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The Boardroom International Surfboard Show is going on the weekend of October 6-7 and I know some of our East Coast brothers will be out here. I was trying to set something up for September, but didn't get much feedback. So, I thought October 7th would be perfect. I'm thinking San O, but open to input. With all of the animosity going on here right now, this may not be a bad thing. I have met some incredible people from this forum and become good friends with a few. I've learned alot from others on here and definitely become a better surfer from the advice. Let's cut all the B.S. and bickering and surf. What better to do that than to actully meet and surf together? Oh, if anyone else would like to surf prior to this, let's do it. That's why were all here isn't it? I look forward to someday meeting all of you and sharing some waves.
Question to the guys on the forum who were in the business back then:

Based on the fins i've seen in Aussie surf flics (Hot Generation and Fantastic Plastic machine, it looked to me like they had the Greenough style high aspect ratio flexy fins on their boards in '66 (ie Nat's sam board). When did they start appearing on boards made here? Also, were the Aussies more advanced simply because Greenough was there at this time and involved with McTavish, Nat, Gordon Woods and Keyo?
Can anyone guess the author of the message sent to me below?

I know most people don't have any thing to trace with but i do which is a blessing at least for reason of deduction. You say you are Jewish? I have been spending time lately looking in to my family and all i ever got from my dad was my last name is Heidel [Heidelberg] from Hillel great praise to god, did he have it right? a Pirathonite in the land of Ephraim, father of Abdon, Judge over Israel, 1100 B.C.E. also through my German last name i did some how link with Charlemagne i was just hours in to reading with few notes. Funny pirate word element here, any way i live on minimum wage, LOL. Good thing i understand Levite's did not receive an inheritance. [just a joke] LOL! Every body knows the same thing i know. LOL I was thinking about the comment i said about being expendable to adult society when i was just 10yrs. old then i thought about the song Dogs on the Pigs On The Wing album by Pink Floyd then i thought about Mike and the Ride a Pig blog. Then i said, "i should tell him these things." I don't like to be indignant with any one. hehe
Everything is fair game in this thread. No feelings allowed. Just act like complete assholes here and maybe we can then keep it out of the other threads. Anyone who starts to take offense to things, just remember, its a fucking joke.

I'm looking for Peak to contribute heavily and set the tone. If he can get his lazy pig ass off the couch. (see how I did that?)

Maybe Veterano can speak up about his 60 yr old rule where the shaper has to have one foot in the grave to make him a board.

Gnar can tell us how much he loves pigs. And surfboards too.

Nedsurf is just too nice of a fucking guy that I cant think of any insults. Damn it.

Don't get me started on folks from NJ or Texas. (Just a reminder. I live in NJ. This is a f'ing joke.)

And Roy's surfboards work so damn well that none of our puny little brains can actually comprehend that the perceived slowness and bulkiness is actually the fastest and most maneuverable surfboards ever created on this planet, or any other.

(lbm, please delete the thread if it gets out of control)
$1100 firm.

no shipping.

EXCELLENT condition.


email me if you are interested.

Interview with San Diego shaper Mason Dyer now on Liquid Salt!

Considering heading up tomorrow/Wednesday. Gotta be cracking early if anyone wants to have a bit of a slide.
Have an opportunity to pick one up for a good price. 7'4''.

0 experience on pure displacement hulls. But as has already bee documented here, I LOVE my 6'6'' Anderson Bojorquez Pescado that incorporates displacement hull qualities into its design. Then there's my new Spence Kellogg Son of Sam / Spoon (call it what you like, I'll just surf it) that has some whispers of hull influence.

They don't go backside. They do go backside. That much is clear. This one is a single fin Liddle based on the hawaiian design.

Just curious about tales of bravado and extremely biased opinion.
So I've decided to spend some of my money on a Jim Phillips board this year. My current ride is a 10'0" Bing Levitator N-21 W-24 5/8" T-16". I love this board and can't say enough good things about Matt and Margret. I don't buy and sell alot of boards so I consider this to be my shot at the right JP. I have been bugging the hell out of Andrew the past couple of days and I think I was almost ready to get the order card going on the SWT.

Then I felt like I might just be getting something to close to my Levitator in ride. I do love the stability of the Levitator and have had unparrelled confidence on the board but, The nose is just to much in strong offshore winds. I like the DCC and if I can get JP to make me a wide DCC that may be it. I would like the always insightful opinions of the Jamboarders out ther on wich Jp would be right for me. I surf the upper Texas Gulf Coast all beach break all the time.
Hey All-

I'm back in California and, until today, hadn't even thought about surfing. It was shin high for three days and I was getting depressed. But today I saw a nice, clean waist+ pulse lazily rolling down First Point and immediately loaded gear and jumped in the car to head north. Timing is everything.

It was kinda grey with very light texture on the waves. Certainly not glassy and perfect, but clean and for the first couple hours, there were only about 10 people at the top of First. :) Immediately ran into a bunch of old friends--and made a couple new ones--in the water and there was a great vibe. Enough waves to go around.

The biggest sets--every half hour or so--were about shoulder high and many of those were shared, in a totally aloha way. Lulls weren't too bad and there were lots of waist-high sliders to keep everyone happy. Zipping down the line mid-ship on the 11'0" made me think about Terry. His passing still bums me out, but the rides that thing gave me today made me smile widely when I thought about him.

I've missed Malibu. It's been almost a year and for all its faults, it's a very special break. Now I'm going to swim with my kids and have a rare date night with my wonderful wife.


Life's good.


PS: Late potential JB meet up: I'm going to try to go again mid-morning (9-10am) tomorrow. I'll either be on the amber triple stringer TMartin or my other 11'er. Say hey if ya see me.