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Anyone running one of these in a Hot Gen? Wondering what the ride is like vs. a Greenough 4A. I got a 9.75 in mine right now.
Hey Guys, Looking for Futures, Kinetic Racing or other hi-quality glass/ honeycomb/ carbon quad set with a Futures base. Pretty much any combination should do. Whatcha gut? Thanks, John
So it begins. An outboard for my skiff came across my plate today until this weekend. It goes up north and outta my grip. I need to sell a board to pay for it. This board drew the short straw. It rides great, it just doesn't get ridden enough. If it's not sold by this weekend I'll just keep saving and hopefully will not need to tap into my quiver. $750 with bag. pick up only :)

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Anyone know of any sites that have examples of fish rocker profiles. I'm in the planning stages of building another wooden fish, chambered this time. Thanks.
Well, the title is a bit of a spoiler, but...

Here's wishing you an excellent year with good waves, good friends, and good living.
Fun way to end the year. Traded for this signed by Donald 9'8" Model T with interesting Joel Tudor lams. I've always wanted a Model T. This one seems well built and has its share of repairs. A perfect daily driver kind of longboard.

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Long story short,

Was offered a job in which I've accepted. Job is in Mira Mesa. Currently living in San Clemente so it may be a bit too much of a drive to stay put.
Was thinking more north county SD but not opposed to other cities. I'm well aware of all the coastal towns. But insight into additional nooks and crannies would be appreciated from the SD peeps.

Looking for a 3BR in an area with decent schools for the kiddos.

PM me if you'd like.

Mucho Aloha :cool:
Snow on Pendleton as seen from Dana Point Harbor
...low hills just above Sano and Trestles

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Anyone close to or have had any dealings with these guys? There SUPPOSEDLY is a Robert August Alex Knost model at their shop!!
I called and sent an email. They are most likely on winter hours but they're not listed Anywhere. If someone who Does happen to pass by or is familiar and can help in some way?
Radly appreciated.


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