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With the number of people in the Shaping aspect of surfing, there is something I would like to have the people on this forum address. Regarding the person is your choice to shape your board or boards, is it important to you if this person surfs or has surfed? And, to take this a bit further, is it important that your Shaper has surfed the type of waves and/or the locations you plan to use the board. If he or she has never surfed big waves, would you trust them with an order for a Gun type board? If they have only surfed short boards, would you order a longboard from them, and visa versa? Would their personal knowledge of the surf in a particular area be relevant in the shaping of a board for that area, as in, would you have someone shape a board for Hawaiian surf who had never actually experienced the type of waves there? Would you put your faith in someone for a board for a specific area and/or type of wave if they have no personal experience, but are just going on what they think would be appropriate?

Just wondering what people think.
Sterling Spencer's Air on youtube. Anyone care to comment? I saw the thing on Surfy Surfy (since pulled down) and I don't know what's more f'ed up, the guy getting kicked in the head or the reaction from some of the viewers. I'd be interested what y'all think, as the stereotype of the LB cadre is mellower and way less aggro. The vid has been pulled from every sight as far as I know, I think the Daily Donkey Blog was the one to "air" it first.
matt made this board for chris del moro for a photo shoot. then i got it and love it. i'm getting the same board in a 9'4".

i'm in NJ now, but will be up in NY soon

exact board that is shown in photo.

Attached files
With the ISIS having been out there a while now, how are you all enjoying the ride and how would you size the board for yourself after having ridden one?
Please don't anyone mock me for asking this question, as it is a serious one. I'm entering my first contest and my friend told me I should wear a watch with a timer on it so I could time the heat which is 15 minutes. So I went out and bought this expensive surf watch and used it today for the first time and I find that as I am taking those last few paddles to stand up, the watch is deflecting water and messing up the stroke. Is this my imagination or is this really happening? If any of you have been in a contest, do you wear a watch? What do you think?
This morning there was a guy in the water who dropped in on someone on every wave he took. He was not a total kook as he could paddle well and got to his feet and rode down the line. It was small and not worth making a big scene, until...
So a good shoulder high set comes in and I paddle right up to the peak. I see him out on the shoulder and I knew it was going to happen but I still tried to relieve the situation by barking out, "coming down," and he drops in on me anyway. I got in three pumps and raced down the line but had to stall as I go to him as there was really nothing left of the wave but I was right up next to him. I could not kick-out as he was still just standing there and I made a few turns to keep from hitting him but stayed right up next to him (he was on a longboard and I was on a fun board) and he goes, "HEY MAN, your pretty damn close." I was floored. I go, "Dude, you've burned 3 other people already and your telling me that I am to close to you when you droped in on me and did nothing to get out of MY way?" He goes, "you've been counting?" I say, "Your damn right I have been counting." He says, "well you lucky you did not hit me as close as you got?" I said "your damn lucky I did not try to run you over on purpose and now I am HOT. Get the F out of here."

I should have gone in 20 minutes earlier as I had my fun but the crowd was getting thick. I know I elevated it, but why do beginers mouth off. He was a big chested muscle head and I am sure he would have torn my head off, but I am not that little either and do not back down from people getting all puffy at me. I know I am probably wrong for taking it as far as I did with the rant that continued after that, but all the other locals that were there who saw it gave me a smile and rallied to chat with me to, I guess, make me fee I was not alone in my anger at the idiocy that was happening out in the water that morning.

What are some good examples of things to say to others to help...
Nice guys, nice boards, amazing craftsmanship. So cool! Nick was mentored by Marc Andreini and Doug Haut. So stoked!

I am lucky to know some talented craftsmen.

I believe when you commission a piece of art you should let the artist handle their business their own way. If that means a long wait ... so be it.

What are your experiences with custom orders?

I have seen both extremes. Super fast , super slow.

I am not trying to create a thread where we talk s&*te on board manufacturers. Leave the names out if you choose.

I am trying to start a thread where people share their experiences.

Was it worth the wait?
Was the date the shaper initially stated anywhere close the to the actual finish date?

How was the communication between you and the shaper during the process? Did they return your communications?

Did the shaper honor their word?
From gnar gnar's Wolfram thread:

"It's the numb and inured who get us all in trouble by following sheepishly."
(Sad to say, too many of us are already half-cooked in lukewarm water.)

Operative word: inured

While I consider the context agnostically, I find the value of the quote to be of great import.

The credit goes to Benny whose quote I posted.
Global Surf Industries...perfecting the crappy noseriding board.

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