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There seems to be a lot of "look at me look at me" posts repeated by a few people on here and it floods the website with nonsense vice useful information. It seems like some have to post, just to post. Why? We are all adults here. We get it, you might be getting a new toy, just have gotten one, or have had it in the past. Awesome, but you don't need to post it on every thread multiple times. Sometimes less is more. Also, is it really necessary to post on a thread just to post and see yourself? I know I'm not the only one thinking it. I just figured I would say something as it is getting pretty old. This is Jamboards and not Facebook after all.
Curious (based on the meaty surf small board topic) to know what you ladies and gents are riding in this run of strong swell that we all seem to be experiencing.

I have an un-photographed old Kirk Bierke 2+1, a Christenson 2+1 Comp Noserider, and an Owl Chapman thruster. I'll post some pics. All are 9ft.

First, the Christenson. This board took me a few surfs to figure out. I even listed on craigslist. Once I figured out how to push it off the bottom... my name for the board is now NFS (not for sale).

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Clean em up boys and get ready for another great day! Sunday September 28th... in front of the Beach House - Bay Head, NJ.
I did a search on the above topic and a few posts came up about sanding the trailing edge of a fin to get rid of a buzz or hum. Before I break out the sandpaper and since my fin is a glass-on, I was just curious if anyone had any more specifics in regards to how far to go with the sanding or what a properly sanding trailing edge should look like. I really don't see anything out of the ordinary on my fin but it really buzz/hums even on moderately hard turns. I would like to get the fin properly tuned before the Crisobal starts to show on Wednesday.

Im thinking of 3 boards and can't seem to make a decision. 9/6 Bing Levitator 9/8 Bing Trimulux or a 9/6 Tyler Warren Salinas. Im 190-200 lbs 40 yrs old and a east coast FL surfer. Any help would be nice!
Glad to join the forum, lurked for a while but for my first post wanted to get some learned feedback on the vaunted Magic Model shape. You know the ones. I'm pretty much down to Mitsven or Mabile. I surf all over San Diego so need a versatile stick, something in the 8'6"-9'0" range, good paddle power, that can cruise on smaller junky days but also be my trusted go-to in winter time when it gets overhead.

For those who have ridden/owned one or both, what do you think? Any major differences between the two? Outline seems pretty similar, if anything maybe Bob's tend to "pop" more from an aesthetic point of view, while Larmo's are simpler and more muted tints and glosses. Maybe just a difference in the lams and glassing.

Are they really as versatile as advertised? Let me hear where you surf yours and how you like 'em, longer, shorter, rockers, rails, fin setups and everything else!
So I'm sittin' here at Burbank airport drinking a Stolichnoe at the Greek joint that's really owned by the Russian mob but fuck, 20oz beers for $6 at an airport and the fact that for some reason these Russians are super friendly and not dour fucks like the rest of their Crimea invading, commercial airline downing race gives me solace.

Me and Dio (short for Diablo-- the retired junkie porn star turned NA advocate/semi-pro bodysurfer) are leaving for a month or two in Southern Africa here in a few weeks and are trying to put our travel quivers together for the trailing end of the southern winter. Needles in Cape Town picked me up 9'6" and 7'10" guns for those sharkbait reefs, but shit, what do two has beens take in their triple coffins for a country full of cold sharky right points?

I've got a 6' Klaus Jones Siglo flex tail and 6'4" Roberts Black Thumb do it all wonderboard in the sack but fuck, I got an extra space and there just happens to be a heap of Bonzers my size for sale.

It's been 20 years since I last rode a Bonzer (shaped by and demo'd to me from Oregon via South Africa shaper Lester the Molester and got.my ass destroyed at triple overhead XXXXXX and ended up with five matching scars on my right shin) and fuck me if I can remember how they work and why the hell in these times of global scarcity would someone want the channel bottom and those anachronistic fins?

I know several of yous are Bonzer afficionados and would appreciate it greatly if you could explain the attraction to me? Do they go fast? Do they turn nice? Do women/men find the lines asthetically pleasing and impart that attraction on the wielder of the Brothers Campbell machine? Is it like a Matuse wetsuit and little more than a semifunctional conversation starter for the lonely and overlooked? And if I were to pick up a 6'8" rounded pin in aforesaid Bonzer configuration, would that be something you would want to ride at overhyped right pointbreaks of reknown?

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Hey All-

Thought we weren't going to be able to swing our annual SoCal trip this year but it's happening. Coming to LA. STOKED! Arrive on 7/19 and leave 8/3 so I'm going to be trying to surf my brains out between 7/20 and 8/2. Probably a lot of dawn patrol, but with a little planning, other times could work.

I was just curious if anyone has an interest in some sort of informal JBer meetup for a surf and/or some grub afterwards? It could be basically anywhere from SanO/Church to Malibu or Secos. The spots I'm closest to are Topanga and Malibu.

Anyone have the long-range inside skinny on swell that might be on the way? Suggestions for spots and/or food afterward welcome.

Having a hard time sleeping knowing I get to slide CA surf in under a week. :dude:

Confession: The other day, I burned a lady on an SUP on purpose. A nice set wave was coming in, and she was outside sweeping for it. I had seen her bail on a handful of other waves (not to mention falling off just standing there a few times), so I just went for it. I figured she was probably going to bail on that one, too. She actually DID end up bailing, but not until it was obvious that I wasn't yielding. I would have definitely yielded to a longboarder. To make matters worse, I didn't even make the wave. What a d-bag! I do feel a little better now that I have confessed to it.

Anyone else care to confess their recent surf sins?
Quick back-story then I'll cut to the chase:

I'm considering getting a pickup truck - probably a toyota tacoma 4x4 w/access cab -(not crew cab). I'd be hauling surf and/or bike stuff. I should mention too that I've never owned a pickup before (but driven plenty of them).

Caps have obvious benefits (security for a bike, protection, "shelter from the storm", even a place to sleep for the hard core). But a longboard will always stick out the back unless you put racks on the top of the cap. Plus they're pricey, heavy, impede visibility, and as I see it, they are pretty much permanent.


I guess my question is: do they add value to loggin' lifestyle? or should I just keep it simple, toss my gear in and roll. What have your experiences been?

I've also noticed some interesting solutions from Thule & Yakima ($$$$$ :shock:) - any feedback would be most welcome: