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SURF: Jet Ski Wipeouts (Fails, Accidents)

I have decided to create a dedicated Instagram page to sell Surfboards from quality craftsman. I will try my best to keep most boards posted as handshaped Surfboards. If anyone would like me to post pictures of there boards on the Instagram page I'd be honored. DM and I will help out. Please give it a look and follow if you like the movement. Much appreciated!!
Anyone in long beach that could pick this up for me? Been looking for this board for a long time.

6'8 Feather Fastback $475
Here is the deal, I am done bleeding out my eyes and have almost gotten things to "center" with my addiction to surfboard buying. As a final round push to clear the shelves and get boards in people's hands who will ride them regularly, I have the following:

10'2 Lance Carson Classic 60s Pintail - handshaped. This is the $$ shot version and not a price pleaser. Clear, volan, yellow fin (w black pin) and leash bridge. Flawless. 10 out of 10. $1850.

7'8 Cooperfish Speedhull. Flawless. Blue/Grey opaque. With bulbus fin. $1200

7'4 John Cherry Simm 21. You cant get them anymore and this one is a beauty. It has been ridden but has ZERO repairs or snackles. The hull is flawless. The deck likely has some light pressures. It is an amber tint with his abalone shell logo and a wood inlay of a cross. Fins are birds eye maple...I think. 9-9.5 out of 10. $1100

9'6 Tyler 777 Craftsman. Surfed exactly 1 time in some slop at SanO. Clear, volan, with double stick *glued together - 2" or 3"* balsa stringer, black glass on and leash loop. 9-9.5 out of 10. $1850. Grab a Crafstman for $2950 or a "series board" for around $1850+TAX.

11'6 Dead Kooks glider. If you cant find the 2 VERY small repairs I will show you. Blue deck with wild, Superwolf, swirl hull. $1600

12" Thomas Bexon glider. Flawless. Emerald green. $1900

So, if you like something AND you are READY, WILLING AND ABLE to pay the price(s) above, hit me up with a DM with name and phone. The sell down of boards has me flat worn out and I cant take anymore haggling/horse trading or otherwise.

NO PICS FOR PORN, DROOLING OR OTHERWISE. I dont have time to waste.

Rich - Cranky Old Man - BoardAddict
I've learned one thing, don't take life for granted. You never know when you or someone you know will be gone. Ed TentoesEd John died in his sleep a couple of years ago, no known sickness or issue, just happened, and anyone who met him knew he was a special person in the best way. I stole this picture from Facebook, where family and friends still celebrate his birthday. Many of you older folks knew Ed, I hope you take this as a hint to stay close to people you know and stop the negative and re-enforce the positive in the things we all share. This guy knew how to ride a wave, but to also draw the most from a day at the beach over and above surfing. Aloha Ed.
NE could be New England or North East

This is an area of skill and service I'm severely lacking in and has become insanely apparent with the departure from ding repair of my friend

Jason May in Hope Valley RI

I'll throw his name up Just in case he ever decides to put his hat back in the ring. Graphic artist and Mad Scientist who is/was hands down the most methodical, reasonable, and Honest cat I would trust with any job and any board from A to Zeph.

So- who's your guy?
Putting out some feelers for a board train or cheap ideas to move a 9'8 w glass in ?
...and the pure joy when the guy makes it at the end of clip

Along with my longboards I enjoy short boards as well classic. Fins bonzers and so on I had an original mini Simmons ola de oro by Joe bauguess years ago and a hydrodynamica simster as well and wanted to get one more shaped but his email doesn't seem to get much response does anyone know if he is still shaping and how to get a hold of him ?