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It's been a while but I'm back. After closing down fff in ventura back in 2011 life has sure changed for the better. Swore off the dam surf industry and everything to do with surfers. Piles of business debt and feeling of failure . But you know what it was the best thing ever getting out of retail , especially retailing to surfers. Met some great people along the way. Even met a few of you guys which turned out to be cool cats in person ( even if they where from Jersey ) haha just joking on the jersey part. Never got out out of the surf industry worked for CI for 4-5 years making boards and now own my own glass shop . Doing glass work for incredible shapers. Wayne Rich, Spencer kellogg, a few cooperfish, ventura surf shop, high end wood boards for Wayne lynch, Simon anderson, AL merrick/Kelly slater , Timmy patterson just to name a few. A movie will be out soon about these boards that Larry fuller is making they are beautiful. I have even been gassing my buddy zephyr carrigg's shapes lately. Good to see most of you fellows are still on here.
sold a couple of boards and looking to get them to either OCNJ or Philly any assistance is appreciated. The boards are located in Ayer Ma but I can deliver pretty much thru out New England if they can get south.

Hey Everyone-

Just wanted to give a shout out to our own Apexman who is helping me to procure the above JP-shaped noserider. It was foiled by Jim for the Ohana Kemp label and I'm stoked.

Funky deck panel and 11 feet of fun. I'm hoping to bring it back to Brazil with me but can't wait to ride it in CA next month. Thanks again D! You da man. More JB aloha. =^D

Going to leave wave height out of the equation, since every area gets steep at different points - but how do you guys handle the real punchy steep days?

I've only got my 9'8" model T now and the huge glide and paddle speed is something I rely on. Once the waves get a little too steep I can either get tossed around like a rag doll, or just count myself out.

Do you guys have any quiver recommendations for punchy surf with tons of glide for an out of shape longboarder?
I picked up this gem last week. It came out of Normandy and was ordered back in 1975. 6'0" single fin, single wing pintail. All original resin work on the deck and the bottom. I'm looking to see if anyone knows who shaped this based on serial number.

ANYONE coming east or sending bosrds this way ??? I got someone could ship but just seeing if anyone sending any bosrds east got room for one more . It's a 5'10
Keel with glass ons
I had the pleasure of taking my wife to Iceland last year and she tagged along on a a five day surf-chasing tour of the Island with a surfer and adventure guide from an outfit called Arctic Surfers. Scored only two of those days, mostly because I got there between swells, and the damned winds were howling most days. Still, a fantastic, if expensive trip. Go if you can!

My family is going to Ireland July 29-Aug 6, starting in Dublin where we're dropping my daughter off for an Irish Dance training camp with the Riverdance company. That leaves us five days to travel the country. My son and I are keen to chase waves, the wife less so (she did a lot of waiting while we chased waves with Ingo).

Any tips on places to check out? My son won't be in peak shape, but we're both trying to work up to it so we can paddle out a couple of times. Not sure we want to haul boards around with us, so a good shop with board and wetsuit rentals would be great. Otherwise, got any must-see sights along the coast? I'll poke around the archives, but any additional info would be appreciated.

turntable.jpg Got my turntable and speakers (AR-XB and Dynaco A35s) out of storage for the first time in many years, fired it up with some old vinyl, it's knocking me out with memories. If any of you have old vinyl albums (that's back when an album was a record) let me know. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida baby! Great afternoon.
Hey now,

A few years ago I took a hiatus from this group, leaving in a not very graceful way. My life was starting to fall apart due to a serious family illness, and it was starting to show in my online and real life interactions. I'd pretty much lost my stoke for everything, and realized that my son needed me more than I needed social media. Over the years, as my son got sicker, we surfed less and less, and I felt more and more disconnected from the ocean.

At one time this group gave me so much, companionship and advice for a newbie,
access to great equipment, and even accommodations for the surf trip of my life. Now that my son is getting healthy again, I've realized how important surfing and the surf community once was to me, and how I need to spend more time in the ocean as part of my own recovery.

This is a pretty cool group, and I hope I will be as welcome here as I was when I first joined in 2009(ish). I'll do my best to feed the stoke instead of pissing on it as I regrettably did too often in 2013. So...we cool?


P.S., I buckled my old Takayama in shore break two winters ago (I know...), and got this beauty to replace her. http://www.hapjacobssurf.com/html/int_surf_newS.html
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