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I have been looking at pigs/piggish boards with the wide point back of center. I currently have a Cooperfish Nosedevil and I am looking for a board for non-ideal noseriding type conditions(more turning, trimming, with some hang fives). Is a board like this ideal? I am intrigued by this

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at times, I'll be out in the water and someone will be snaking everyone. I mean if that person lives by the golden rule, then aren't they saying "please snake me"?
Roy infects many threads. Once he gets on the thread it's very difficult to abstain from feeding him.

Hence this thread. May this thread be a place to cut and paste his efforts to stir the pot in hopes of keeping his threads alive, or cut and paste his efforts to stir the pot just for the sake of it.
like the title states, i'm selling my Subaru Legacy & now seek a replacement. anyone have or know of a Corolla wagon, 1995-97 Odyssey or similar in the SE Mass area for sale?

any help is greatly appreciated...

I have been mat surfing for 4 years. Its a blast especially at waves like Leo Carillo.

Who else does it?

We have finally set a date for this years swap meet for Saturday June 2nd. The swap starts at 10, but you are more than welcome to get their earlier. We had a great showing last year and are looking to make it even bigger. We now have the new addition of the Big Chill Surf Cantina which will be open all day with good brews, food, and live music. I look forward to seeing everyone there!

Interested in an 8' V-Bowls. Two questions:

1) Can anyone provide a ride report?

2) How would it/displacement Hull work in East Coast beach break? Is that a no-no?