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The older get, the more interested I am in what surfers are doing to keep themselves in surfing shape.

Right now, I’m at a point where soccer practices, bus pick ups and other joys of parenting really limit my water time and I’m sure there are others like me who have gone through the same thing. With limited time, I want to max out what I’m doing to benefit me in the water.

The winter hacks thread gave some good ideas that I never thought of, so I figured maybe I’d get some new ideas here. What’s your routine no matter what your age to maintain being ready to surf and injury free?
headed to the Dominican Republic tomorrow & Im going to be renting a board (not a soft top) for the week. They apparently allow daily board exchanges, so I can play around with a few different ones if inclined.

Anyone ever pack their own fins for rental boards? Is it worth it? Was thinking of bringing an 8 & 9” 4a + some sidebites to cover anything 7-6 And above that I end up on. Just not sure it’s really worth the risk of them getting lost, damaged etc.
An Anderson Dane Peterson model is for sale near me. Amy thoughts oor experiences with this board? Only dims are 9'6. Hard to tell condition from the pics but he's only asking $375. Thanks.
So.....had a good conversation today with Brazilnut from Ventura about how many boards and type of boards for the ideal quiver....sort of came up with three as the minimum and maximum.

1. shorter board
2. midlength
3. longer board

For me, that means: 6'9 McCallum modern Simmons quad (shorter board), 7'6 Aleutian Juice 2 +1 and 8'5 Klaus Jones EVO pin single.....absolutely love this nice tight quiver...

any other Jammers want to post on their picks?

1st Noosa Open . Put on a stellar performance.
for those looking for some background visuals to pass the time, the Noosa Longboard finals are today:

Friend just came back from a surf trip, showed me the cringe worthy damage done to his relatively new LB's by the airlines in spite of a heavily padded travel case...

Electric cars, space stations, watch computers, factory made shell boards..and we still don't have a well built two piece longboard for travelling...ideally contained in a hard shell upright wheeler with big letters on it stating "Expo Stand" so the blood sucking baggage nazi's at the counter have to withhold their proboscis..

the patent for the Bi-sect expired years ago, so Pope and his son can no longer threaten companies doing R&D with lawsuits as they previously did..

so where the hell is that relatively affordable, reasonable model selection, high tech 'make it easier on us' when travelling two piece board? Lib Tech, Firewire, whoever, are you listening?
just picked up a 10” Sparky to try in my 9-6 (?) Almond Nate Adams model (slightly pulled square tail, nose concave, etc.). I typically run a 10” 4a, but wanted to try a more noserider-oriented fin.

The Sparky looks HUGE to me in there. The base sticks out of the fin box (the glide pin is positioned way deeper than the 4a or any other fin I’ve seen) and it seems the rear of the fin sticks out 1” or so past the tail.

For those familiar with these types of fins, is this position “normal”, or am I going to be waaaaay over-finned here?
i need to buy a planer for general purposes but have romantic visions of shaping a board one day. Is there a certain standard planer out there that is better for board shaping? I am a dewalt tool guy but can go any direction really.
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