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I'm essentially halving the quiver. All of these boards are great in the right conditions (even here). But I've decided to concentrate on a smaller number of boards. If I sell enough of these to California people, I can deliver to SoCal. If not, I have a friend going to SoCal soon that will probably take 2 or 3 if you help with gas. Same goes for East Coast; if I sell enough in that direction, I can deliver to Florida.

The links below are to picture albums on picasaweb.google.com. The link will take you to thumbnails of pictures of the boards and on the right side of the screen will be a description with the price, measurements, weight and condition of the board. If you hit your F11 key on your keyboard you will go into the "Full Screen" mode in your browser and then if you click the "Slideshow" button above and to the left of the thumbnails, you can easily see the pictures "full size" and move through them quickly. My email address is in the description area for questions (and it's mhcooper@swbell.net). That will be a much better way to contact me than pm's.

10'4" Bing Indy Noserider


10'8" Phillips Pig


10'6" Cooperfish Device
I'll be heading down to Central FL between X-mas and New Year's. I stay in Winter Park but spend as much time as I can surfing, typically between PAFB and south of Indialantic.

I think Jook is going to be down from SC around the same time, Gaucho and I have talked about getting together for a surf, I am meeting up with Ripcurl to shuttle a board back north for Roach, OCSurfer(Tom) my be around. I thought it would be cool to try and meet up with a bunch of you Floridian longboard.netters, exchange boards (I'll have my Phillips SWT and Forstall 2+1 and possibly others, which anyone is welcome to take for a spin), and generally shoot the sh#1.

I am available most days throughout the week but will throw out Dec 27 (Sunday) or January 2 (Saturday) as suggested days to consider guessing that some will be working during the week...What says you??????
I just finished reading this last night. I thought it was a nice combination of crime novel, strippers and surfing. Plus, it has a pretty detailed account of San Diego and all the surf spots there and how San Diego evolved from just this dinky little harbor town into what it is today. Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know there's a nice novel out there involving surfing. Has anyone read "The Winter of Frankie Machine" by Don Winslow? I know it's about a surf bum who is a retired hit man, but wanted to know if anyone had read it here yet.
What's the deal with nose concave? I come from a shortboarding background. I've only been logging in earnest for about a year. I understand bonzer bottoms, double-barrell concaves, the venturi principle and whatnot...on shortboards. I don't know anyone who absolutely hates concave in the tail of a shortboard.

I know surferswhose abilities I greatly respect who, when describing a longboard, will mention that the board has a nice nose concave first and foremost. Like it's one of the first things they look for. Conversely I know surfers whose abilities I greatly respect who will have nothing to do with a log with nose concave.

You guys gave me great advice on the Bing. So I'm poking around here for info again, and I'm a little bored at work today. What's nose concave all about? What's it supposed to do for a longboard? Why do you love or hate it?

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This one is so alive that it shivers and vibrates when handled and in response to noise.

The design is all about ease of turning, it moves like a snake

It's the third one ever built and the first one built since the year 2000, can't wait to get out there on it it's one loose twangy slithery beast, and the bane of all Milabus, especially ones ridden by Nitaonal Chimpaons






I'm about to pull the trigger on an Is Is. I was luck enough to talk to Zeph for about an hour at the Sacred Craft Expo last weekend and I got a lot of good info and feel like the Is Is is the board for me. My only hesitiation is my size. I've never bought a board off the rack as I traditionally need more foam to float me. Zeph seemed pretty confident that a 9'8" or 9'10" would do the trick for me, without adding any extra thickness (Zeph, please correct me if I'm wrong).

I know Zeph knows more than I do about all this. In fact, I am confident in saying that I don't know shi*t. But I do know, at 6'0" 275, I need something that will float me.

Any other bigger dudes out there have opinions, guidence, advice?

What I really want to do is just listen to Zeph, pull the trigger and start surfing the new Is Is ... I just want to be sure I'm making the right decision.
I need the fabricator to be friendly with sheep, a little quircky toward humans, and ...most importatnly be into making models out of posicle sticks.

anyone know anybody?
As an east coaster who couldn't make yesterday's party, please post pictures and stories about the bash. You won what at the auction? Pictures of you leches with the calender models.....give it up!
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