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I recently picked up this Phillips for a reasonable price and after cleaning it up it looks to be in good condition. Minor dings with some water damage along the stringer, but looks fun nonetheless. It has a waveset box and after doing some research I was going to purchase a fin through Ebay (not trying to break the bank). The issue that I have run into is that a screw in the lower section of the box is rusted in. I tried to use an extractor bit bust was unsuccessful. I'm wondering what the next step should be? The worst case scenario would be ripping out the box and putting in a modern longboard fin box. Also curious if there is any way I could verify that Jim shaped this and not someone else under his label. Thanks in advance. IMG_4573.jpg IMG_4574.jpg IMG_4576 (1).jpg IMG_4577.jpg IMG_4578.jpg IMG_4579 (1).jpg IMG_4580.jpg
These days, my 8'8" Special K seems a little big. My new 6'10" Flat Tracker, perhaps a little small. I see goofyDuda on his 8' Ant, getting tons of waves. I suspect 8' is great for the slow wave spots all over New England.

What do people like?
Anybody in the Manhattan Beach area that could pick up an 8' Takayama Stone Steps for me? And surf it until I can get out there to pick it up. Thanks
748ED029-4A29-43D8-8382-7DC0AE04303C.png Get ready ladies and gentlemen. No he’s not taking orders.
Coming soon. If you don’t know of his new business please check it out.
Check out Make and Ride of Virginia Beach. I will be going and taking lessons with Nick in the near future.
Just need some opinions. I ordered a custom quiver from a pretty well known, reputable, higher end shaper. Boards were finally shipped (coast to coast) but 2 of the 3 had the wrong fin configurations when they arrived.

Asked for futures with 5; one board came as a quad, the other as a tri.

Obviously still very usable, but still disappointed as the whole idea of custom is to dial things in. Tough as it was aslo a coast to coast transaction.

What would you guys do, ask for, expect?

The girlfriend and I are planning to go to Kauai for 7-8 days this summer and we're looking for advice from fellow Jammers regarding where to stay/surf.

We're very flexible at this point (early stages of planning) so we'd like to make at least half of the trip (if not the whole trip) surfing-centric.

We both only longboard, looking for a mellow log wave in June or July, preferably a left or at least an a split peak. We live in Ventura so we've had enough rights all year.

If anyone has ANY recommendations regarding Kauai at all please feel free to share!

Also board and car rental recommendations needed if anyone has first hand experience.

Thanks in advance,
Some of you who are LA locals might have heard or read about the surfer who died last December at Topanga. The story follows. What's important to consider is that, if you have a positive family history of ischemic heart disease and lipid abnormalities, you should have a coronary angiogram, either via an MRI or CT, but more importantly, see a good cardiologist for a workup that's appropriate, to determine if your coronary arteries are borderline.

Anybody from the SF Bay Area or Santa Cruz going to the Vintage Surfboard Collectors Club meet in Santa Barbara on April 6? I've got a board that could use a ride north. Happy to help out with gas, beer or karma.
Looking to possibly get a board down to the swap .
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