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Looking to buy an approx 11'0" Glider in San Diego. Prefer Pintail or Rounded Pintail 2+1 (would go single as well). Prefer not to go over 11'6" or under 10'6". While I'd love an Andreini/Mitsven/Mabile/Christenson, I'd also totally rock a Surftech/etc (Munoz? Tak?) -- all I care about for this board is the glide. Still have my 9'6" Mitsven Magic as a potential trade, but looks like I'll end up selling that and buying the above. Also, as a random aside, still would buy an approx 9'6" Takayama In The Pink if one of those pops up. Thanks in advance.
would be so awesome to see a book compiled of some of the stories some of you have, that not only offer a wonderful glimpse into the history of our sport/ lifestyles, etc.... but others like ICH, kpd, etc who's prose and insight is always a pleasure to read....

any thoughts?
Sorry I'm running late. Sick newborn is putting a hurting on me. I'd say last minute entries are still allowed. Don't forget to vote AK!
Summer of 1969 Russell and Bruce ( both R.I.P. ) bought a bunch of Virgin balsa from Brasil. They made a total of 25 balsa surfboards, of them 6 were chamber and rest solid boards, I got one of the chamber models in Dec. 1969, seen in pic. below. In early Jan a fire broke out an ate one of the chamber models. Of the 5 remaining, I have one, 2 are in the Russell shop, 1 is with Bruce's son and the other is in a collectors home.

In 1972 I took my balsa and a few other boards to Punta Mita Mex. were we stayed on the point. One night the Fed's raid our camp and as everyone there had pot in their cars or on person. We all got our butts handed to us, NO FUN. After many weeks in jail and $ 30,000 I was sent home.

After over a year of being back from Mex. a friend that was down there surfing saw my old camper shell in Mazatlan, got inside an found my old balsa board. My other surfboards were gone, But to get this back is priceless.

Just thought you would enjoy a story

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A Life Outside is a feature length documentary by filmmaker Catherine Brabec. Check out our interview with her here: http://www.liquidsaltmag.com/catherine-brabec

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Selling a few boards for my Dad. He hasn't used any of these boards since 2006-8 and so wants to get rid of them. No shipping. All boards located in San Diego.
10' Gregg Hunt, 2" balsa stringer, glass on DN lightweight style fin, one unrepaired ding, about the size of a dime, that was caused out of the water and the board hasn't been surfed since. $600
8'11" (don't ask) Hobie triple stringer, dimensions in a photo below. Glassed on fin. No dings. $350
9'6" Con Ugly, Shaped by Bruce Grant in 2007 or so. No dings. No fin. $500
Get in touch with me and, if you want to buy the board, I will put you in touch with my dad.

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I'm liking this board more and more. It's continues to top my personal bests everything :)

There was no surf when I rolled up. Bummed :?. Bs'n with some friends watching the wind pick up, I saw some birds diving on a bait ball. They stayed in one spot long enough for me to grab my rod I always carry in the bus and paddle out. By this time there is full blown chaos with birds diving and the cormorants pushing the bait up. I casted, and casted, and casted, and casted. The birds started thinning out and eventually left. Well that was a bust and for not. One more cast and I'm headed in. Slam, drag peeling, I thought I snagged one of the cormorants. But, the familiar head shakes told me otherwise. It came to the surface like a doormat than I stuck it, secured it on my leash and paddled in. I've had way more trouble with the poptart sized ones. 30" length, 13 lbs and come change.

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6" Bonzer 35.00Simon quads 45.00WCT tri set 35.00Tom Carrol Aqua lines 35.00 one front fin has a ding from a rock . I'm picky and it didn't bother me . You might take some sand paper and a dab of resin to it.All other fins are in fine condition. Pay Pal please
Shipped priority mail in the 5 buck envelope

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There were some posts a while ago about Yater spoons. So I thought I would post here before putting it on CL. This is a vintage one from late 1967. Dimensions are 17" nose, 22.5" wide, 15.5" tail and 3.25 thick, and about 23 pounds. The wide point is at center, or maybe even 2-3" back. No twist, or hole in fin, but it does have a leash cup. Totally water tight, all dings were well repaired.

I didn't really click with this board. I've never had much luck with stepdecks, anyway. And to be fair, I think it would have been different if the board were 6" longer. I'm 180 pounds and prefer flatter boards around 10'. The Spoon has a lot less foam up front than a typical 9'6. So this one might go better for someone around 160 pounds.

Might consider a trade for a vintage or modern noserider.

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The most stoked I ever was to surf were the two periods when I only owned One board.
a 9'6 Cooperfish Hornnet
It was easy and Simple. I'm looking to get back to that but with a slightly more experienced and Honest approach.
2 Boards
10' Rick Dru Harrison Improvisor
6'7 Green modified pod5 Bonzer
That's it. Those are THE 2 boards I'm most stoked to ride. Back to basics and easy Radness.
That being said I need everyones Help and have 3 boards up for sale-

6'4x20x2 5/8 Campbell Brothers Russ Short bonzer 3 fin

6'1x19x2 1/2 Campbell Brothers Chile bonzer

6'6x19.5x2 3/4 Campbell Brothers Bonzer 5 diamond tail mini gun

PM or email me kpd73@hotmail.com for pics and prices. Pass the word on to friends, have them mention your name, and they will be hooked up. Boards are all Solid and Beautiful. Getting back to Basics.
Thanks All