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Been thinking about this for alittle bit,

I suppose this boils down to a personal opinion in the end,

All surf shapes and outlines started from someone / somewhere. What are some of the original shapes that have withstood the tests of time vs a shape that has been updated or evolved into the something better.

For example - Steve Lis Fish vs Skip Frye Fish or the Velzy Pig vs Bing Pig

Thoughts ?
just seeing if anybody is headed north and has room for a vintage 9'-10" G&S? If so give a shout out and feel free to give her a go :). Thanks for any help also if it can make it to Brooklyn by the 29th of this month that would work as well.
I got it from LittleComptonSurfer and I've had it about a month. I thought it would be fun although I was iffy about the glassed on fin. I've ridden it in really small Virginia Beach and yesterday and today it was waist to chest (on the odd set wave) with some push. I have heard that the original Cats were really not that good, but this modernized version is amazing. The glassed on fin just really works in this board!! I highly recommend it!! A big shout out to Roadmaster for buying my JQ Pig so I could afford to get this!! He kills on the JQ so I guess it worked out for everyone.
Anyone familiar with Grentec skateboards from the 70's. Trying to find out if they're American made.
I'll be working this winter as a ski patroller just like do in the states, but here in New Zealand. Girlfriend of 9.5 years broke up with my dumbass, so I decided the best course of action was to promptly start smashing chicks off bumble and move as far away as physically possible. Should be a interesting next 4 months of work and hopefully travel. I'll keep pictures/experiences in this tread. I'm open for suggestions on things to do on the South Island or meeting up if anyone on OT lives down there. these are pictures starting a month ago up until this morning. been here for about a month now. let me know if you guys know of any surf sports around christchurch worth checking out or if you know of anyone down here who is looking for a surfing buddy. i'll keep this thread updated if there is enough interest in it.

Headed towards the mountain range I'll be living and working in/on


The ski area is behind the clouds

My room - 14/15 people live in the building. All essential personnel which include ski patroller, cat operators and snow making staff.
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I am losing hope that my Austin stubby will find its way back to me, so I am beginning to think about a possible replacement. Looking for ideas to begin my search.

I am aiming for either a big short board, or mid-length. I am about 195lbs, 43 yrs old, and a low-intermediate surfer, so I like lots of float and easy paddling, but I also want something that will be good for days with stronger offshore winds and/or bigger/steeper waves. So at least a narrow nose and more than one fin.

Given that I am not the average teenager/20-something that most shops stock for, I might do custom again, but looking for ideas where to start my search.
that's what I came away with after watching the the entertaining and feee new release from the capt fin squad.

I've heard his name over the years but this may be the first I've seen of him.

I have been emailing back-and-forth with Lance for a few weeks about a 50s pig he is shaping me. What a good experience he has been so good at getting back with me on emails and progress and seems genuinely stoked to shape this board .

It will be a 9 6 50s style pig very similar to carkuns. He did not have any big balsa left and with a little footwork he got a solid 5 inch piece of balsa for the stringer from Gene Cooper. I'll post progress pics

' image1.jpeg
Ordered and it is a bit too tight for me. $400 retail, still has tags attached and bag from shipping. No longer made, see description. $250 shipped to anywhere in US.


Large- 5'10-6'0 165-175lbs
The Walter wetsuit brings you back to the beach in classic style with all of the modern features and functionality. Walter is covered in a smoothie face on the upper body, down through the legs to provide warmth and protection from the wind, as well as nostalgic aesthetic. The neoprene is made up of super stretch nylon in all the right places; 3mm under the arms, neck, and legs, while 4mm makes up the back and chest. Walter went one step further and included Finex to the chest and back for added warmth. Captain Fin has gone to great lengths in offering a suit that is classic in style yet supremely futuristic. Do not fly to close to the sun, but if you do...bring Walter.

Key Features:

  • 4mm chest, back, torso, and legs.
  • 3mm stretch nylon under arms and neck.
  • Finex chest, back, and torso.
  • Fully taped, glued, double blind stitch seam construction.
  • Articulated cuffs at wrist and ankle.
  • Engineered knee pads.
  • Classic backzip entry.
  • Custom logo on chest and wrist.