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Hurricane Season is upon us. Time to get in shape and refresh our CPR skills.

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There are a million ways to be careful with the sun and with your skin, but here's your annual reminder to at least think about what you're doing.

Going in for a few things on Monday - aggressive squamous on my forehead and super-agressive basil cell just at the junction of my nose and my right eye. What does super-aggressive mean? From nothing visible at my routine check in January, to a tiny dry spot in late March, to a swollen, enlarged lesion the size of a pinky fingernail in early May. Smaller lesions on the base of the other eyelid, but that's no biggie.

I'm on top of this - see my dermatologist every three months unless something like this comes up, am careful with my diet and sun exposure, and it can still go crazy.

Stoked that I have a very reactive dermatologist and a fantastic plastic surgeon for the work. I'd be a perfect as an extra in the next freak show movie without them.

Anyway, why is this posted here? So that if you're a sunscreen wearer, you remember not to wipe your forehead after duck dives and such, and that you always wear your sun glasses - since there's virtually no way to get sunscreen in the corners of your eyes and that damage adds up.

Feel free to grab a nice little left for me in the coming weeks!
So I’ve been interested in shaping a board for a long time but with work, kids, wife, and life have never gotten around to it.

Was thinking yesterday and think I’ve devised a plan. Both kids are into surfing enough if I told them they could shape/paint their own board they’d be psyched. I’m well aware these aren’t going to be masterpieces but think if I bought three blanks it’d be a pretty fun father/son/daughter summer project to each make our own board. Also pretty sure I could get this cleared by my wife easier than just doing one for myself.

With all that said open to suggestions on where to buy blanks and what ever else anyone is kind enough to share. Schools out in 3.5 weeks.
I love to have the blanks as a surprise for them on their last day.

Figured once shaped/painted I’d find someone to glass them (open to suggestions near providence ri) and we could get them in the water this fall.
I generally don't have a problem with the "flippers". I've actually bought a few boards from Omar and I've had good experiences.

But, this past week I had my first negative experience...

I reached out to Jon (boardsource) about the Thin Man and Phil Edwards 10'6 that he listed at the same time. He said he could put them on "hold" for up to 3 days for free, then up to 15 days for a $100 deposit. I subsequently told him to put them both on hold and send me the payment link and I'll send him the deposit asap. He sent me the payment link and within three days I sent him $100 for both.

Somehow, during my "free" 3 day hold window, someone bought the 10'6" Hobie (I believe within the first 48 hours of me putting it on hold). I never received an email letting me know that someone else was interested in the board I had on hold.

I reached out to him asking for an update over the weekend, and still haven't heard back. Still unsure if I can get that deposit back since the board is already in the hands of the new owner.

Up to 11’ for $90 while smaller sizes 70ish for Memorial Day

the guru of surfboard repairs, closing on 6000 boards...check out the repair menu, it's 'the bible' for any and all...Eva-M is a one of a kind jewel
Quick warning to my fellow NE friends up here-

This time of year the water still remains a bit chilly but the sun- I feel it is now stronger than Ever- does come out quickly and warms up Fast.
This being said we battle the colder water temps in thick- usually all black - neoprene suits/gloves/boots and go about our business as usual.
That strong sun, whilst you sit atop your board for long periods of times is actually heating up that black neoprene and poaching you inside of it and worst of all, with salt water.
This process literally pulls the moisture out of your body- muscles and organs - and combined with exertion is exacerbated 10 fold.
It, and it's effects, are way worse than typical dehydration, because you can seriously wreck joints and ligaments without realizing it- Heads up shoulder sufferers!

After effects will leave you fatigued, nauseous, dizzy etc, but since it's a Full body drain, some water and rest won't be enough, you'll be Wrecked for the rest of the day- at least.
And it messes your head up as well. Brains don't do dry well- It's ALL connected.

I get this usually once a year, and never think to post, but after yesterdays beating, and Most importantly reading about my friends here getting their Groms out in it, I had to give the Warning.
Super hydrate before- bring plenty of water with for during - and After.
Force your kids and yourself out of the water after a couple hours to drink, watch and Rest a moment- take those suits half off maybe?-it will help them a ton, and gives those of us who have become proficient at the art of pulling out and/or condom donning, some time to catch a few uncrowded ones.
You're still getting the tax breaks, and the joy I'll apparently "never understand" of being a parent, so quit crying.

Be safe. Surf well.
Hi, I've been researching the Fineline ANT and SOS. I'm looking for a board with great turning, good speed, all without sacrificing paddling power.

I'm leaning toward a 9'8" as I'm in my mid-50's and 220.

Can you provide me suggestions and comments with these boards and their preference between the models from your experience? Also, does the board length sound right and does that affect my choice between the ANT and SOS?

Many thanks!
A24CE626-D039-4DAE-A867-2CA003349256.jpeg ”Just drape it over the stone wall”
In the process of buying @ambergris Siglo
Anybody coming down the East Coast from Rhode Island to N.C. in the coming weeks?
Help a man get a hull!
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