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New thread that I don't remember seeing.. ugly boards.

The inspiration:
I'm down in FL and figured I'd give CL a look. Then I found these.

I know there are some lumpy potatoes, weird genie shoes, insane home repairs, etc.
Share 'em if you got 'em. :)

hey Wilmington jammers - anyone willing to possibly check out a board and facilitate a transaction?


Still waiting to hear back from the seller and about any potential board train up to RI area, but figured I’d try reach out to see if there is anyone down that way able to help out.

my buddy has put his heart and soul into making amazing board bags and T-shirts. his bags are made in California from up cycled and recycled material. they are top quality. if you are in the market for a durable , well made American product, please check his company out:


....it seems my heart got the better of me...4 months later.

Is this surfing related? ........about as much as this forum primarily focuses on poisonous toads, Peruvian muk-luk hats and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.

Having said that...for those of you that know me...understand the momentous occasion--my latest addition to the family.

Abandoned as a 2-week baby. Hurricane collateral.

(Why? That's any one's guess)

So yeah...I felt it necessary to remedy the situation.

She now resides in my arms...exploring a new, exciting home--riddled with love, surf-lore & pickled herring treats...

Her name? The very boyish.......Dali.

Young artsy Applekat-in-training....

I just picked this up last week. It hasnt been in the water yet( missed a good opp yesterday due to grindstone obligations) but I'm pretty fired up about how it turned out.

I ask Bob for some thing a bit racier than his long fish and fish Simmons templates. Ideally something that split the difference between those and the Super Twin he made me last spring.

The Twin is amazing and wanted something similar that could travel well and cover a lot of conditions.

This is the result

Nose and tail are pulled in to 15" and tail block to 9." The the tail is a little different but the general curve of outline reminds me a bit of the Octafish.

Rails are modern with fish influence the bottom is single concave starting behind the nose rocker and all the way through the fins and out the tail.

Going to start off with this Stamps quad set and I may switch it up with some SpeedDialer cutaways.

Glassing by Michael Miller

Very stoked




Hi, new guy here. Ive lurked about a bit before but never posted. Hoping to tap in to your collective experience. Rhode Island surfer and backyard shaper. I am just finishing up this 9'6x22.75"x3.125" cruisy longboard. Soft rails, pinched in the tail, pretty flat in the middle to roll/vee out the last third. Not a lot of longboard experience and never ridden anything like this before. Any suggestions on fins? I have a 9" california classic to try once i finish sanding and get this thing wet.
Hey guys,

I Ve ridden a bunch of twin fin fish and quad fish but never a longfish. I know that over your way you have a few guys shaping them skipp, josh hall etc. Down under we have plenty of great shapers and single fin midlengths but I have not been able to fondle or ride a longfish.

I was wondering how do they surf compared to a similiar length single fin, for example in the 7ft range, what conditions do they favor etc

I love fish shapes and midlengths, but why should I ditch my single fins and give Andrew Kidman a call!?!