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Seth left us a year ago, still remembered by many here. Here's hoping you and Ten Toes are getting great surf.
7A0DE62E-9248-4B1B-841B-8078477EF11C.jpeg Haven’t seen Matt in years just saw and talked with him in the water. One of the first logs I road was a Bettis. Always can appreciate someone that does everything start to finish

Seemed to be bumming do to some last min having to change shops and start over

If ur looking for a solid board that is all done by one man hit him up

His new log looked very clean

So I clicked on one of those side Mastercraft advertisements based on this picture. Has to be photoshop, but I guess it worked since I watched the video. Looks like an entirely different wave on both sides of boat.
Downsizing my living situation and have a 9'7 Bing silverspoon in good condition up for grabs in Orange County. 8fitty. shoots me an email if you're interested. alekrockrise@gmail.com
Have a bolt threw screw that’s rusted into the board, I don’t really want to drill the screw out, any suggestions
Great lead, right? :) I'm sure there will be some different opinions on this piece:


Got whacked with a clot in right calf a couple of weeks ago. Going through normal medical protocols including shots and oral blood "thinners". Still swollen and painful. Stressing it with exercise is like serious lactic acid and shin splint pain and swelling. Anybody got a miracle cure to get me back to something resembling normal?
I cracked the leading edge of the fin box on my log. The crack goes from the box both directions, 6-8 in. in total. You can feel it when you run your finger nail across the area. I added a little sun cure over the area, let dry, and applied a little more, then sanded the excess. It is holding up so far. Is this something I should just leave be, or should I take it in and get it repaired? Not my board in pic, but similar looking crack crack.jpg
Since this time of year is upon us matey's, let's all dig out our CD's of Jazz the Glass and hurl down some grog.
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