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So i was just thinking this afternoon, what does the East Coast lack in surfing. Of course there are plenty of things that come to mind, but what is the main thing that you feel is missing from the East Coast. Is it high quality board companies, better surf shops, more brands, etc.
Looks like some one did my bidding for me, drove by a gaggle of cyclist and opened fire, hell, I want to drive the Suburban right through the middle of them.
My Dr. Frankenstein side wants to us my scuba tank and regulator to power up my brad nail gun and drive a mile long run of brads right on the solid white line dividing where 5,000 pound vehicles must remain and the egomaniacle pedal pushers stay on the other side of the line, cross it and fix a flat.
I always thought surfers were the opitome of cloning at it's max, but the Lance Armstrong wanna be's take the cake.
I can't wait for my newspaper to see how many were flattened each day, keep up the good work
Hey guys,

I'm a English longboarder that likes to travel and I was planning to head back out to Sri Lanka after a qulaity trip last year. Having a look on the net, flights to LA from London are pretty cheap and have decided that I have to make the trip to the mecca of longboarding.

Planning on heading over with 3 mates, just before New Years and staying for a couple of weeks.

Any advice? Cheap accom (are motels best bet)? Spots I have to check? Sites I have to see?

Pretty excited!



Chilly wanted pics today, so i'll kick off.

Last I heard, Smokey was pearching on the nose of this one. '66 9'10" 422.

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At the Hansen tribute last month they gave each of the attendees a celebratory t-shirt. While I'm a big Hansen fan I don't own a Hansen board so I think my tee should go to someone out there who's a board owner and would appreciate the tee.

Let's see some Hansen board board.

The tee is an XL and free to whomever would like it. I'll send it out USPS Priority Mail no charge.

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I put an ultimatum to my boss several months ago

and told em send me to California or Hawaii for my next tour

or i'd be moving on

so they did

just got back to the US and am moving back to santa annas, cool desert mornings, green backlit waves in the evening

to remember some things... i am riding my motorcycle from the east to the west coast.

to see this land - to see this lady, freedom, closely

i'll surf for the rest of my life, and raise a family near the sea. more important than anything else.

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With 0 fanfare and nary a mention on this silly bulletin board, at least not that I've seen. He's just quietly making beautiful functional boards for those who are paying attention I reckon. That "travel flexpig" has me all twisted.


Some day I hope to be on the Left Coast for one of these Sacred Craft gigs with some coin in my pocket. Gene is about to drop a bomb on this one.
Hey guys looking for someone to help me date Da CAT based on serial #. Anyone have any good contacts or point of ref. ?