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I am trying to borrow a travel bag that will fit a 7'5 V-bowls-ish egg (relatively narrow nosed 16ish) and a 5'10 fish with glass on fins. The fish belongs to a friend and we want to pack them both together to save on board bag fees. I think a 7'6 or 8'0 coffin-type bag would work, the fish fins would have to be packed up in foam around the nose of the egg. I am trying to travel as cheaply as possible and was wondering if some kind-hearted forumer had such a bag and would be willing to ship it Charleston SC. Of course shipping at my expense. Thanks!
This looks like it might be a good deal if the shaper knows what he is doing. It's a 10'6" and I was thinking about getting it for the winter small waves. Any comments? soul surfboard.jpg
Wishing a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and swell filled New Year to you all and your families!
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411 please
I have a Rip Curl Hood, pictured, but when duck diving, water seems to get into the hood. I'm assuming around my face. The hood fits plenty snug, so I'm wondering if this is just a common issue with these. Any recommendations on a better hood that water won't get into? I see that they make some that are hooked to a vest that adds extra warmth. I'm tempted to buy one of these but really want some input on some that you guys have had good luck with. Thanks.
...or at least it feels that way in New Jersey right now. This flat spell is killing me. No sign of swell, pretty cold to do the usual outdoor exercise stuff like go for a paddle or a run. Wondering what other East Coasters like myself do when the weather sucks and its flat to stay in shape. Always looking to get something better than going for a run on a treadmill.

Can anyone give me info on this Surfboards Hawaii step deck? It is a 9'2" with SH1200 written on the stringer.