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ive got some of the fins
Love them
But I’ve got to admit I have no idea who the maker is
Please enlighten me
Any Jammers in Carlsbad that wouldn’t mind grabbing a board for me? Biggest issue is getting it shipped to east coast. I’ll cover all cost. PM if interested I know this is a pain for anyone. I have a hard case I could ship out and add another board to make shipping back easier. Thanks
Jammers -Haven't been on in a while but was looking for some advice on where to stay while in SD.Will be there Feb 5-8 attending an event at the SD Exposition Center. Instead of overpaying for a hotel I thought I'd try to find a house or condo on or walking distance to loggable waves.Don't have to be anywhere until 9:30a so I can def get some DP in. Was looking at Ocean or Mission Beach but only because I don't know any better. Need 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. Up to 250 a night to work with. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks!
So how do you really tell the difference? Lay a straight edge across the bottom?

Looking at Cuda’s MicroAnt that is currently for sale, which is a gorgeous board by the way. But i can’t tell It’s a hull by just looking at it.

Easy to know, see my short boards are planing. But for example what would my relatively new Bing Silver spoon be?

Hey Gang

I am trying to get the Lost RNF Retro from dorado but don't have any ability to get to NY. Any of you travel that direction that can help me?

After watching the Peahi's/Jaw's Challenge I gringed as I watched and held my breath for seconds as both men and women went over the falls, Maytagged and came up alive. I was maybe 14 years old when I paddled out from Cowell's to the second reef at Steamer's Lane. This was like 1964. It was one helluva an experience. I had a 9' 8" pop out. I sat out there with Chubby Mitchell, Kit Horn and maybe Bob Pearson. Chubby looked at me and told me to paddle in now! I did, but not until I paddled into what was probably a 10-15' wave. The water running up the face was pushing me back up the wave and when it released I did a free fall trying to stay on the board. I went down hard and the board (sans leash) found it's demise against the cliff. I was Maytagged and I truly believe God loves fools and idiots! Chubby saw it all come down. He paddled my ass in to Cowell's and man did I catch hell! When I got home, the pineapple/coconut telegraph had reached my dad/house. It took me a year to earn enough money to buy a Duke Kahanomoku popout at the Hillsdale Sears and Roebuck to try it again!

So what's your biggest wave? I've come to a senior moment that anything over my head is now a medicare moment!
Will be staying in Rincon with wife and 2 kids from 12/26-1/4. Haven't been to PR in a long time so I'm really looking forward to it. I'm bringing shortboards with me and don't want to risk travelling with one of my logs. Does anyone know a place that has decent single fin selection down there? I've done some online research but it's hard to sift through.

Would like to have something to ride for the smaller days.
hi everyone , I have a 7”2 mitsven magic with a 2+1 setup using a 6.5 Frye And 3.25 true hex cell side bites . Wanna try other setup and seeing if anyone has any suggestions as a single or 2+1 .. thanks