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Thinking about it today, could be time to select a date. We need to get it on everyone's calendars ASAP as we don't conflict with other stuff going on in people's lives and we get our campground reservations.

DPracker also needs to know when we are coming to make sure the place is nice and tidy!

Usual "rules" apply:

Weekend after Labor Day is the Annual San O Surf Club contest - don't even think about it

First weekend in October is usually the Roxy Wahine Classic. Can be fun, but they block off the main reef for the rest of us.

September 15th or 22nd would be my vote. 29th would also work, but not for me, but you guys decide.


I was watching a movie that my wife picked up for me the other night. Its called Riding Giants. They were talking about the day that the guys first paddeled out at Wiamia Bay, most of the names I new but I did not know that Bing was one of the guys to make the paddle out that first day. Man that must have take some balls? Can you remember that Bing? What did it feel like? Did you catch any waves that first day, or did you mostly watch, like I would have been doing?
I just recently bought a sector 9 bamboo longboard after watching some friends ride around a local park. In my mind i was thinking "i want that feeling" and in the past ive always wanted to ride skateboards and stuff but i never had the coordination to do so. soo ive had my board for 2 days and i can kinda ride up and down my street which is flat i have made a few short trips around a few blocks and have made it down a semi steep but really short hill at the end of my street.

well im still having problems with balance, and i cant turn very well soo i usually have to stop to go around most corners and i had problems with speed wobbles. ive tried tightening the trucks and it helps some buit i dont wanna tighten them too much cause then it would probably be to difficult to turn.

what kind of advice would you guys give to someone who has never ridden before(not even a skateboard) and has just started riding as far as like balance and pumping and turning

lol and also whats the best way to go over bigger cracks in the sidewalk and rodes
I put my limited skills and craftsmanship to work, and built my very first fiberglass fin.

Using a heavy weave cloth, I laid up a square to the thickness I needed, and when it set-up, I traced out the design from a 10" Velzy, then cut it out on a bandsaw.
I shaped it with my beltsander, and random orbitting sander.
Finished it with two hot coats with wet sanding inbetween, and the final finish was with 600 grit wet, and Flitz metal polish......
My next project will be a wood core fin shaped like my 10" Takayama fin......
I just want to get feedback from people that have either ridden or know of what they think is the best top five longboards for all around use. A board that is versatile i.e works well in 1' to over head waves.Say a Magic model, or an Infinity Rad Noserider etc.......something that will be somewhat loose and nose ride as well.I am only going to buy one longboard so any advice and or help is appreciated. Thanks
I was taking shots b/f one of my many shows coming up, and figured you guys would enjoy seeing some "Artfer" work. Tell me what you think.

Dashboard Riders...

RTP the Crowbar...

The original thread:

No one came up with a site that met the criteria, but this was honestly a lot of fun for me and I feel some Ts should be given out anyway for the effort.

NJ-Longboarder put me to the test, multiple times. Had me scared once or twice even.
Winner - "Hardest Working" :)

G-Coast - made me laugh as much as NJ made me work.
Winner - "Funniest" :D

PeakMaster - Hmm. Should I give out a "Crustiest" award? Sure, why not. :?

If you guys want to PM me or send an email to wayne@lastwave.com with your size and color prefs I'll get the shirts out to you this week.

Thanks to all who participated in the thread.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving (I sure did) and happy holidays to all.

Did Longboard Magazine go belly up? The "new" issue was supposed to be mailed to subscribers on Oct. 1 and I'm still waiting.