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Dear Forum,

The reason I post here is the honesty and the no Bullsh*&t that all of you have demonstrated in your thoughts.

I consider this clan (read, Forum posters) as true soul surfers.

My question to all of you is this; what best depicts your Forum Name?

For me, Dawn Patrol, that's pretty straight forward. I get up at O'Dark thirty and get my 2-3 hours of waves to myself. When I come in, the sun is rising and I'm off to work. Understand, here in the PNW it gets light to see at 4am around May and although a challenge, there's still a lack of surfers.

So give it up folks! Moonshadow, Log Donkey, Grush, Monkeyboy, Peakmaster, Crabcakes, etc. What is it with your post names that best depict you as surfers?

Inquiring minds would luv to know (well, at least mine).

And what was your 1st board, and location for your 1st paddle?
Some of you know that I have been battling with a kidney disease, IGA neuropathy, for the last 2 1/2 years and have been on dialysis, and in the last year or so I have not been feeling too great. My wife and I have been testing and working on a transplant called non-compatible blood transplant, where my wife would be the donor and I the recipient of her kidney. But last Friday morning, about 4:00 a.m., we got a phone call from the UC San Francisco kidney transplant division that a young man in New York had passed and when they ran tests on his kidney thru a central data base in Virginia, I came up as a zero rejection, perfect tissue and blood match, out of hundreds of thousands of people waiting for a transplant throughout the United Stated. This type of perfect match allowed me to have priority over everyone else in the database. One of his kidneys stayed in New York and the other one was put on a plane headed to San Francisco to me. After some bad weather, and flight delays, the kidney arrived late Saturday afternoon. They took me into surgery at 5:30 p.m. I was back in my room by 11:30 p.m. The kidney started working almost immediately, although I am very sore and in some pain and it will take some time to heal and a lot of rejection medications. The UCSF team of kidney surgeons told me that I had "won the lottery". The odds of being a perfect match were extremely low. It is very rare that a kidney is received from out of state, so this was truly a gift.

Can't go by looks alone. Anyone own or ever ridden a Orange Surfboard, just curious about them. Where are they from,who shapes for them,etc. ?


Check this link out...Wingnut takes his Surftech love affair to new heights... I think he's referring to real longboards made of real materials!

I typically use my noserider more than any other board I have, but I curious as to what others use when conditions aren't built for a heavy single fin? Just window shopping for something smaller.
I always like these threads. For me:

The Gate Crashers "Are a Bunch of Motherfuckers" LP

Carpenter Ant "I Still have the Drive" & "Get Over It" LP

Sleep "Holy Mountain"


Samhain "November's Coming Fire" LP


The Neos
I sure hope that they don't make their surfboards in the same factory as the "flip flops"


ps. Be sure to arrow down to check out the damage.
I'm probably a solid 24 months behind the "trend wave" on this one, but a handful of my pals are about ready to dive into getting SUP's.

Anyway, I had a few questions for the board:

1) instead of dropping $1500+++ on a first SUP, does that Surftech Mickey 12' SoftTop work as a decent first SUP? (I weigh around 180 lbs) I think they still sell them for $500 at Becker, which would keep the whole enterprise below $1000. I think Becker may have some poly SUP's at around $1000 too. Anyway, what are some decent first timer boards that keep costs down and can grow with you a bit?

2) Does anyone use wax on these or is it all about the traction pads?

3) Any suggestions on a paddle?