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if anyone lost or knows someone who left behind a pair of gloves in RI yesterday PM me.
Heading out to Santa Cruz Dec 1 to Dec 8 for work. Planning on packing my mat and wetsuit with me. If anyone around would be fun to meet up. Wife will be coming along as well. Staying over on Clinton street.
“You wouldn’t want to live in a world where you couldn’t be conned. Because it would mean you’re living in a world where you never trusted anyone or anything.” - Ricky Jay
Any one have a place or know of a place to rent over Christmas and New Years with surf near by? Normally I would be in New Zealand to see the GF's family but we just broke up.
Open to traveling anywhere!!!
I just wanted to take a moment to give some members a shout out for helping me move some boards this year both on the east and west coast. It is a difficult thing to pay back for the help I have received but I just wanted to say that it was greatly appreciated. It was a multi member train getting a board from NC to NJ for pickup but thanks to Jmjackfish,wade in the waves, GearNut, mgarbutt,Knots and seniorgrom it got done. Zippy has always been a great help moving boards north/south in NJ. Cpg for a pickup on LI and njlongboarder for delivering boards to my house. Garagefull and evol have/are currently helping me with a board from SC area down to Oxnard. Some of these folks I have never met or even talked to prior to their assistance. It is a very special thing to have so many great members here. Once again thank you so very much for all your help and new found friendships. Dave
Recently lost my cousin to cancer at the age of 68, an absolutely fit and healthy, hella good natured man who just got nailed out of the blue, gave it the good fight until there was just too much pain, said fuck it, enough is enough, and passed away with his family by his side.
His loss has kicked my ass, and I just wanted to share the life of this man who was my best friend during my teenage years.
Born several months apart, Mark and I started surfing together in 1962 at the age of 12, flopping around Kellys Cove OB inside whitewater in cut off Levi's on a treacherously unstable 10' Duke K popout we had found collecting dust in the back of his pop's SF auction house.
We both got the bug and stayed at it, improving our chops, getting better boards, putting in the hours and hours, getting stronger in the water, deeper in the lineup.
Mark was to this day the only natural switch foot I've ever met, he would jump up front foot forward no matter which way he was going from the time he started, and surfed with a relaxed, casual style, hands at his side, making it look easy.
We had many a session together over the years, especially after we got our driving licenses at 16, cruising the coast together looking for waves, Cream or Hendrix playing on the 8 track, a half baggie of weed in the glove box, our only care finding the best waves that day.
One Xmas, however, Mark spent a week with his family at Squaw Valley in north Tahoe over the Xmas holidays, scored some great powder days, and returned absolutely hooked on skiing and the mountains.
So over the next couple of years, though still surfing together whenever we could, we began our inevitable drift apart, as my life was now purely focused on the ocean, and Mark's was increasingly in the mountains.
So after powering through college in 3 short years, Mark moved up to the mountain town of Truckee in the North Tahoe basin, just a short drive from his beloved Squaw Valley where he would be a season pass holder for the...
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