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A lot of boards seem like they overlap others. 9'7 Isis ....7'0 single fin .....6'2 keel fish
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8' ish (7'10-8'10) boards are kind of becoming the new mini Simmons. Mals, baby guns, trendy Aussie-phile, redo gussies and so on maybe the new rage. So many shapers from Tyler to R.Lovelace are doing them that it seems like there is something going on.

I always have found the length to be a weird middle ground but with last Springs brief trip on a Hilberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs Hot Gen I started seeing this length in more interesting light. I even bought the HG back from Roach for further "research."

Anyhow, Before I start my new (be like me) blog;) wondering what intrigues you guys and gals about boards this length? What are you riding and conditions do you grab your 8'er for?

Haters and skeptics feel free to chime in as well
Josh o. Fish Simmons. Dark Burgundy tint. 8oz volan. Glass on thruster setup. Bob m helped . Rode 1 time. Lost board into rocks so it has 3 small dings now. Board is insane. No heel marks. 858 945 3198. 750-firm

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Anybody going to this? Thinking of swinging by after the SDSFF Stokefest...


Info: View or bid on vintage surfboards, hang with the legendary, and check out great art, too. General admission is $10 and you get to hang all day. Bring money for food and beverages too and wear layers, it's indoors/outdoors.

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there will be a quiz[​IMG]

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I am looking for old photos of surf shop store fronts for my blog and future articles

I would like your help with:

1. Photo of Surf Shop storefront

2. Location, a little history
a. Surfboard Brands
b. Their local Shapers

Your sharing will be super for all see, learn about and drift off to a wonderul part of all of our lives!

This example is from my buddy Tom, The building is gone!


The blog today something to really think about!

Keep Surfing da Coach

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I now offer a new model "Equalizer". It's the best noserider to date.. Stamp it! This thing rides a different line than anything I've seen, it's weird looking.. But dang... Crazy long noserides, the board just matches wave speed, fast or slow. I have limited pics of it right now but am building some stocks and NOW TAKING ORDERS AGAIN! It is extremely easy to ride, just get on and noseride, no setting up, no stall, no wait, just noseride... Until you feel like doing a bitchen turn!

Check it out at...


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