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I was driving past the Grotto this morning and saw a big sign that said "Store Closing Sale." I went in to ask the guy if they were really closing the store, or just relocating, but he confirmed that they were shutting down the store. A lot of their inventory was on sale (e.g., new boards were reduced only slightly like $100 or $150, collectible boards were slashed by the $1000's, dvd's and most other items were also reduced). That is really the end of an era.
I just got back into surfing after 40 years and need more balance practice. Something that doesnt cost a mint for I wont be doing rails and jumping over ledges just curves and things that will give me balance..i found a two wheel one in front and ont in back on SKYMall.com for $100..but dont know if this is really what I need..you young guys might be able to help me..thanks. joe
Here's the problem: I am tall (6'3") so my legs are pretty long. Two relaxed cross-steps on a 9'6" puts my front foot about 8-10 inches from the nose. Then I feel like I am stuck. I am too close to the nose to cross-step again. But I am still a good distance from the tip. I can stand right there all day or occasionally I can get a cheater 5. I have never felt solid with 5 off yet to go for 10.

I am wondering if I move down to a 9-0 or 9-2 then maybe two steps would put me right on the nose.

Maybe I just need to take smaller steps.

Any one else ever have the same problem?
Hey Silky, your Bing/Zeph Fade 2 Black showed up @ the shop the other day, and I know you've been dying to check it out. So here we go...

This is my first contact w/ one and I must say she is thinned out! She feels good though. One of the nicest hp boards I've seen in a while.

BTW, take up any complaints w/ Zeph!;):p



The Austin S.T.D. finally made it up to Maine.

My wife didn't have room on her car so a N.J. friend of ours brought it up.

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I have copied portions of this from a post I made in another thread.

"God bless Longboardmaster in a huge way. HOWEVER, this forum is slowly but surely flushing itself down the s&*tter. The "good ole boys" on this forum are the main cause."

What used to be a great mechanism for information exchange, some stupid,yet acceptable banter has now denigrated into total idiocy.

Classifieds: selling boards(For sale Not Mine) Cars???(Come on WTF???)

Board worship. How about riding the boards you own well and stop with the need to buy more you overconsuming hypocrite motherf#%kers.

Bing worship: Flat out silly and embarassing. f#%k all of you that think otherwise.

Hold on, I think I need to puke over the rail of my deck. Most of you make me sick.
I would like each one of you to PM me with your nose rider or your favorite logs dimensions, and your age. I'm going to put together a spread sheet and a graph showing float to age, if you what you can also state if the board has a concave nose or not and I will do a graph on person size versos. concave. So here is what I need.

I do not care who made the board, I just what.

Length. nose, wide point, tail, thickness, your weight, your age, and if the board has a concave or not. So I should be looking at something like this. You only get one vote, I will run this for one week. So your intery will only be excepted until 2PM June 6th, and remember I'm looking for log/nose riders single fin boards, not HP that will throw off the graph I'm sure. I'm guessing this could be a very helpfull piece of information for the newer surfers that are looking for a nose rider/log. So I should be looking at something like this.

11', 18", 24", 16.5", 3 3/4", 240lbs, 62, no concave.
Anyone know the web address for the Bing/Jacobs stock photos on Shutterfly? My computer had a shit fit and deleted everything.