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I see on Instagram that Cooperfish has a new model, the Mini Rhino. If anyone has any pics or info I'd love to see/know more about it.
looking for a dogbone finbox, anyone out there have one out of an old Hobie? I know there is one on eBay but it's out of my price range. Working to have a couple custom fins made for vintage Hobies and box is needed for test fitting the base. Any help is greatly appreciated.
I am really fascinated with the thought of getting a solid wood surfboard. I know they are extremely expensive, probably way more than i can afford, and I don't even know where I could get one. But cost aside, I guess there are the obvious drawbacks of weight and stiffness, but I think that is a part of the allure. Just the thought of cruising on one of those seems like heaven to me. Has anyone ridden one or own one? Does anyone know where to get one? Are they fun to ride? Is a chambered board better? Thanks for the help.
Here's a research tool that comes in handy when researching vintage boards / shapers / factories etc...

Everything defined for you, sort of a do-it-yourself on how to be a surfer. Note the term gremmies, what we used to call kids till somehow the Aussie's grom (grommet) took it over, guess it sounds cooler to speak Australian. Have fun.
If you're in the market for a new suit, just got an xcel 6/5 X2 w/ celliant tech for $213- they're running 'em close to 50% off on certain sizes- I got mt. There are all kinds of crazy deals- just not sure what stock is left
Hey JBers-

Anyone have a ding repair guy on the Westside of LA that can do solid ding repair work that entails some (possibly tough-to-hit) color matching?

My friend got a board that needs a fairly significant rail repair. He was not happy with the color matching on the last couple repairs that Aquatech did work for him. They often will air-spray color matches rather than doing them properly with opaque or tints. That happened for me as well when I had them replace a fin box; the box had broken out semi-sideways and had taken some foam and glass out with it. They did spray and it hadn't been what I asked for.

Who can you recommend to do this kind of work? I know that Aquatech is kind of the only game in town (on the Westside, anyway) but he's ready to trying someone else. He's near where the 405 and the 10 meet.

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friend considering moving from here to there in 2015. i know that insider info on neighborhoods is invaluable here on oahu. any of you have any hidden gems or hoods to avoid in terms of living/schools for kids?

Will do trades/partial trades, wanting to go back to my narrow nosed pig style boards.
Shaped by Jeff Haney AKA Takayama east coast ghost shaper.
Our thing
.......just thinking about how much I love this place and the community here. I've been greatly touched by not only all the outpooring of generosity, but the overall true aloha spirit
Thank you all.....that is all
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