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Well guys I missed the first SanO weekend but I think I just went to the last one. There was maybe 8 guys fr the forum at the beaches in SoCal. Only 4 that I know of that were at sano at the same time. We had a good run at it I can't remember just how many we had. Maybe 5 or. 6? I have made some good friends and enjoyed some good times but those days are in the past.

From Jeff Masters blog:

There are few sights in the natural world more impressive than a hurricane near maximum intensity. Hurricane Igor certainly fits that description this morning, as it flirts with Category 5 strength in the Central Atlantic. Igor's rapid intensification burst brought the mighty hurricane's winds to 150 mph, just shy of the 156 mph threshold for Category 5 status. Igor is the strongest hurricane in the Atlantic in three years. The last hurricane stronger that Igor was Category 5 Hurricane Felix of 2007.

Hey All-

SSIA. I guess we can exclude Endless Summer, since it would probably end up on many of these lists. I'm most curious to hear what some of the......errr......more "vintage" folks on this list have to say about some of the original surfing films that haven't been transferred to dvd (or even vhs), i.e. films by Noll, Rohloff, Walt Phillips, Bud Browne. Please tell us what blew your mind.

I'm actually doing two lists, one of newer and one of original films. Keep in mind that I have NOT seen many of the older films by makers mentioned above.

Modern (post-60s films)

1. Siestas & Olas
2. The Seedling
3. Sprout
4. Lines From A Poem
5. Single Fin Yellow

Vintage (50s-60s)

1. Surfing Hollow Days
2. Walk On The Wet Side
3. Slippery When Wet
4. The Living Curl
5. Blue Surfari

Please, have fun and tell us your faves.


before i order a CF SpeedHull.
can any current owners describe their experiences with the C2 / Speedhull?
better yet, post some videos
Next week and thru Labor Day Weekend,,,,,,,,Danielle, Earl, and.......Fiona????


Anyone got some vacation time? Put in your notice!:cool:
Gaucho's fine shots got me inspired again to bring my camera. These are from Saturday morning at N. Packery. I'll dig up some others from last Fall/Spring later. If you have any, please share.



With few exceptions. All this speak of " fin capping" and even fin design. I have seen many of you surf and it is less then impressive. So in the final analysis: shut the fuck up.

I think Lonboardmaster has been a saint and Cannonization is overdue. Most of the drivel now is pure, unadulterated shit with a few toolbags fromt the SD county area trying to up their post count for whatever the fuck that is worth.

Fuck most of you for idiot attempts to ruin this great forum. Jerkoffs the lot of you.

Oh, and while I'm at it. There are so many embarassing shithead lonboarders in the water in NJ. The one stupin Irish looking fuck with the milk white skin and the toolbag facial hair...I hate the fucking Irish...sell their kids for a bottle of whiskey. Fugk all of you. I'll have my inner peace in 3 weeks now. Fucking maggot mother fuckers.

Time to purge this board.

"We had an absolute blast riding it but it was very hard to ride. It paddles in a straight line better than any surfboard I've paddled. It's no wonder Tom won races on this thing. Turning is another story. Tilt your feet right and it goes left!"

I have recieved intelligence from an extremely reliable source that suggests most longboarders are racists. I think there is some validitly to this information. I want to conclude this argument as soon as possible. I think there is strong evidence to believe it to be true since most of you do not permit minorities in you lineups. I think you all suck for that.
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