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Ok - everyone has an opinion, and I am interested in hearing them. Putting together new board (single fin log, expect to spend some time close to the nose) and am undecided on how much, if any concave to put in it. I am not a great fan of deep concaves, but I also have not ridden that many different boards in the recent past so I am certainly not an experienced enough with different designs to make a informed decision.

Do they really help with nose rides? What's the effect on paddling? Any and all comments appreciated. I've already got an opinion, but I'd like to hear others before I commit $$.

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Mine was great, I surfed all week, drank all week, ate all week and the BEST part was I got to see the after math of Drumhead Buddha accidentally stabbing himself in the thigh with a 12" barbecue fork and then accidentally glue his toes together with Gorilla Glue.............haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Just trying to make plans. boss
ya know... I was travelling last year and I brought my 9'6. it was a heaven and hell experience.

there were perfect waist high days when the log was the only call, and my7'10 egg wouldn't have cut it- the 9'6 turned it from a bummer to a super sesh. other days I didn't have it... sometimes I'd borrow someone's log and my sesh would go from so-so to stoked.

BUT, it was pure hell schlepping the thing around and I ended up ditching it for the majority of the trip.

so- now I'm interested in a wierd hybrid travel board, something just under 8ft, but wide, heavy, flat, and which basically rides like a big log. anyone have experiences with this type of thing? I mean I'm looking for someting which, even tho its short, would be appropriate for, say, mushy 2ft cowell's beach. does that type of design even work? anybody recommend a shaper who's got something like this in their bag of tricks?

thnx! chrisP
I asked this question 4-5 years ago after I ran into a member of "Kansas" when I was surfing. Someone else mentioned Peter Boyle (East Coast) and Chris Isaak (Northern California), just to mention a couple I remember right off hand. Anyway, anyone seen anyone famous lately?
Every time I post on one of the off-topic threads like on the USA Today bloodbath last week, I feel like I need to make up for it by starting a surf-related thread. So, I thought I’d ask all of you connoisseurs of vintage logs to post a picture of your favorite vintage stick - or simply weigh in on your favorite.

Mine is a 9'8" Jacobs Donald Takayama Model I bought a number of years ago. Enjoy the pictures.

Hap Jacobs is one of my favorite shapers. From the surfing ‘dream team’ that rode for him in the ‘60’s, including Takayama, Carson, Nuuhiwa, Dora, August, and Doyle to his association with some of the best shapers of yestrday (Velzy) and today (Matt Calvani and Tyler Hatzykian). I generally don’t buy vintage boards these days (they’ve gotten too expensive) but Hap’s other famous signature model, the Jacobs Lance Carson model is one of my three top wish list vintage boards (the other two being a Con Ugly and Bing DN Noserider).

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Hi all,

I'm new here-hoping to get some advice and learn more about surfing. I'm an old guy -48 years old been surfing only five years. I often hear yoda's voice in my head saying "Too old to begin the training" but I've managed with great difficulty to learn how to get waves and compete with other surfers for those waves. I can take off late, turn, cut back, am comfortable up to slightly over head high, rarely lose my board, hardly ever blow a takeoff, etc. I surf an average of three times a week. What I can't do is cross step-never have successfully done it. I'm 210 lbs and ride a 9'6' x3 1/4" harbour banana. The other thing bugging me is when to lose the leash. None of the better surfers at my break use one, and I think I'm about ready to give it up. Anyone have a guideline about when to give up the leash and when to use it? Is there any point in going without it if you can't freakin cross step?
Hey guys, this is my first post here.

I started surfing about a year ago and fell in love with it. I started out with a 7'6 funshape and practiced alot. Eventually i got comfortable with it in all situations. After having some frequent elbow and shoulder pains (stemming from playing guitar) I decided i wanted to go longboard for ease of paddling etc.

Well to make a long story short i ended up going to the local board shop in OC MD and bought a new Bruce Jones 9'0 longboard. When i took it out i sucked so freakin bad on it and kept pearling like a mofo. I couldnt ride hardly anything on it! I kept trying to change my placement but i either missed the wave or pearled. I also didnt notice much of a difference in floatation/paddling ease. What is the deal?!

What are all your opinions on this board? Does anyone have/had it and liked or disliked it? I think it sucks, but im pretty sure its probably just me.