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Howdy friends- I’m trying to find a new sub-5’10” short wide thing for riding sectiony shite beachbreak and blown out points in the ankle to waist high range. Those Gary Hanel pills look like they’d be a gas. Anyone got any experience with em? Contact info for the man himself? Obrigado
9' Walden magic. With case. Asking $550.00. Board located in Nassau county NY. Email me at hary7137130@gmail.com
In the Stoker V Machine thread the subject of using Amtrak came up for the best bang for the buck. Back during the 80's i used Amtrak quite a bit when I was prominent in sending sailboards to the SF Bay and Columbia River Gorge. I found it more economical to put them on the train where customers could pick their orders up at Oakland Station, Portland, or Seattle depending upon which was most convenient for them.

I also sent some surfboards for the Vancouver guys to p/u in Seattle, as this is as far north as Amtrak would send them w/o going over the border. All in all, things worked pretty well back then, so I decided to revisit this option since, even with my 45% volume shipping discount using Fed Ex, their recent price hikes have prompted me to look elsewhere.

I operate out of SBA (Santa Barbara) and was told that I could send any surfboard, carefully packed, up to a total of 120" (10 ft.) to any East Coast station for $105. I can insure them for $1/$100 up to $2K. Once the surfboard arrives, the station calls the recipient and you have 48 hrs. to pick up then they charge $10/day storage.

The first two board orders I've rec'd thru guys that are members here, went off w/o a hitch. A 7'6" went to a member in Philly but he told me to send it to wilmington D.E. as it is closer to his home. The good news was SBA charged $85 not the $105 the toll free Amtrak had quoted. The people in SB were super friendly and the manager told me his uncle "thru a marriage, is Paul Strauch".

I'm including a good quality 5mm board bag at my cost for these orders and after packing the boards in a bubble wrap board bag of it's own with extra strips along nose, tail, & rails, I slip it into the board bag and she's ready to go. I just got confirmation the first one arrived in 5 days - not a scratch on it. He liked the board bag too.

Next up will be a V8 heading to San Jose station ($65) and three balsa boards to Miami. I snet a "Volan Special" to an Aussie customer visiting...
I seem to recall the so-called "forecasters" calling for few than average named events in the Atlantic this season. Looking like they're as incorrect as always. I can't think of any other occupation that pays for being confidently incorrect on a consistent basis . two_atl_2d0.png
While my thoughts are with those to the south who are going to be truly affected by Florence, those of us up north are eagerly anticipating the long period energy making its arrival, supposedly later today. In my pre-swell excitement, I wanted to get out before work to try out a funky asym I recently picked up. Surf was crappy windblown slop, but it warmed up to 70 deg overnight, so what the heck...

Fast forward to the first wave, it jacked up a bit and pitched me. I was underwater for an unusually long time and when I came back up WHAM! fin to the top of the head. Lots of blood right away and immediately I knew a trip to a professional was eminent.

So I sit waiting for a tetanus shot after 4 stitches and the inevitable “don’t get it wet for a week +” with thoughts of coating it with Vaseline, wearing a swim cap and a hood going through my head. But I’ll likely be a spectator during what is looking like a great run of surf - a run I’ve spent most waking moments checking, refreshing buoys, mapping out a plan etc. There will be more surf, some will say, but that’s little solace after all the mental investment and the forecast. But I suppose there’s a lesson here somewhere.

Damned impatience...
Lower Trestles
First day of three.
9 hours of surf for day one.
Surfline or Surf Relik will have the video!
The MSA contest got some waves this past weekend. Mr. Marshall, perched. Photo: Brian Asher

Hi looking for a bit of advice from the board on a 2 plus 1 I was riding this weekend in good surf
Board is a Vernon treehugger model basically an egg, 7 foot long 21.5 wide and a 15.25 tail. EPS; epoxy. I really like the board it is a quad with a long single box. Had a couple sessions as a quad and it went well. Tried it as a 2 plus 1 in some head to overhead hollow waves. Much looser, but I did have a little trouble with it sliding out as I dropped in on steep faces and trying to turn quickly, like I can do on a quad
My question is I have it set up with a 6 in fin and 3.5 sidebites, should I increase the size of the sidebites or move the fin back (it is basically centered) or change to a larger fin? I am sure my technique was also at least partly to blame. Like the feel of the board just trying to get a bit more bite on the steep takeoffs
My experience with 2 plus 1 has so far been limited to longboards
Thanks for any help or insight
Hello. Have any of you found surf in Japan, Taiwan, or the DR? Be stoked to pick your brains over PM. I will trade for tips for lots and lots of pther places. Thanks.
I just noticed that the glasser who glassed my board was in a rush and didn't take his time to set up the fin, I just noticed this ( after buying a bigger fin)
Anyway, it's tilted to the left. Any thoughts on weather It cam be fixed. Or don't bother