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. .. at his stupid duct tape contest, just saying

So further to my last posting, Robbie has contacted me and wants to do the right thing. I thought it only fair to publish this too:

"my name is robin and ill come and take it back and here is your options:
take a used board from the quiver i will be traveling with in france , uk, and other disclosed places.
a trade for a used board straight up .....
or a cost only deal on a new custom.
ill be back this spring"

Lets hope it works out!
Little Al gave me a heads up on this, thought some of you might be interested.


I thought it kind of interesting that among the Legends surfers is Tyler Hatzikian. Great surfer - yes. But a Legend?

Have fun, send pictures.
On the news today they made mention of thousands of dead birds that fell from the sky. They said they died from significant trauma. As if to suggest an autopsy on the birds consistently showed the birds had evidence of massive trauma. The birds were in Arkansas I believe.

If a bird falls from the sky to it's death, the impact of the ground will cause massive trauma.

I would have thought a more significant news story would be what caused all the birds to fall in the first place. There are a ton of maybes ...i suspect we'll never know.

Then there are a bunch of dead fish in the river 100 miles away. What a coincidence!!!!

I like to surf (see this thread is about surfing).

Food for thought!
I would like to educate myself before I talk to the shaper of my new board. After two weeks of having my new board I noticed that on the opaque color part of the board there are several white lines running the length of the color portion. To me it looks like the color wasn't sufficiently mixed prior to application leaving two white lines about 1/2 wide.

Can this be fixed? To me the board would need to be sanded down and another color and clear coat applied to the opaque. Not sure if I would want that done.
Check this restoration out: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320633641553&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT

Not my board...just wanted to point it.
Hey All...

It's coming up fast. No wave prediction yet. Fingers crossed. But it's more about the comradery and stoke - but nice waves would be fun.

Okay, it's at the Sea Aire. Some of us will be arriving on Friday the 10th. The main day is the 11th so if you're quick hitting, please plan on that being the day if possible.

In case the waves are better further south (2ndlight, O-club, etc.) I need to be able to get in touch with everyone. Please PM me with your cell numbers. I know everyone here loves me :D but I am still a little leery of posting my cell number as maybe, just maybe, someone has a secret distaste for me :shock:

My list of folks showing is:

Me and my bird (Maybe she'll come. Once she reads that I called her a bird, probably not)
Roach & his lovely
Mr. and Mrs. Jook
Mr. Applekat and significant Other
Balsa Bill (with luck)
DStud (& DStudette?)
Surfdog (Dave - Bring those two sticks we talked about - maybe they'll find a home?)
Maybe London Calling?

Who am I missing? I know I haven't remembered everyone.

I will be bringing a bunch of boards for folks to ride so, even if you can't tote one, there'll be something there.

This should be a lot of fun.

I will be bringing a big-assed video cam so bring your A-game. Haha. There will be a kook reel.

We'll probably do a trip to RonJons... ahem... Cape Surf to fondle those JP boards OCS posted. Temptation... Got to leave the wallet at home.

Todays wave in Cocoa:


Attached files
Hey All,

I thought I would share one of our new creations out of the surfboard factory. This year we are making pig shaped longboard Christmas tree ornaments out of our resin. We use resin that is chipped off the floor to make some really cool designs. We are selling them for $14.50 and have a super limited supply. We can ship them anywhere for postage cost. Check them out.


I've got a ton of lumber leftover from a recent renovation project so I've decided to redesign the layout of my garage this winter. It's a two-car setup -- half of which is reserved for my two motorcycles -- and I'd like to build a wall rack for my boards and a place to hang/store my wetsuits and gear.

Any ideas or suggestions? I've seen some pretty cool racks and such (like Ripcurl869's). I'd love to see some pics -- what's your current setup -- hoping to get inspired.
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