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The Skip Frye thread nazam posted got me thinking... We all know that Gene, JP, Skip, Zeph, Tyler, etc. all shape great boards - so let's leave them out.

pics are encouraged... SO WHO YOU GOT?
Our Annual Fall Beach House Board Swap - will go off on Sunday September 25th in front of the shop. Should be a great time as always.

We've got Bing Copeland coming to the swap to do a book signing and talk surf with Matt Calvani (shaper of Bing & Jacobs surfboards) and Margaret Yao Calvani...I'm so excited and honored that they are able to make it!

Just wanted to post this as a heads up to save the time to make it...more information will follow.
Hi Guys, I'm pretty new to this forum. I love to longboard and have spend most of my days in the South Bay where I have lived since I was young. I've had boards by all the local shapers, including Joe Bark. Despite the many great boards I've been blessed to own over the years, I have been wanting to get a custom Frye - something in the 11' range to surf my favorite local spot - and keep in my quiver and pass down to my kids one day. I think a Frye would be something special to have and to keep. I surfed one once some time ago, and the glide was a dream. Being that I am not a San Diego native, I have no idea how to go about getting on "the list" to get one shaped. From what I have read and heard it seems almost impossible. I've called his shop and gotten the discouraging "we aren't taking orders at this time" message. I was just wondering if anybody here could point me in the right direction (or put me out of my misery and tell me if it's just not practically possible). Thanks in advance for your feedback; I really enjoy this forum and reading all of your posts about the sport that I truly love.
I just pulled the trigger on a 7'2" Rusty thumb tail, after riding single fin eggs lately.

I'm going to give it a shot with a 8.5" wide base at first. :)

Show your Singles~
As I get older I sometimes discover basic truths about myself. Once in a while I share these with trusted friends.

So..... Why do I ride a Pig? Cause it doesn't make my butt look fat.

What's your reason?
There will be another swell starting Friday afternoon/evening and then gone by Sat. night or Sunday afternoon latest. The winds may not cooperate for offshore conditions.

My association with a Shaman has opened up my natural ability to predict swells. This gift is in it's beginning stages.

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Hello Folks

Watcha riding in those bigger boards?

Just got back my 11' from a friend that I have not ridden in well over a year.
I was jonesing to take it out a bit and the only bigger fin I had was a 9" L-Flex (at this time). So I through that in there and I have to say it felt like the weight of the board would over power the fin when you hit any kind of bump or soup...In a clean face with just small adjustments it was fine.

Not the right fin for the board...and yes, yes it could easily be part of the archer and not the fletch of the the arrow.

I know this is a surfing froum and not a music forum but good lord, ye make some fucking epic music in Texas.
Still in a heap this morning trying to go to work.
Last Monday I saw explosions in the sky and then last night I saw ...and you will know us by the trail of dead.
Two of my favourite bands of the last 10 or so years and to see both within a week.....stoked off my chuck :)

Both bands were absolutely awesome live. To say they give it everything from start to finish doesn't come close. The energy from both bands was just amazing.

Really giving thought to getting to sxsw next year.
Anyway, anyone from Texas ever come across Jason from trail of dead on the water? He was asking about the surf in Ireland last night.
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