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Has anybody got a review on these, 7 seas 3/2 model? Fit true to size? Durability?
A buddy wants to have a really long longboard built. He's not a fan of EPS. Is there such a thing as a 12' polyurethane foam blank?
I have a new found respect for those who can shape beautiful lines. I made the template (one sided) for my 6' fish yesterday and thought my first attempt was OK, until I traced it out on a sheet of ply today and could see all the curves that just didn't look right. It took 2 more trys today to get it to where it looks good to the eye.
Am interested to know what some of you use to draw your lines. All I had on hand was a 3' stainless steel ruler that I put on edge and bent around my measurements. When I built the mini Simmons I had a fiberglass rod about 8mm in diameter that was pretty good to use.
Damned if the 6' fish doesn't look tiny compared to my long boards.
9'1" Darkhorse model. Has been through a few people on here. Flat rockered trim machine. Definitely used, with the usual pressures and snackles that come with a leashless board. Some repairs. No delam or soft spots though. Super fun board, but I have the itch to try a different board. Will trade for noserider, mid length, fish...If interested I can take some pics. Not really looking to sell, just trade. In OC.
I'll be in Oahu for 5 days and was wondering if anyone knew where to rent a board that is not a pop out? Prefer a longboard, but open to mid lengths and eggs. I'll be staying in Waialua, but can pick up anywhere on the island. Appreciate any info.
The pair I have are too small and I'm too cheap to buy new ones. Anyone have any advice on how to make getting them on/off easier? Dropping F bombs in an empty parking lot doesn't work.
I am trying to get an 11' glider from San Clemente up to San Francisco. I will be up in Santa Barbara later this week as well. If anyone can help me out, it would be appreciated.
He's asking $150, but is leaving the state tomorrow at 10am. So, make offer he say's.
I have a 10.5 in. Fibre Glas Fin Co flex fin that I did a little repair on, but still works and looks as it should. I don't need it any longer. $30

Has anyone tried one of these yet?
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