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I looked a bit through the archives but I’d thought I’d reach out to see if there’s anything new over the counter out there that people are using to wall mount heavy longboards horizontally for display.

Thanks in advance,

After reading the joe aaron thread I decided to try and see if tudor surfboards was still a thing. The website doesn't look completely out of date but it also doesn't look that fresh. In the first round of tudor surfboards I was able to ride a few of Bill's shapes and really liked his work. Any idea if Bill is shaping with tudor surfboards or under the Fresh Pineapples label anymore? The model K https://joeltudor.com/portfolio_page/model-k/ looks pretty cool and I'd be stoked to try and get it either as a tudor or a pineapple.

Also, anyone have any idea what these are running?
Brought to my attention via Liquid Salt, thought I'd throw it out for discussion. What species are you, what others have you noted at your break?
Delivers your point more successfuly?
Haven't heard from him in years, is he still longboarding? Seems like he lost his way a while back but he sure could surf. Maybe Joel should invite him to the Duct Tape, let bygones be bygones.
I often think about this.

When we were younger.

Before hopping on a board.

Before feeling that first rush (and push) of whitewash....

What exactly was it that dominated our interest? Before any of us knew better.


Beyond old Godzilla movies and the idea Mothra realistically posed a legitimate threat....


When I was like 5-6yr old I pretended giant, chunky crayola magic markers were swords.

I'd choose red (duh) and dramatically slash n' hack at a defenseless 18"x24" tablet of paper..thinking the wildly obscure, lethal-looking markings were mortal hits on an unsuspecting enemy's very soul.


I was entirely untouchable...my training was far too rigorous for most to understand...let alone deal with in their hearts...I was immune, stoic & invincible:


....I was a champion of the people...releasing those desperate folk from tyranny--allowing sweet justice & reprieve...

Was I victorious? Of course I was...we were all 5yr old...c'mon..the imaginary glory sustained us..


Then.....we grew up..


Well...sorta.....I did anyway.

I began surfing in my 30's.

Not the norm--I get that...just reality.

I'd bravely dive down into double over-head thinking I was that invincible boy of my youth.

I wasn't.

My ass never looked nearly this good:


I accepted it.

So I stepped back to reflect...


Christ was I a badass when I was all alone -- left to my own thoughts.

What ever became of greatness?

I was immortal...


....reality creeps in....


Adolescence---a uniquely funny thing.

Before losing my shit in shoulder-high.

On what was probably a tongue depressor disguised...


Where were you..what were you doing....before you stepped on a board.

I'd like to know.
For my fins I find that I should not get near poly resin ever again. The styrene is a No No.

So, epoxy from now on and, as such, who can point me to good info on finishing/polishing epoxy?
Have a buddy with Eyes on The J Cherry board for sale. Anybody willing to help with Packing for shipping to Florida. Will contact Dolly for shipment. Any Help Greatly Appreciated
While we still have some hot days left here, the signs of Fall coming are now noticeable. It's mostly the humidity draining away but the most obvious is the higher clouds.
The Fall surf is going to be outstanding this year.