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should I trunk it (with a jacket) or should I wear a wetsuit?

I am at the proverbial fork in the road on this one.

I thought: "hey! The surf scholars over at jamboards.com can help with this."
Roy strikes me as a bit of a luddite, what with the sword and beard and wool tunic and all that. Funny/ironic that his board is being featured on one of the premier technology blogs, but here it is. The comments on the gizmodo page should be entertaining.


Impressive bit of web marketing there Roy.
Once again this is not my work. It is by Roger Hall of Surfline Surfboards NZ.

7 Foot Cabbage Tree Gun.



We have always had a gentleman's agreement that politics, strong social comments or other non-surf related issues have an ample and prolific range of other forums. Maybe that has gone by the wayside. Personally (which is the only opinion I am qualified to voice) I like what we had. There are thousands of other places to voice other topics which we can view if we want. This has been somewhat focused, and the result has been some great discussion and the origination of friendships that will last beyond a internet forum.

Tone of the forum has changed dramatically over the past 6 months or so. We have always had lot's of room for humor of various tastes, music, pictures, discussion, surfing related stuff for sale, etc. and other things related to longboard surfing.

Most important the overall tone has been one of good will and good natured humor (sometimes at others expense) and at the risk of using a old, sometimes overused phrase, Aloha Spirit.

Now we have many subjects that range far away from the spirit of the LONGBOARD forum. If this is what you want, go for it. My vote says come back to a place that has surfing and the spirit of the sport that we love as the focus, and not a side topic.
I got fired by captain that didn't do his fire AND safety and survival drills. He just said sign here. I always read them anyway and took time and it humiliated him. Your supposed to read and demonstrate every drill. Yes, i brought it on myself on purpose by making him hate me, that's why i haven't worked since dec, 24th. 09. I'm Too Rolling Stoned i think. If this post offends some of you out there i will ask longboardmaster to remove it. [Related to clean water], environment. Music, Robin Trower Bridge of Sighs Jimmy Hoffa would like this

who felt this flick was too..............."talky"?




*unabashed snicker--coupled with intentional antagonism*


(i eagerly attendin the premier in Cocoa...and...well.....)

script n dialogue aside--*double snort, ehem*--great surfin...HOWEVER....





wha' the music video?.............:(.

if nothin else...AT LEAST have Chucky explain the 24oz Bud Can "en theater"...:D:D


(blame the Mollydooker for this one, kids...)
NJ Spring Swap/Sale - Sunday MAY 16th 9am - ???

In front of:
Beach House Surf Shop
517 Main Avenue (Route 35)
Bay Head, NJ 08742

As always, expect plenty of longboards, vintage, retro, some shorties, etc. Some really good deals to be had.

If you know what you are bringing, post it up in the thread and/or shoot me a PM. I will get a list together and post it everywhere I can.

Beach House is kind enough to provide the location, but takes no fees, commissions, etc. All deals are made directly with the seller. Bring your gear and a blanket, board bag or something to lay it out on the concrete sidewalk and driveway. I will be providing free burgers and dogs again, but if anyone else wants to bring something to throw on the grill have at it.

10'2" Cooperfish Hornet in real good condition -$875 (in the shop now)
10'2" Greg Noll Slot bottom - decent condition
Early 1960s Ron Jon Noserider
9'0" solid balsa pintail from Equdor-great condition and weight
7'8 Infinity Secret Weapon with the V-Cluster Fin set up. Think of it as a big boy short board.
9'0 Tyler Mini Zeke fin box with a diamond tail.
9'2 Cosmic Bull single fin
9'6 Lance Carson Traditional Square Tail
7'2" Harbour Spherical Revolver in good shape...single fin, red resin tint $330
Clean Ocean Surfboards 7'4" Egg...2+1 orange/red resin tint bottom, in real good shape $420
9'8" Harbour Sano - really great shape - tailblock (cut off...sorry)
9'6" Yater spoon - Yater's signature - great shape - tailblock & wedged stringers
9'3" Peck Penetrator - shaped by Peck in the 90s - great shape - tailblock & noseblock
8' Bing Bonzer Egg new - $650ish
8’?” Vintage Hansen Mike Doyle Vee bottom $750
9’6ish Vintage Nuuhiwa Noserider $1750 (no, the blue is not original but well done)
9’6” Coopdesign Malibu Foil (Zeph shaped) $1000
9’6ish Hobie ¾” Stringer, floral nose $1750
9’6ish Weber Feather...
Just thought I would start a thread to see what everyone is waiting on. I just put in an order for a Stamps 8' Over Easy and a 7' Quad Fat Fish(similar to Rips old board). Let me know what you got coming or are thinking of ordering.
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