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How come not much is ever said about him, over shadowed by Nuuhiwa and others, a sell out, goofball or what?

love to have a beer with the guy

Anyone know of any clips of gliders like the 11-12' vaqueros or CC glider being ridden.
Many thanks to Sean(S.Reilly), Ed(Fubar), Danny(Cuda), and Pete(Pefa) for help making this dream come true. I am BEYOND stoked on this board. All my Love and Energy to ALL the Energy riders here. And now...I will berate you with photos.

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I am selling a couple off a few boards. I am looking to fund another 11' Glider and wouldn't mind taking a trip, so I am selling a few boards. I am open to trades for an 11' Glider as well.

10'4" Jacobs 422. This board is beautiful and an insane nose rider. Oh, it turns awesome too. It has a few dings on the nose as pictured due to me staying in a wave a little too long that closed out on me. It got the last laugh. They are sealed and it is ready to surf. On the white Circle on top, you can see it rubbed a spot. I sanded and sealed it too. There is a small half ring at the back of the box where I hit a fin taking it out and two very small surface cracks from trying to finagle another one in. There is a descent sized pressure on top and it is pictured below as well. Otherwise, just normal ones on the deck and a few very small ones on bottom. Over all this board is beautiful and I priced it accordingly with the items above. I am asking $600 and will give you a Malibu Classic style fin that I have found to work the very best in this board. If I am crazy please let me know, but think I am pretty much on with price. This board is probably about $1400 if you were to order it today.

6'9" Josh Hall Fish Simmons with a glass on tri ply. This is a great board. It has normal pressure dents on top and a surface crack towards the tail that is not through. The price reflects. $400.

9'8" Donald Brink and Terry Martin Hot curl. This is a really rad board and they are going for about $1400 in Icons of Surf now from what I heard. This one has been ridden (by most of the guys in your videos), and has some dings and pressure dents. It is water tight and ready to go. I am going to include the plaque style picture that Donald made me with he, Terry, and the build process, as well as the Slide Magazine that featured Brink and and this board on a page spread. I am asking $700 for it all.

9'6" Harbour Pope Bisect. This board is in great condition. No...
Its been years since I bought a pair of gloves and was curious if anyone had a recommendation or was really fond of a particular pair. I've been partial to lobster claw style in the past just because my index finger would go numb within 10 minutes if left by itself. Thanks.
Having problems with takeoff in alraedy steep waves: Wave face is 5 ft, when it reaches me, it's alraedy steep, still green but will break next 2 seconds. In such a case I'm doing a nosedive. The wave just lifts the tail and the nose goes diving.

What can I do?

Thanks - Dieter
We've been through some improvements and have done strength testing, so the fin is now ready for sale, pin, plate and screw included, free shipping. Fin is hand finished to 1200 grit.


If anyone wants a 6 or 7 inch version ( or indeed any custom size, 8 inch max) we can do also.


Any vintage skate collectors here?

Sorry about the shameless plug, but I just put my old Powell Peralta Per Welinder freestyle board on eBay. I really hemmed and hawed about selling it, but there are collectors out there that would probably give it a much better home and lots of love.


Gotta love the world of classic 1980s freestyle skateboarding. My friends mocked the hell out of me for riding this when I first rolled out on it. When I started doing rail flips, they finally admitted it looked pretty cool. Fast forward a few decades and 99% of street skating is basically inspired by old freestyle tricks. (Thanks for the influence, Rodney Mullen.)

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On thee gulf coast we see a lot. What Cliches need to die?

1. Skulls

2. Rasta color themes

3. Carpis pant boardshorts
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