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I was planning on a trip to Pavones but my parents just retired and are living on their boat in the Bahamas this winter. So I'm going to head down there next week to do some sailing and surfing with my dad.

Does anyone have any tips or spots they'd like to share? I'm most interested in any spots that might be protected from the north wind that's forecasted.

Thanks guys
Good Afternoon!

Trying my luck at a possible pick up in Half Moon Bay(Surfore), down to me in Los Angeles(or anything close). Item is a 10’4” board, box set up.
Got my scanner working again and this is a snap shot I took in Costa Rica long ago. This is a point near a well know point but breaks smaller do to being further inside of the bay.

I just read Icecreamheadache's amazing, breathless mat surfing travelogue and am inspired to get wet again after 18 of the worst months of my life. After spending way too much time in hospitals and doctor's office waiting rooms I've now become that fat, atrophied 53 year old who used to surf regularly, but now just wears surf shop t-shirts and rainbows to remind himself how much fun he used to have.

I'm hoping someone here knows of a decent print or Youtube training regimen I can do at home and on the beach to avoid the usual raft of shoulder and back injuries that come with revived stoke. Anyone know of a month-long (or longer) regimen for surfing?

752B3D8E-2A5F-4E3D-8AF1-2A4603A44AEA.jpeg Finding very limited selections in XL size fins. Probably looking in all the wrong places.

Would love some suggestions.

“Just because they’re not out there, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you”
Doctor Demento...
Spent about 3 hours on the new board yesterday. Acetone barely touched it so I grabbed a can of Goof Off. Worked like a champ.

Took two passes and about 5-8 minutes letting it sit.

My daughter is an artist and she said it looked like it had been dipped. E6316CE7-5A6F-4262-A462-D6830C0AE39E.jpeg CEE07A72-BDA8-44E6-828F-D570E8DAF061.jpeg 576B6928-E84D-430C-9B17-DA4AA78CACE8.jpeg BBA8B9F7-A71D-4D7C-B433-832A29FD2C85.jpeg
Longshot, but why not.
Trying to get a 6'6 Ocean and Earth coffin travel bag- soft folds in half - down to Brooklyn by Wed at the latest.
Last moment hookup for someone down there moving to San Diego.
Didn't know if anyone in the NE corridor was making the trip by chance?


Oh yeah, Intro- my name is Cartwright and I like bonzers and pintail longboards.
60AF3616-A027-4CB0-AE34-E527E7648417.jpeg Picked up a Stewart E-type yesterday and although it’s in a decent enough condition, I’m pondering a new gloss coat along with stripping the black paint off. Fingers crossed it’s not covering stress cracks.

I’ve read a ton of blogs on this but, I’d appreciate feedback on those who’ve done it.

You know the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Also, any feedback on best material(s) for a decal I’ll create.

And yes I’m replacing the Toys R Us fin set...

Dear fellow Jammers,

I'm a new member to the forums and would like to take a moment and introduce myself. My name is Gill and I like to longboard, noseride and check out classic boards!!

I first learned to surf on a longboard and longboarded for a while but slowly 'progressed' to a shortboard as many would say is the only right thing to do... and exclusively surfed shortboards for a number of years. Yet many of my friends kept saying that I had more of a flowy style.

A few years ago, on a small summer morning- I took out one of my old longboards for a spin and an old-timer lifeguard and friend, Lifegaurd Ken was watching. When I came in he said "I havnt seen anyone surf like that since the 60's". This statement really made me ponder where I was with surfing. I felt like I really havnt gone anywhere shortboarding, in fact I felt a bit disillusioned by shortboards, actually more precisely - thrusters. You know- the whole triple pump -cutback move... over and over again. But there is something completely different while riding a single fin- long or short. You have much more connection to the wave and can really produce much more speed. Plus the style is just much more appetizing

So I decided to sell all my thrusters on Craigslist (kept the 6'0 single fin and a quad) and slowly built my longboard quiver back up. I don't have too many boards, but I do have quiet a few and enough to cover all the bases for different types of waves.

I do like more classic style longboards in the 10ft range. You could say that I'm a pig lover... mainly for the way they noseride. In my option, the noseride experience is a lot more excited since the nose lifts out of the water, compared to skimming on top...

Anyways, I'm thankful to be a part of this forum! I was part of another surfing forum for many years, but has been going down hill for a number of years... so I'm bailing... and now I'm thankful to be here!

I will post a few pics of some of my favorite boards a bit...

Just bumped into this- its worthy- lots of great pics!

(If someone else posted earlier I apologize)