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You don't see this very often in NJ....super small, long period:
Looking to trade a 9'4'' x 22 3/4'' x 2 7/8'' CC Bonneville. The board is a 9.5/10, glassed with 8 oz volan, and a glassed on black pivot fin. An amazing board but a little too small for my liking. I've had it for about a year and ridden a dozen times or so. Looking for something in the 9'8'' range of similar quality.

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MDM has a Christmas story of Legendary Radness to tell. I know the basics, but I want to hear it from him, and have it get into the ears and Hearts of everyone Here. Where it will be truly Embraced. So stoked on this. It's Wild.
We had a X-Mas Eve flood. The bright side is that it took only two hours for my wetsuit to be completely dry.:p

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Only 44K...

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F/S 1968 Bing Pintail, needs work, nose and tail need work, has older repairs on the rails. no fin.

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Just picked up a board that the previous owner resined in the center fin, Wanted to see if anyone has good ideas on how to get the fin out so I can use other fins also, without damaging the fin or the box

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For those of you unaware, I am a Meditation Teacher who works by donation. I teach according to what people can afford so the gift can be given Freely to Anyone and Everyone.
This is a FREE gift to EVERYONE here. Print it out. Put your Jamboards name on it and hold it for yourself, or give it to someone you know and Love who would like to receive the gift of Meditation.
It can either be a beginner lesson, a guided Meditation, a meditation to strengthen an already existing Practice. Whatever you or they choose.
When our paths cross, you simply redeem it at that time.

I really want to open anyone I can up to this. It's Easy, Beautiful, POWERful, and I Promise- Fun.
Borderline Super Fun ;)
Discover Inner Peace

And if you know or want to send it to someone who lives in New England, on the East Coast or simply may be travelling this way?

Keith P Dunne
23 Rhode Island ave Narragansett RI 02882

Love, Energy, and Radness to ALL!

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I'm looking for the best source to get a custom made 2/3 mm full wetsuit for my wife...tailored to fit using her measurements.

Any suggestions and advice is greatly appreciated.
We are in the Malibu/North Los Angeles area almost near the Ventura line. Besides price, speed of delivery, comfort and quality, style are important factors.
Thank you.:D
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