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Here's the problem: I am tall (6'3") so my legs are pretty long. Two relaxed cross-steps on a 9'6" puts my front foot about 8-10 inches from the nose. Then I feel like I am stuck. I am too close to the nose to cross-step again. But I am still a good distance from the tip. I can stand right there all day or occasionally I can get a cheater 5. I have never felt solid with 5 off yet to go for 10.

I am wondering if I move down to a 9-0 or 9-2 then maybe two steps would put me right on the nose.

Maybe I just need to take smaller steps.

Any one else ever have the same problem?
Hey Silky, your Bing/Zeph Fade 2 Black showed up @ the shop the other day, and I know you've been dying to check it out. So here we go...

This is my first contact w/ one and I must say she is thinned out! She feels good though. One of the nicest hp boards I've seen in a while.

BTW, take up any complaints w/ Zeph!;):p



The Austin S.T.D. finally made it up to Maine.

My wife didn't have room on her car so a N.J. friend of ours brought it up.

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I have copied portions of this from a post I made in another thread.

"God bless Longboardmaster in a huge way. HOWEVER, this forum is slowly but surely flushing itself down the s&*tter. The "good ole boys" on this forum are the main cause."

What used to be a great mechanism for information exchange, some stupid,yet acceptable banter has now denigrated into total idiocy.

Classifieds: selling boards(For sale Not Mine) Cars???(Come on WTF???)

Board worship. How about riding the boards you own well and stop with the need to buy more you overconsuming hypocrite motherf#%kers.

Bing worship: Flat out silly and embarassing. f#%k all of you that think otherwise.

Hold on, I think I need to puke over the rail of my deck. Most of you make me sick.
I would like each one of you to PM me with your nose rider or your favorite logs dimensions, and your age. I'm going to put together a spread sheet and a graph showing float to age, if you what you can also state if the board has a concave nose or not and I will do a graph on person size versos. concave. So here is what I need.

I do not care who made the board, I just what.

Length. nose, wide point, tail, thickness, your weight, your age, and if the board has a concave or not. So I should be looking at something like this. You only get one vote, I will run this for one week. So your intery will only be excepted until 2PM June 6th, and remember I'm looking for log/nose riders single fin boards, not HP that will throw off the graph I'm sure. I'm guessing this could be a very helpfull piece of information for the newer surfers that are looking for a nose rider/log. So I should be looking at something like this.

11', 18", 24", 16.5", 3 3/4", 240lbs, 62, no concave.
Anyone know the web address for the Bing/Jacobs stock photos on Shutterfly? My computer had a shit fit and deleted everything.
What is it with the grammar issues? I am not talking about those of us who have either used a word wrong or spelled one wrong, but those of you who have to play "gotcha" with typos and such.

Do you have that little to say that you must point out the faults of others? Is that what you pride yourself on, you can point out someone’s faults on a simple bulletin board? Well I applaud you; you are superior in the use of the English language. Maybe you should use those fine talents and become a newspaper editor or teach English.

I know a lot of you are saying” you only joined the board a week or two ago, who are you to talk trash" but I am sure there are others that feel as I do. What a shame that the potential of this board is diminished by the people I speak of in this post. I read some of the post from last year, and there were some real characters on here; they shared stoke, board advice, and did not trade spelling and grammar insults.

By the way, those of you who have been the hall monitors of spelling and grammar, I have gone through prior posts and have found errors in your writing; nobody is perfect.

Oh, please be sure to point out errors in this post so that I will grow in my writing skills and you can prove your superiority;I am not trolling for fight, but will not shy from one. Man, I am not usually this hostile; maybe it is the fact that the water is not warming up fast enough. :?
wheres pics of you surfing?

show 'em!!! saw some cool ones on a search....i want to see some new ones!

p.s. i would post some of me but dont have any!