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Have a buddy with Eyes on The J Cherry board for sale. Anybody willing to help with Packing for shipping to Florida. Will contact Dolly for shipment. Any Help Greatly Appreciated
While we still have some hot days left here, the signs of Fall coming are now noticeable. It's mostly the humidity draining away but the most obvious is the higher clouds.
The Fall surf is going to be outstanding this year.
first up, the Colternator, advertised as perfect for knee high mushy waves as well as overhead barrels.....because why wouldn't you want a board designed by snowboarders that looks like a double ended penis...

I've started going down the rabbithole of podcasts. I'm late to the game for sure, but the fact you can find people as amped on the niche shit you're into is pretty cool. That being said, I feel like not all podcasts are created equal. I don't have a long commute, so I like short ones, although I do have one music specific podcast that I love and it's looooooong.

Another thing: I like podcasts where the dude running it lets the guests do most of the talking. I'm not interested in hearing Podcast's guy's resume of what an insider he is. Another music one I used to listen to was too much of the host acting like he knows every band or record pressed in existence. However, if the guest is good enough, I'll suffer through it.

Surfing-wise I listen to the Bodega Boarder Crew when the guest interests me. While I love old school hip hop, I think the pairing with surfing is kinda an odd one, but whatever, shoot your shot.

I really like Occy's podcast because it's short, it's got good guests and stories. The Christian Fletcher one is a fav.

I tried that Swell Season Radio but didn't really go back to it.

Any other GOOD surfing podcasts out there? I feel like the world needs a cool surfboard shaping podcast. Maybe I'm wrong.
If so here’s your matching board. You can keep it in the garage near your flame thrower

Got down to a beach in Monmouth County yesterday, and took the board and walked down by the water to get in. A lifeguard walks over and tells me I can’t head out, so I laugh, and he points to the Police & Beach Patrol (bosses) heading our way. They are closing the beach, and removing everyone from the sand, including people just getting sun. Due to the rough surf from our recent weather, they were roping off the beach and patrolling it to keep people away from the water after 5pm. Have never seen or heard of anything like it (except after Sandy, which was understandable for obvious reasons). WTF.
Anyone in San Diego want a 7 year old Costco Wavestorm? 8'6" Free. You have to come pick it up. No leash. Bought for my son. There's no interest there. Cant stand the sight of it in my backyard.

Only condition --> this is a backroom deal. Recipient remains anonymous. DM only. I'll only reply to text or private message through the forum.

Don't want the hassle of selling.
Flying from New York to Z with a layover in Mexico City. Trying to decide what board to bring.. I would like to bring my 8' Vaquero. I've called Aeromexico and I cannot get a straight answer from anyone over the phone about regulations. Does anyone haver experience flying with boards on Aeromexico? Thanks!
9’6” Early 90’s Phil Edwards model
Shaped by Phil Edwards
Definitely ridden
Has dings repaired
Anybody hazard a guess on value?