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Hey guys,

seshday is running 20% off, code is june20, there's some excel infinity comp 3/2 fullsuits for about 129 bucks, after discount tax and shipping I think its about $125 bucks!

What board/fin set up? etc.

Confession - gimmick fins are my weakness.
Headed to Chicama, Peru in a couple of weeks for a few days of long left handers. I wanted to ask you guys if you have any advice on bringing boards or renting there. The Chicama hotel has boards for rent but they all look like stock rental boards you find anywhere.

I would take my boards, but my family (including 2 kids under 10) are meeting me in Lima after my solo mission so their gear will take priority over mine. Sigh.

Any suggestions? Is there a shipping service? Is there a local I can rent from who has a nice stash of boards? Any insights would be amazing. Thanks in advance. Cheers guys.
my fave shop is bringing in Tim Stamps boards..have always admired his shapes, including his rework of the Harbour Surfboard lineup some years ago...looking at ordering a 9'2 Comp model for da kine, and a 9'10 Bridge model for a cruiser...Tim has been super responsive to my emails regarding his shapes, which is impressive from a shaper these days...anyone here currently riding Stamps?
Jamboarders: in town on biz have a wetsuit just need a board ,I know its last minute thanks !
So I wanted to see how you all feel about nostalgia. Particularly old/first or early boards from your surfing days.

Here's the scoop: I recently stumbled upon my first "brand new, off the racks" surfboard I ever bought. It's an early 90's longboard, performance-type shape, nothing special (single stringer, white with pinstripes but now yellowed from years of solar exposure and my lack of understanding of its effect on foam) but worked well for me at the time and wickedly light glassing. In fact, when I eventually sold it (ten years ago) it was delammed on the deck from knee paddling. Plenty of dings, too.

So last night as I was checking Craigslist, sure enough, there it was, just posted as a "beater," which it very much is. I stared somewhat fondly at it, remembering all the great waves and travels we shared over the years.

Mind you, it wasn't my first board, actually my second. Before that I was given a Velzy pop out from the 60's that my uncle lent to me and I fixed up. That was the board I learned on, which I still fondly own and will never sell, despite the fact that it is, after all, a pop out.

This board was my first proper "new" board bought in 1988 in my hometown of Narragansett, RI, purchased with graduation money from Warm Winds Surf Shop and, ironically, shaped on the West Coast near where I currently call home. So, in reality, some thirty or so boards in, the board would rank second on my surfboard timeline.

The board would need a resto to be properly preserved and/or ridden. It's not like it's an old Hobie/Yater/Jacobs etc that has that nostalgia/retro feel. It's a lightweight 90's longboard, glassed in side bites, chined rails, double barrel concave in the tail, not much of a noserider. You get the picture.

The dilemma: buy it back for maybe a hundred or so bucks, spend some dough on it to get it watertight and...maybe...surf it? I have a full quiver now, plenty of boards and needing to thin out the overlap, and I don't know if my son—who is...
These little PV remixes are so good. I posted the first two and #3 is the best yet.
Loads of Jock and some of my favorite cuts of the whole film. Huzza!

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Has anyone rode or any feed back on this model from G and S. Suppose to be a model designed after the first Skip Frye model he built in 66. Thanks