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IMG_0790.JPG IMG_0791.JPG IMG_0792.JPG Had to share. So, after a quick 600+ mile, three State round trip to our local shaper here in the Lakes. Picked up my new Mid-length Fish. stoked on the level of craftsmanship Tim puts into his boards. (Migration Surfboards)
Can't wait to take if for test run!!
fun little edit on the mctavish trim event for you glider type folk
Hey guys,

So I've been exploring the subject of twists in boards and I've found very little on the subject.

Here is my question to you: how do twists occur?

As i currently understand it, the first opportunity for a twist would be an inattentive shaper who planes the board unevenly.

The next oppertunity for a twist to form would be leaving a planed blank unglassed for long enough in particular conditions i.e. high humidity, temperature fluctuations...Which lead the blank to warp slightly before glass is applied.

But how about boards which come out straight from the shop and develop a twist over time? What are the factors at play there?
Ive heard that heat damage over time is a factor, some have even suggested improper storage over time can result in a twisted board. This I don't particularly understand and cannot find any conclusive theories on.

Please share your twisted knowledge :)
Honda Pilot, bought new in 2004. Always been a great vehicle, but last week got a big surprise. Like most SUVs the roof is well out of line of sight and I never paid any attention to it until I noticed a bubble above the windshield. While working on this I noticed dozens of small places where there are bubbles, as well as a couple of quarter size spots. Guess all those years of mountain driving/rock chips/salt and/or mag chloride and years of putting surfboards on the rack finally caught up to me. Now looking at some significant work to sand, prep and paint. I had fixed some small chip spots a few years ago on the hood, never checked out the roof.

Just thought I would mention so others will be aware how rust can sneak up and bite you.
anybody familiar with them? Back in 09', in HI on a consulting gig that ran spring through summer, flew in without boards (a first), scooped up some CL boards once there. One in the mix was an 8'0 Truline mini HPLB that turned out to be hella fun for average Diamond Head surf.

A SF bay area surf/snowboard shop owner routinely has both Trueline and Doyle's for sale on CL, both brands appear to be coming off the same CNC and through the same glass shop, obviously lower end shop boards.

Boards don't work well by accident, however, regardless of source, and have remained curious as to who's behind Trueline if anyone has the 411. ​
I'm heading to Pavones in a month for a couple weeks and I'm in need of board advice from anyone with experience surfing point breaks. Most of my boards are shorter and wider with more rocker for the beach breaks here in NC. From videos I've seen of guys surfing points, it looks like they favor longer, narrower boards with less rocker? Are fish well suited to points? Single fins? What would you bring if you could only bring 1 board?

Just went down to the local inlet. 6-8 foot unrideable conditions. One guy out getting blasted into the jetty at the mouth of the inlet. He disappeared. I went down to look for him. He climbed out of the water on the concrete jacks. 18 year old kid. I asked him if he ever surfed here before. He said “It's my second time but I had the itch.” Heres the kicker... he’s on a soft top twin fin. He showed me the holes in his board and I suggested another spot for his next surf adventure.
My power has been out at home for 16 hours with no relief in sight, I am stuck working today in my office, and the internet is slow as hell, so I can't get any wave cams up. Anyone want to share reports or pictures?

(Not that I'd be paddling out today anyway even if I wasn't working -- head high is my current limit.)
Let's Hope Spring is right around the corner! Sunday April 22nd, 9am to 4pm. Always one of the best days of the year with surfers showing up from all over the Northeast and Mid Atlantic.

Not many rules:
-Buy, Sell or Trade...what ever money you make is yours.
-Boards, memorabilia, accessories, skate stuff...NO NEW BOARDS...they have to be used.
-We can't have any clothing or wetsuits, so as to not bum out the town and seem like a garage sale.
-You must have a good time!