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With 0 fanfare and nary a mention on this silly bulletin board, at least not that I've seen. He's just quietly making beautiful functional boards for those who are paying attention I reckon. That "travel flexpig" has me all twisted.


Some day I hope to be on the Left Coast for one of these Sacred Craft gigs with some coin in my pocket. Gene is about to drop a bomb on this one.
Hey guys looking for someone to help me date Da CAT based on serial #. Anyone have any good contacts or point of ref. ?
I was in the Stewart shop today and I was checkng out the new Redline Hydro Hull. Great looking board. I loved the look and shape with the pintail and 19 inch nose. As I searched for more info about Stewart Surfboards on this forum I discovered a lot of peple have had quality issues with their Stewarts.

Here is my Stewart story:

I bought a 9'0 sand finished Hydro Hull in 1994 and it was my only board for 10 years. I surfed from San Miguel to Santa Barbara from one foot to ten foot with that board. When I spent three years in New England I took it with me and surfed it in Rhode Island and New Hampshire. The Stewart flew off the top of my car once on the I-5 in Del Mar. I had it repaired ASAP. It's the surfboard both of my kids first stood up on. It's my 9 year old sons "go to" board. Now almost 20 years later its got some dings and some delam, its taken on a little water but its still a fun board to surf. I am probably going to take it in and have repaired professionally for my son since he loves it and so do I.

I don't know if I got lucky or if their quality has really gone down hill. Based on my experience I wouldnt hesitate to buy another one.
NHC 5 day cone as of 1230 hrs. Problematic if it develops beyond Cat.2....problems if it remains Cat.2 on this track...but good waves for sure

"Against the Grain: Wood in Contemporary Art, Craft and Design, curated by Lowery Stokes Sims. This project focuses on some of the most interesting conceptual and technical trends in wood working over the last decades. It will include approximately 80 objects by artists, craftsmen and sculptors presented together in a provocative ways that beg the questions of genre divisions in art."

The Skip Frye thread nazam posted got me thinking... We all know that Gene, JP, Skip, Zeph, Tyler, etc. all shape great boards - so let's leave them out.

pics are encouraged... SO WHO YOU GOT?
Our Annual Fall Beach House Board Swap - will go off on Sunday September 25th in front of the shop. Should be a great time as always.

We've got Bing Copeland coming to the swap to do a book signing and talk surf with Matt Calvani (shaper of Bing & Jacobs surfboards) and Margaret Yao Calvani...I'm so excited and honored that they are able to make it!

Just wanted to post this as a heads up to save the time to make it...more information will follow.
Hi Guys, I'm pretty new to this forum. I love to longboard and have spend most of my days in the South Bay where I have lived since I was young. I've had boards by all the local shapers, including Joe Bark. Despite the many great boards I've been blessed to own over the years, I have been wanting to get a custom Frye - something in the 11' range to surf my favorite local spot - and keep in my quiver and pass down to my kids one day. I think a Frye would be something special to have and to keep. I surfed one once some time ago, and the glide was a dream. Being that I am not a San Diego native, I have no idea how to go about getting on "the list" to get one shaped. From what I have read and heard it seems almost impossible. I've called his shop and gotten the discouraging "we aren't taking orders at this time" message. I was just wondering if anybody here could point me in the right direction (or put me out of my misery and tell me if it's just not practically possible). Thanks in advance for your feedback; I really enjoy this forum and reading all of your posts about the sport that I truly love.