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What board bag do you guys use to bring a single 9'6" board with glassed on fin for air travel. I appreciate your thoughts.

Something to check out for sure. Enjoy...
Be done with RC repair rehab end of year, plan on spending Jan in San Diego knocking the rust off after what will be a year layoff, surf the mellower lineups while I figure out what my shoulder has left.

And need a new ride, having sold off my entire quiver, all HP mid lengths and HPLB's, forcing me to heed my surgeons advice to just forget about the waves I used to surf pre-injury if I want what was a difficult repair to hold.

So looking for some board advice, will get the board ordered well ahead of time, pick up from the shaper while in town. Something for HH and under, lighter vs heavier, narrower nose so easier to punch through, not a pig D fin fan (have enough back issues), easy paddle, down the line.

Thinking maybe a glider from Tim Stamps, great guy and fine shaper. Pick 'em up early, speed run the line. Be interested in what you would ride in similar circumstances, and who you would order it from..
IMG_0247.JPG Time to move on, getting near retirement, feeling out interest on my boards I've had for years, surfing since 1962 and now it's time to move on some of these boards. Already sold off a bunch to guys on this website and everyone was very cool to deal with so i'm going here first, Lopez shaped 6'6" Lightning Bolt IMG_0247.JPG with the original fin, Velzy 7'0" NEW never in the water white pigmented bottom, clear deck. Plastic Fantastic semi gun, burnt orange bottom, clear deck, have much more, text or call me if your serious, prices are not give away but also they are realistic to value of boards and i'm looking to get down to what I feel i'll be riding from now until ???, still riding my Hobie from 1966. Joe 856-304-9820 text or call Thx
IMG_1380.JPG just picked up this Hansen and trying to figure out the nose script? The script is nicely done and under resin. Was this added later? Is it a team rider? Who/what is the script of? Any information would be great! Thanks in advance!
Fully 3D printed and fully compostable... well, almost fully.

Considering that it takes hours to print something as small as a chess piece, imagine how long it must have taken to print this bad boy. Keep that in mind next time you think your shaper is taking a long time with your custom stick. o_O
Anyone in the RI/New England area interested I'll be teaching/guiding a group Meditation - Tuesday and Friday mornings at 9am from July 18th through August 4th at the Brownell Library in Little Compton RI.
Classes are 45 minutes and I'm getting paid through a grant given to the Library so it's Free!
This is about having the Meditation Experience - so there is no commitment to an ongoing class.
I'm basically getting people settled and smoothly guided in to Meditation so they can Feel first what it is and then go on from there. I'm opening an inner door for everyone. Where you decide to go with it from there is up to you.
I've developed a really simple, fun, easy technique that's been really succesful. If you can't make it here contact me - kpd73@hotmail.com - and feel free to start your own group, in home, or any quiet, large enough space.
I do Private lessons as well.
All levels- all ages - Everyone welcome. Pass this along to Anyone you know who has been interested in Learning? Thanks.
I'll be taking this on the road really soon, and would really dig doing a surf town tour- so not just limited to RI, New England area!

I've really had success with this method and Anyone interested in Meditation or has any questions please PM me here or my email - kpd73@hotmail.com.
The benefits to this Practice in every facet of your life are Endless. It's a strength and calm like you've never known.

Meditation Experience.jpg
After surfing for years with our twin boys, they both ended up in Arizona. I ended up buying an early Cooperfish Device from one of them. It has always been a bear to turn, at least for me, and I want to swap out the fin to make it more maneuverable. Like a number of boards from Generation Duct Tape & Sticker it is in dire need of miscellaneous repairs, so there is no collectability value.

Despite how sacrilegious it may be, I am thinking of putting a box in it, but the scooped tail may prevent that. Here is a pic of the original fin and location...


Any suggestions are appreciated.

Hi! One of my favorite traveling partners just landed on Oahu for a month or two of work and is need of a proper longboard. She is hella nice, really fun and a joy to be around. She is having no luck finding a board on craigslist (goddamn that is a depressing scene of over-priced brown spot specials and $2400 Robert August popouts). If anyone has a spare board to rent/loan/sell/barter, this chick is super rad and will be super appreciative of any effort to help her. Plus I will style you to the nines should you ever make your way to Ventura...
these came in a few days ago and now waiting on the finishing touches on the boards.
I cannot say enough great things about dealing with Brad and Sunrise Boardworks. the foils are perfect, the material quality and finish is as good as it gets and his customer service and turnaround on orders is over and beyond expectations.

10" McTavish for a 10'2 Fineline Ant
9.25" self-designed for a J Hall Rocket Fish single
9.75" wide base variant of Greenough's Stage III for 9'1 Fineline Ant