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Anyone know the web address for the Bing/Jacobs stock photos on Shutterfly? My computer had a shit fit and deleted everything.
What is it with the grammar issues? I am not talking about those of us who have either used a word wrong or spelled one wrong, but those of you who have to play "gotcha" with typos and such.

Do you have that little to say that you must point out the faults of others? Is that what you pride yourself on, you can point out someone’s faults on a simple bulletin board? Well I applaud you; you are superior in the use of the English language. Maybe you should use those fine talents and become a newspaper editor or teach English.

I know a lot of you are saying” you only joined the board a week or two ago, who are you to talk trash" but I am sure there are others that feel as I do. What a shame that the potential of this board is diminished by the people I speak of in this post. I read some of the post from last year, and there were some real characters on here; they shared stoke, board advice, and did not trade spelling and grammar insults.

By the way, those of you who have been the hall monitors of spelling and grammar, I have gone through prior posts and have found errors in your writing; nobody is perfect.

Oh, please be sure to point out errors in this post so that I will grow in my writing skills and you can prove your superiority;I am not trolling for fight, but will not shy from one. Man, I am not usually this hostile; maybe it is the fact that the water is not warming up fast enough. :?
wheres pics of you surfing?

show 'em!!! saw some cool ones on a search....i want to see some new ones!

p.s. i would post some of me but dont have any!
Anybody ridden one yet? Feedback?
This shit is so good, it will make you forget about your favorite waxx like I did.
Personally if you donʻt like wearing a leash like myself you better have the best traction possible, Tikiwaxx always comes through. It gave me a new confidence that I never had before, it doesʻnt flake if you use the basecoat and it last forever. No need to change waxx until you stack up some dings from all the kookʻs you run over! Itʻs a new company so you may not find it at your local storeʻs, I encourage you to ask your shop broʻs to order it. They have four formulaʻs- basecoat, warm, cool and cold. Also they have four different Tiki shapes and each bar weighs 20 grams more than other brands!

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I'll start things off from the left...

9'9" Noosa II custom Extra Wide from good friend Kevin Connelly

9'5" HPNR-Diamond also from KC

7'2" 5 finner from Zeph...big water magic

7'0" Nectar winger OG from '77 per Dennis Murphy who laminated the board back in the day

7'2" California Gun from D. Murphy...got some huge bombs at Cliffs on this one

6'4" R-Quad from KC super fun reef/hollow beach break board

5'10" Mandala quad...picked it up used, goes insane so far

5'8" Mast twin keel...no slug itself with a single concave running most of the board and through those geppy keels.

It's not everything, but what i've been riding the most so far this year.

Put up yer updated summer quivers or that new board you picked up. The internet is useless without pictures.

Just saw on the Bing website that his new book will be released in early June 2008.Well it's been a long time coming good luck with it Bing.Can't wait to get a copy.

I definitely vote for the "Wounded Seagull"

Attn: Dick Jammers

The STD is being held captive at an undisclosed location.

It will be held hostage until our demands are met.

This is not a joke.

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That's right, one longboard and only one, your wife (or girlfriend... and she better be hot or unbelievably understanding of all your other addictions) has backed over all 23 and says she'll take your 8 children (or the one she claims is brewing) and move to Nebraska unless you choose one longboard to live and die by. What's it going to be...single or 2 + 1, round pin or square, volan or sanded finish? Call it your soul stick, call it your ultimate travel board....call it what you want, but call out only one. What's it gonna be? From San O to Indo., from Noosa to Wales...what is that magic board?