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Hear about this on a podcast I recently listened to. More of a coffee-table type book, but thought it might interest the NY / NJ crowd...

if the owner is willing (haven’t contacted yet) I would like to try and grab this prone board. Any shipping options in South Fla ? I am in NY, tip of Long Island.

I just bought a chunky funky used 6 8 single fin stinger and am wondering if there are any gurus out there who know fin placement on this type of board. I've never had one of these before.

The pic with the fin in the board is from the previous owner - seems a bit far back I would guess. I know bonzers have a specific fin placement to start with... Is it the same for a stinger? I usually start with the fin in the middle of the box unless otherwise advised.
I got a large shipping box at work the other day and it seemed too useful to toss out. Anyone in RI or near by that need to ship a board? This could easily ship a longboard up to 11' maybe longer.
txt me if you want it
pick up at Brown University
Last week I took a friend out to introduce him to surfing. Not wanting to bounce my Walden off of the beater loaner I was having him use I grabbed the old surftek Takayama (Hakman) off the rack. After paddling the super wide Walden around for the last several months I forgot how much I like paddling thinner (opposite of wide-not thick) boards. So the next morning I took the Takayama out for DP. It was supposed to be flat and I figured I be up on the reef break.

But its not flat. Peaks and no wind! Board was working perfectly. SO I end up on several good lefts that open up into really fun bowls. Grabbed one in the perfect spot. Drop down and turned up into a pitching bowl, carved thru the top of the bowl at speed like I was skating a central Cal pool and then ended the wave with a small pop off the back just as it was crashing unto the reef.

The board made so much difference. I had forgotten just how good the Takayama Hakman is at steep reef waves. The Walden Magic is a great board but I was forcing it into a wave that it really wasn't a good match for (at least with me riding it). I need to remember to try different boards in different conditions and not just take one board everywhere because its my newest.

It does need a ding repair, but I'm stoked to get back on it again.

P.S. My buddy stood up on his first wave and rode it quite a ways. On his fourth he paddled into it and stood up without any assistance other than me telling him where to line-up. I must be a dang good teacher. He did manage to bonk rails with an SUP guy but didn't damage the beater he was on.

P.P.S. There were some teens being taught by their uncle, a friend of mine. So I gave one of them my Takayama and took his old Wavestorm. That way I could ram them or ditch when I paddled behind to give them a nice push when they paddled. I caught a few nice lefts on the Wavestorm, and think I might start looking for a nice mid-length to start riding as the smaller board was a kick!
Nope - not the doctor - the Dominican Republic!

The wife and I changed our spring break plans (she’s a teacher) and we’re now heading to the DR in March. I convinced (tricked?) her into 7 days in Encuentro at a cool looking surf hotel (El Encuentro Surf Lodge). Not sure what March will bring for waves, but I am super stoked as I never have really been to a proper surfable destination for vacation (unless you count the North Shore in summer - I don’t).

Anyone been to the DR have any info / tips etc? Hoping to get my hands on a halfway decent rental (mid length eggish?) for the week & Ill be bringing the surf mat.
26075386-0C70-45A1-86DE-7E6EDDC0FE76.jpeg 6F0DED8C-E4BC-41AC-AC2C-071D7CD4FB4E.jpeg 9C2070B4-86AD-4B09-89E7-34A284DF24C1.jpeg still jammin on my flip pac shell I acquired end of last year. Built a simple small board rope rack to keep a small board in it at all times up and out of the way from harm. Then when I need it moved I can just undo the center side and they bungee up along wall.

Have plans and most of the parts to wire up a second battery on a isolators switch to power a electric heater phones and so on.
A friend of my daughter wants to surf with us and doesn’t have a suit. Thing is, he’s really tall. Other thing is, he’s a starving student. Any really tall jamboarders in the SD area have an old suit that you’d be willing to part with?
...I KNOW I KNOW....D's a notoriously quiet, humble fella here -- who absolutely detests the spotlight...but I felt compelled to cast attention to his new avatar--a true gem.

Life's simple silver linings.

Please let him know his decision-making is spot-on and certainly does NOT go unappreciated.