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Got a 6'3 in a bag clean safe and sound looking to get from RI to Long Branch NJ.

Thank you!
Bill drop this off and ask me to post this here.

Great piece.PM me if any intrest.

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I've been dealing with jeff at nine lights for a 5 years or so. Started with some fin reworking on my terry martin chip that came out flawless then a few repairs on cooperfishs flawless again. And now my entire quiver under 7 ft are his boards. He's a true craftsman doing everything himself with different techniques. All my boards are his open face eps balsa boards. Light and super strong. None have any pressures.

Just wanted that give him a shout out. For a little more so worth it to have a board last forever with the same performance.
Just ordered a 5'9 fish from him and stoked
I know someone has asked and answered but I can't find it. How do you free up a board bag zipper? I remember rub soap on it so it doesn't get this way but little late for that now. Thanks peeps

I asked you a question a while ago in the middle of page 3 of the thread titled: Not surf related, but I'm stoked anyway. I originally posted the question right after you posted some YouTube video and the statement "when miscreant isn't the center of attention this is what happens".

Although this question has nothing to do with character attacks or insults,
I'm hoping you'll answer the question. I'm legitimately wondering your position on it.

Would you swim/body surf around San Clemente right now given all the recent shark activity?
I am getting married in early November and taking a honeymoon after that. Looking for a place that has good waves and diving/snorkeling for my fiance. We live in California so not looking to stick around here. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
Hey All-

I recently picked up a Takayama Strata fin and one or two of you expressed interest. Noah Shimabukuru, who runs the Takayama online shop, said he has found a couple more if anyone wants to try one. He didn't give me a price, but I think they're $50-55+s/h and both he found are amber yellow.

The odd thing about the Strata is that it's only 7.5" tall, but it has a ridiculous amount of surface area. Noah said that Donald used to rave about how good these were, so that's why I gave it a go. I'll post a ride report next month, but if anyone wants one, you can get in touch with Noah at <noahkaoi@gmail.com>

Takayama Strata fin.jpg
does anybody know Tony personally and have his email or phone number?? I'm heading to PR and would like to hook up with him.
We are starting a youth surf club at our local shop and looking to buy or have donated a bunch of surf videos. Looking for all the classics and even some of the modern videos. DVD preferred and nothing vulgar. DM me what you have and how much you want for it. Thanks, J
Well...I got Little Compton Surfer's old Phillips CC. It was beautiful and I was excited to receive it. I noticed that the tail is really thin and the rails were a bit thinner than I expected. We had decent surf yesterday and I took her out. My first session was in shoulder to head high waves and I wasn't able to get the turn I wanted from it. I was concerned that the big "Cat" fin was too much fin for the way I surf. I also found that I had to paddle further up on the board than I expected. I had a little trouble getting into waves. I surfed two spots because the first got really crowded by 6 AM... I had fun an kinda liked the board but knew it would be a "different smoke" from my traditional nose riders and my JQ pig (which Roadmaster bought and rips on!). I went to work and came home midday for another session.

The second session was more satisfying than the first. I felt a lot more comfortable on the board and therefore relaxed. The waves were steep and sometimes closed out in front of me, but the CC handled the soup just fine.

This morning at 5AM I started my third session. The waves were about waist high plus and pretty lined up. I caught about twice as many waves as I normally do, so my initial concerns about the amount of float to the board were not well founded. I found that I liked having the narrower nose. I got a number of nice nose rides. An added plus is that you can steer from the nose. I found that the large fin actually helped with the fade left go rights and it held in so you could hold the line if the wave closed out in from of you. All in all, I was extremely happy with it.