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Anyone here listening? Interested to hear what you think. I kinda enjoy it. Mostly.
Anyone else here dealing with chronic shoulder issues? It seems like every winter toward the end of the season I find myself nursing tendonitis. AC stuff and or mild RC tears. Duck diving bigger boards in thicker wetsuits along with aging and sports injuries from days long gone by seem to be my nemesis. ( no idea if nemesis has a plural)
Usually, I get issues in one or the other shoulder now i've seemed to have aggravated both. Its now fuqking up paddling, duckdiving and popup timing ( pretty much 70% of the game)
Rest helps acupuncture helps but, the right one is really bugging me. This is the 1st time I've seriously considered surgery but hoping I can get past it without.

So unless you area PT I'd mainly like to here from the 50 years plus crowd. How are you dealing with this sort of stuff? Have you gone the surgical route? If not and have reoccurring issues how are you dealing?

Any other advice? short of moving to a location with warmer winter water which is off the table until I get my kid through college.

thanks in advance
Was out at Groins/Finger Jetties in Westport. Everywhere else was crap (I looked) and I was surprised to see clean peeling lefts with nobody on 'em. Took a local kid out to teach him how to surf and so stayed inside most of the session. But was able to snag a few very fun lefts.

We could see a sea lion out swimming back and forth and another one on a harbor bouy about 200 yards away. The big guy had barked at me from a distance a couple of weeks back but was far enough away that I felt ok. I paddled way outside to try to pick off one of the set waves coming through when they showed up. Suddenly about 10 feet away and between me and the shore a huge head pops up and starts barking at me like crazy and shaking its ginormous head. The kid I was with suddenly figured out how to spin his board and paddle. I just laughed but decided to stay inside a little more. That guy was the size of a Volkswagen and he looked angry. My theory is that the sea lion on the buoy is part of his harem and he was patrolling to keep others away.

On the plus side- I'm liking my Walden Magic.

This is not the actual sea lion- but it looks similar

Will be traveling to the outer banks in June and hope to get some surf in. Staying down near hatteras How is the surf this time of year and what are the breaks like? First time traveling hear, just trying to get an idea and what to bring for boards.

I've thoroughly exhausted the 60's and 70's archives- Morning of the Earth, 5 Summer Stories, etc and was wondering if anyone had any solid recommendations for the thread title in question?
Clips, Flicks, whatever you got.

hi there
Tomorrow morning I am driving to Long Island
So I will be passing through Brooklyn and southern part of NY
I can pick up anything in that area and bring it to CT
Then later on can bring it to Mass and RI
Sorry for the last minute advise
But I made the deal at 6pm
Let me know if I can be of any help
Does Gloucester, MA still have a yearly board swap?