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It's a 2-3 foot day at your local beach break.

You're surfing with a buddy and he takes off in front of you, then wipes out. Your boards nearly collide. He calls you "goon" and you call him "kook."

Afterward you chide, "If you're going to take off on me, at least make the wave." Bad move.

Buddy goes silent. Stays silent. Gets out of the water and goes to his car, silent. Your apology does nothing to help.

Turns out your taunt really cut him deep. Turns out you may not have this surf buddy any more.

it looks like i'm getting a wood board and am excited about it

i like the way the grain looks - the aesthetics

i like the idea of surfing makaha or wherever on a wood board like the old guys in black and white (i wish i had lived back then - for a lot of reasons)

but why is wood functionally good? whats it good for?

i dont believe in having a board too nice to surf

balsa, koa, red wood, etc, etc?

thanks for your time - i really dont know sh1t about this

thoughts and historical relevance appreciated


pics always good yea?
Morning. A couple weeks back a thread popped up about the end of Andy Davis' clothing Co. Ando and Friends. Despite ones opinions about Andy s art (Zeph,PP Scott,Surfore), one thing is not up for debate, Andy is just one of the nicest quys, with the nicest family around, who's business model was based upon giving back, fostering growth in children through the arts and in general, conducting ones self in an honest and caring manor in life. The clothing company was grinding along with steady sales and modest growth and though no one would become rich, the brand itself was indeed healthy upon its demise. I'll spare the details here as to law, partnerships and what not but I have come to understand that Andy's FORMER friends and partners have in essence "stolen" the brand from Andy and headed to Sanuk, leaving my friend unable by all accounts to make a living, pay his mortgage and produce clothing using his own designs without running a fowl of the law. A lot of us Surfy types, myself included, rock the "this is not a shoe" bedroom slipper as pimped by "the stash" Donovan from Sanuk but now I'm gonna, pass and I'm gonna call a douche a douche spread the word as best I can. I know," biq deal, they sell a shit-ton of those crappy things and this is pointless" maybe, but I figured I'd share anyway. And given that there are some retailers round the forum, who knows. Thanks for your time.
it was just decided by the dark gods that i should get a cooperdesigns with the money that i'm saving since i quit drinking. all those funds that used to support Rebel Yell or Black Bush or Connemara or Tullamore Dew can now go to support those well-mannered young men Gene employs... (sorry ireland and kentucky:()

what model should i get? i only ride logs at malibu/other points when it's navel high or under and noseride only marginally well (with zero grace or style)...

i like the tail on the V-2 but i heard it ain't great in little surf... the device looks super fun, but then again the malibu foil has malibu in the name...

any and all thoughts or opinions would be much appreciated... or you can tell me to stop being a t@%t and start drinking again...

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this year , mid June marks surfapig's 2nd birthday.

I am going to the beach with a collection of pig boards.

My plan is to go to San O. and be the first at the gate on Sat. June 18 2011.

I plan on cooking a pig over a fire pit. That may or may not happen. It depends on my buddy Tom's involvement in this gathering.

I WILL be at the beach, I hope many pig enthusiast are that day. I am not planning on having any "signage" or trying to acquire any permits. I am simply a beach goer that is going to have a fun family oriented day at the beach.

please join me JUNE 18 and check out my pig boards...please bring your pig boards. this could be real fun!

I am going to get there early and find a nice fire pit with a picnic table by it. maybe 4 doors, maybe "the point", maybe old mans. I'll update surfapig and this thread once i get there on June 18.

2011 NJ Spring Swap/Sale - Sunday April 10th 9am - ???

In front of:
Beach House Surf Shop
517 Main Avenue (Route 35)
Bay Head, NJ 08742

As always, expect plenty of longboards, vintage, retro, some shorties, etc. Some really good deals to be had.

If you know what you are bringing, post it up in the thread and/or shoot me a PM. I will get a list together and post it everywhere I can.

Beach House is kind enough to provide the location, but takes no fees, commissions, etc. All deals are made directly with the seller. Bring your gear and a blanket, board bag or something to lay it out on the concrete sidewalk and driveway. I will be providing free burgers and dogs again, but if anyone else wants to bring something to throw on the grill have at it.
What's your favorite board for really small days?

This could be your chance to "spout like you are an expert.":dude:

Seriously - anybody ride one?
Had a 9'6" mid 80's Stewart Hydro-Hull... delamed and all.

How bout you?
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