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I typically use my noserider more than any other board I have, but I curious as to what others use when conditions aren't built for a heavy single fin? Just window shopping for something smaller.
I always like these threads. For me:

The Gate Crashers "Are a Bunch of Motherfuckers" LP

Carpenter Ant "I Still have the Drive" & "Get Over It" LP

Sleep "Holy Mountain"


Samhain "November's Coming Fire" LP


The Neos
I sure hope that they don't make their surfboards in the same factory as the "flip flops"


ps. Be sure to arrow down to check out the damage.
I'm probably a solid 24 months behind the "trend wave" on this one, but a handful of my pals are about ready to dive into getting SUP's.

Anyway, I had a few questions for the board:

1) instead of dropping $1500+++ on a first SUP, does that Surftech Mickey 12' SoftTop work as a decent first SUP? (I weigh around 180 lbs) I think they still sell them for $500 at Becker, which would keep the whole enterprise below $1000. I think Becker may have some poly SUP's at around $1000 too. Anyway, what are some decent first timer boards that keep costs down and can grow with you a bit?

2) Does anyone use wax on these or is it all about the traction pads?

3) Any suggestions on a paddle?
January is vacation planning month for the next 14 months here in my working world. Those in the know have any idea what weekend it's gonna be this year?
HAPPY NEW YEAR!:D:cool::D:cool::D

Has any one ridden both of these models? like them? or hate them? and how is the shape different apart from the obvious... square nose of the Tyler? which one would you get?
Walker Foam is closing their doors.

Walker, in many opinions, made the best foam for longboards even when Clark was pumping. When operations were compared Clark was known as Dow and Walker was referred to as the Sanford and Son but their uniform density formula and trade mark sparkle kept folks like Jim, Gene, Zeph, Linden and DT as consistent customers.

Pour a little on the curb for another dead homie...

Here's a link to a discussion on Sways: http://www.swaylocks.com/forum/gforum.cgi?post=351905;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread
Thinking about ditching the v-pin in favor of a fuller bodied hull. Probably in the 7'4", 7'8" range - - less gunny, more eggy. Who wants to school me on some hull knowledge? Who's going to drop some (hydrodynamic) science?

Plus, how do those things work when you drop them into the 6'8" range? Pushing too much water to make it user friendly?

Oh, so obviously, I'll entertain offers on the Coop if anyone is interested. I'm still not even at 50/50 on this idea, but what the hell...
I know this has probably been done in the past, but I wanted to see what everybody wanted for this year's Christmas. The list can be long or short , it doesn't matter. Maybe throw in one or two non surfing things just to see what other things you folks are into . We only have 10 days until the big day and maybe the right person might see this. I come back to mine, when I have more time later. Have fun!

WN :cool: