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After alot of research and hard thinking on which board to import, ive finally decided on a Bing. Its a Silverspoon 10 footer im looking at, but before a part with the cash im looking for your thoughts on the Silverspoon. And any comparisons that you can make between it and the Goldstandard. Its for those small to mid size days for chilling out and noseriding.

Cheers:) KS
I've been thinking a lot lately that the place I'm at is a bit crowded and all.....and to say the least my adventurer's heart yearns to root down somewhere where the surf is good, the waves uncrowded, and the living is well.......earthy.......

If you could move anywhere in the world, surf wise..(without giving away your secret spot) where would you go? Or would you stay where you're at? I especially ask this to those of you with chillun's, wee ones at home......

Sometimes I think that I would like the family to experience more of living......without the rat race invloved you know? To have the kiddies enjoy an uncomplicated life...where they aren't penalized for being kids and pressured into growing up too soon. So they can surf their brains out all day everyday, yet still be taught the whens, wheres, and hows of treating others as you would like to be treated.....and just overall being a rational, good person.....Wow what a Monday!:cool:

and just to clarify what got me started was the thread on Ireland.......cold but beautiful........
Hey Gang,

How many out there on the Forum arrive at the surf in a truck?

Kroo has posted his 'For Sale' and shown some really neat thoughts, i.e., back window punched out to accommodate the "well endowed" longboard along with his carpet job and nicely placed 'baja blanket' along with the 3" lift kit. I think this fellow has made some sojourns to baja?

So give it up gang. What kind of tricks have you done on your rigs to accommodate those longboards, your comfort and survival down the baja road.

Oh yea, please no pics of the baja surf.

Surfboard Swap/Sale - Saturday October 13th 10am-2pm

In front of:
Beach House Surf Shop
517 Main Avenue 08742
Bayhead, NJ

Be ready to wheel and deal. All deals to be made directly with the items owner or the person the owner trusted to bring the item. A 3x5 card with the owners name, contact info, asking price/value, and items interested to trade will be taped to all the boards. Plan to stick around for the duration if you bring an item. You are personally responsible to watch your stuff and be available if someone wants it. The Beach House is only providing us the location and will not take any responsibility for deals made or lost/damaged or stolen items. There will no fees charged. There will be a sign in book to just keep a log of boards and people who were there.

Some people have asked if it is trades/swaps only. The answer is NO. With everything, cash is king but full or partial trades are more interesting to some. We are also trying to limit the boards to vintage boards, longboards and retro shapes, but feel free to bring what you have. If space is limited, we may ask you to leave the shortboards, skimboards etc. in/on your car. Please only trade for things that are legal in the lovely state of NJ.

Edit: Here is an idea of what the 3x5 card for the boards will look like:

Item Description:[/b] 60's 10’-0” Surfboards Hawaii Noserider

Asking Price/Value: [/b]$xxx obo

Owner:[/b] Pat
Cell:[/b] xxx-xxx-xxxx
Email:[/b] xxx@xxx.com

Wish List:[/b] 9’4” to 9’8” Vintage Rider, 7’0”-8’0” single-fin gun, Cash money
Attention Internet Dorks

.here is the flyer for the 7th Annual Hagtoberfest.

.we look forward to much more drama than last years event.

.let the trash talking commence.

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About to order a Pignar. Any of you guys have one?
Seems like most are around 9'4" or so I wouldn't mind going a touch longer or does this not suit the design?
Also wondering about the deep nose concave. I tend to find boards without concave are better for noserding as they allow for adjustments whilst on the nose. Again is this part of the design I should leave as is?
I just got a major urge to look at surf pictures (slow day at work). Who's got 'em? Post away.
I didn't want to change the trail of the JT Surftech thread, so here is a new one.

I just wondered if any of you have picked up and looked over the newer "classic glass" Surftech boards. I wondered how the weight was on those.

Adam from Bing

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Smokey, Respect the Peck, Enchillada, and a few others should be safe and sound in Malibu by now.

Get to bed early boys, and show them left coasters what us Jersey boys are made of when you hit the water tomorrow morning......:D

Good luck, and take lot's of photo's to share with the rest of us......