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Curve surf accessories. Or curvesurf.com.
Looks like a good product, good pricing on boardbags. Reasonable shipping on bags.
Day bags and travel bags.
I know there have been a few versions over the years, but do they work? What kind of conditions do they flourish in? What other elements make them work or not?
Same as?

I just want to get rid of some scuffs/scratches. No repairs, just cleanup.
04E00314-A82A-43E3-995F-59552F217C57.png 1BF434C8-B896-4203-A1CE-C8300124102B.png 11ft x 22.75x 3.25 eagle

Foiled and pinched rails with very little concave thru board into single V

Same 6-4-4 glass on deck and 6-4 bottom

3/4 wedged bass wood stringer with black gluelines. Gonna be a lighter Kelply yellow like the bonzer below

Wanted something for slightly bigger clean days to accompany my drifter which is ideal for grovel and San o. Told him to really foil it out and pinch the rails a tad more. Prob have jeff at nine lights make a volan fin in a skip outline in the same color
Any suggestions on products to help seal up some leaky taped wet suit seams?

I have tried Aquaseal with mixed results in the past.
Hey Gang

I missed out on a weber performer awhile ago and stumbled on this guy.... Whats your take on the inlay did someone do this after the board was made or did they make a few like this. Whats it realistically worth. Trying to grab it from them off ebay at the moment but don't know whats a realistic price. Any help would be appreciated!

Anyone have any feed back on any of his longboards?
Headed down for a long weekend in late July. As this will be my first south of the border trip, I am looking for any tips on the break and area.
Getting a new custom from Clutch and thought some of the folks here might like to see it coming along.

I got to know Clutch through designing/building his website and he's been a stellar guy to work with and learn about surfboards from.

So I put in an order with him based on this clip and the sherpa being featured. Should be about 7'0 x something x ~3. It's already looking incredible but can't wait to see the finished craft!

Pics and clips incoming...

My kids, 7yr old boy and 10 yr old girl, see me surf year round in New England and are begging to go with me. Am I crazy/misguided for getting them out there now. Water temp is about 56, air tomorrow is forecast about 60. Waves look to be knee plus and clean. Was thinking about getting them in the water for 30-45 minutes each.
They both have 4/3 suits. They are doing 3 weeks of surf camp this summer but both say they want to try now.

Both are frequent skiers and good with being cold, have great balance, and have fooled around on my boards a little.

Am I setting myself up for disaster or is my readiness to share my stoke justified?

Input or advise is welcome.