board, but no rocker shot. I've seen a couple in the past but I don't recall how much tail rocker there is.

Also, is Terry open to tweaking things at all? I'd frankly want to add a shallow, long (60" or so, but not more than 1/4" deep) concave to the board. I'd be mainly riding it at points like Malibu and Topanga, not at Tourmaline/Bird or other spots where gliders seem omnipresent. I'd also like to think about having a little more tail kick, to help with turning a big dog like that as well as giving it a little extra hold for noseriding.

Do any of you who've worked with him think Terry open to these design changes or does he think the Legacy model is perfect as is? I know some shapers do NOT like to change their designs at all once the die is cast.

Also, if any of you happen to have Terry's wife's email, please forward it along. I understand she handles his email. I have Terry's home number but calling from Brazil is a bit expensive.

Thanks for your input and aloha,

Thinking of getting one.... what kind of waves is it designed for any, reviews?.. what size is best for a 5'11" at 180lbs rider.

What is your BEST NOSERIDER right now, the one you

get the most tip time on? Please include LENGTH of board.


Well, not technically pop-outs but these Tom Wegener alaias are made in a factory in the Far East.

Tight jeans and trucker hats not included.

In another thread, saw Jim's EPS/Epoxy 10' Simmons inspired board and got to thinking. Is there anybody out there riding hand shaped EPS/Epoxy style Nose Riders/old school logs?

Not talking any kind of molded board, they seem to be heavier and have seen quite a few of them. Don't really have any interested in them, but what about a ( for lake of a better term ) hand shaped epoxy boards?

I have a high performance hand shaped epoxy 9' board that I really like, but it's so light, there's not much glide/momentum with it at all. Being HP board the rocker's not conducive to glide either, so not sure if the weight is the main factor or not. I think this board is a bad reference to understand if an epoxy board could have that glide or not.

Rode a Stewart Cali Noserider for about an hour, but it was too thick for me. Way too bouyant. It seemed to really have potential if the size was right, but not enough time to really tell.

Other than the Jim's board referenced above, not sure I've ever seen an Epoxy board even discussed here. Do these boards exist, or does the light weight defeat the purpose of a log'ish noserider style of board?

Well guys I missed the first SanO weekend but I think I just went to the last one. There was maybe 8 guys fr the forum at the beaches in SoCal. Only 4 that I know of that were at sano at the same time. We had a good run at it I can't remember just how many we had. Maybe 5 or. 6? I have made some good friends and enjoyed some good times but those days are in the past.
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