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Picked up a sweet 1960's Weber Performer on ebay 3 weeks ago. All original 10ft triple stringer with original hatchet fin, not a mark on it. BIG Thanks to the guys at wave weapons who polished her up. when i work out how to reduce the size of the after shot pics, i'll post them up.

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sorry for the link to surfline, but for once there's something interesting on there that outweighs the gravity of Mr. Collins' immoral acts at San Juanico and doesn't involve airborne 20 year olds with waxed chests...



any dates yet? Me and the Mrs are planning on it this year
i want to see some pictures of people (maybe you?) surfing. let's go

All are welcome to join us. I will have quite a few vintage boards there up for grabs and we should have a pretty good turnout.

Miles I hope this was early enough notice for you!


Thought I'd introduce myself.

Grew up surfing in Santa Cruz, spent about 8 years surfing the LA area while in college, then back to Santa Cruz and up to Seattle for law school. Roots have gone down here, in my, uh, late 30s, married, kiddo on the way, and have finally settled in to being a surfer in the PNW rather than focusing purely on traveling. If you live around here and cross the I90 bridge with any regularity, I'm the guy paddling Lake Washington on a 16 foot paddleboard in the winter. I've got a small boat and have spent some time exploring around here, and like what we've found (when it works . . . ), so the paddling in the lake is worth it for the few sessions we manage to grab.

I'd be interested in some feedback on shapers in the PNW, when I was in Southern California, Chris Ruddy made me a few boards that I liked, and my current quiver was shaped by John Mel around ten years ago, and I love both the longboard he shaped me and the 7 foot retro shape we worked out a while back. The latter is a speed demon and fun in lined up head-high waves. Also have had Bob Pearson make me a board, and have owned everything from a mid-60s Hansen to a funky 8'0" Takayama Noserider.

It is time to update some of my boards, and I'd like to strike up a relationship with a good shaper in Oregon or Washington--probably first something more traditional and a noserider for summers up here, and then something more suited to winter point breaks. If anyone has suggestions, I'd love to hear them, otherwise I'll probably tap back into the California shapers I've worked with in the past.


Fellow Sliders,

If you were going to buy/order one *noserider* (from 10' to 10'2") in South California, which one would that be and why? (It would be used on waves from 2' to 5', point & beachbreaks in South America).

If a thread on the subject (here or elsewhere) exists, please redirect me.

I'll keep the specifics out, but I've become pressured to do several models, molded EPS from out of the country.
I presented my view that this is counter to EVERYTHING I believe in, sending money out of the country, breaking away from the true custom build and letting someone who I don't know or who doesn't know me or my customer build my name.

Let me know how you feel about this, it turned into a shouting match in my shaping room yesterday over my resistance.
Admittedly i'm too lazy to dig out the last thread for quivers so apologies for starting a new one!

I keep trying to tell my wife this is a small one compared to some of you guys...