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Anyone recognize this board? A surfer was brought to the hospital today without ID and they need help identifying him. "The surfer, who is likely in his 50s, had gray hair and gray facial hair. He was riding a custom surf board that says "made for Jeff" on the bottom of it."


I hardly pull out the mid lengths any more. I rode the noserider a couple time this weekend and while it was super fun, I still noticed the lack of glide. That's because I've been riding my 10'6" Mitsven Egg whenever possible. I dig the glide and it suits my style.

I have a 10'3" Andreini Vaquero made up and ready to go whenever I can get to Santa Barbara to pick it up. (note - anybody coming from SB to SD or OC I'd really appreciate you bringing it down)

I'm also tempted to go bigger and would like to hear what you all have to say on the subject. I want (don't need) to get an 11'+ Glider for tiny surf. The scenario is late afternoon/evening at one of the North County SD reefs like Cardiff. Weak, semi choppy, knee high waves break and then the foam kind of rolls along. I want to just cruise that whitewater and be able to change direction a couple times to keep it going.

I'm thinking 11'2" Mitsven Eagle or Magic. Tempted by a big fishsimmons but that seems more risky. Like the idea of a glassed in single fin. Been riding the egg with a 6.5" center when it's small and it seems to slide along much better. I know this is a well worn subject on the board. Last night I went back and read all 20 pages of 'what glider for beach break' and several other threads on gliders. I just figure its a worthy subject to rehash. What model? How big? Fin?
My thoughts are with AK, his cat, his home and his life.

When we met buddy, da rum and cat food is on me!

Hey all,

I know I know. Do it myself. I usually do but this is for a pretty large delam and Id rather not give this board my standard sloppy repair job for something this size.

Whos your go-to person in Los Angeles? I had a good guy but hes got a good attitude that comes along with it which is what eventually made me learn on my own.
jim ( the slim pet rock) is gone. he done got up and left. adoption.
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