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the Giant Trevally is so aggressive that legend has it they will even attack seabirds..so a couple of guys decided to test that legend..this is awesome..

What do you all do with the boardbags you know you will never use again? Bulky buggers..

Anyone interested in a free and functional coffin? I have a 8'0 da kine world traveller I used years ago on a multiweek trip to the far east. Now with two keiki in the mix I'm not seeing another run with this thing on the horizon. Have smaller bags I use for the more modest trips.

If not interest, any suggestions? Hate to send it to the landfill. Can't stay in the garage.
Putting out some feelers to see if anyone can assist - Mid-length board located at a shop in Carolina Beach NC - 28428

Heading to Monmouth County NJ - or the close Vicinity -

Any help is appreciated-

also any tips on Amtrack board shipping- 0 experience with this method

Candy Corn Orange - JH Eagle 9'6 2+1 IMG_3156.JPG IMG_3137.JPG IMG_3138.JPG
Do you want to surf Island Reunion or Pedra Branca?...If you have level...if you love death...it´s possible

And remember...the best playlist of videos about surf: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLADDr_Ttzp6d_ywe-_ccm03SgHy3qL-3M
I don't know these guys, even if one of them is actually french and living in NY. I think what they're doing is cool and deserves to happen. Always great to see young guys believing and doing their thing.

I'd be stoked to read it.

Funding campaign here

Ice Cream Headaches is a book of photography and essays documenting the passion, creativity and humor of surf culture in New York and New Jersey.




We'll be cruising south in late Dec, spend holidays with family in Half Moon Bay, then down to Santa Cruz for a couple of weeks of east side surf to knock the rust off after a year of post-op dry dock, and then down to SoCal for a month or so, where we'll hook up some lodging by some of the mellower breaks.

We'll most likely be cruising in a smaller RV, so looking for advice on the mellower winter breaks that have RV friendly parking at or near the breaks, as that will help us focus on where to search for lodging via Airbnb, VRBO, etc. Per surgeon's advice, going to throttle it back, keep it HH and under..at least that's the intention..so any and all suggestions appreciated.
Thinking about ordering a SVM (aka Plain Jane). Who should I get one from? Bruce Fowler or Scott Anderson?