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I have a 9'0 Mabile that i would like to liberate from Long Island! It is currently being stored by Lackosense in Long Beach LI. Anyone that may be able to help with moving it off island to anywhere along the Rte 95 corridor would be greatly appreciated! Grazie!
Surfing related? mm...barely...but figured id share anyway...

(I can't imagine im the only one darting around the beach on a bike...looking out with an eagle's eye for the next great ankle-high swell here in SW Florida)

Earlier this summer...i came across this pile of abandoned bike "pieces" piled up outside our dumpster. A true Greek tragedy in my eyes--i mean the tires looked ok...no usable chains...seat-less...BUT--parts seemingly intact (sort of)...gashes & scratches in the metal? sure...but....entirely salvageable in my mind...

So i went ahead--despite my better judgement of NOT fingering thru maggot hordes and empty ramen cups--and swooped up all said pieces and brought 'em home. Worst case scenario--i'd simply have to lug it all back down there and do away with the impossible.

One (im pretty sure) was a Trek...not a bad score...either way...i began babying the pieces with the skill of a first time father--sanding 'em down, new paint...new brass chain, covering the worst of the wear with upholstery-grade japanese brocade fabric...bending fenders back into place....a copper bell here, restored/stained wooden handles there, a leather saddle bag, matching leather cup holder (in hopes this would hold a mug of "rum-based reassurance" had i faltered in the end...), spruced up the rear rack & pedals with a smidgeon of alligator skin, more brass tacking where i saw fit...even sneaking in a gold bottle opener beneath the handles (which went without saying)

fast forward one month--and VOILA!...new cruiser for me for pennies on the dollar.

Jingling away, chest puffed out, as i coast down Gulfshore. bikesbefore.jpg bike1.jpg bike2.jpg

When there are no waves--we make do.

As they say...."One man's trash...."
Anyone got any advice for surf spots/neat and interesting places on the coast from Brittany to Hossegor? I've got a couple weeks to kill there this fall between weddings and would appreciate any and all advice. Merci beaucoup.
Signed the papers yesterday Puerto Rico is mine, busted my ass today cleaning the beach entrance and yard. I gotta give Tony PR props again!!
anyone been? We are going with 3 couples and our 1 year old and another's. I'm goofy plan on bringing a fineline SOS and a fish. Any consistent lefts? Everything reads it is safe but after the shooting in Cabo last week I get a a little nervous
Saw the responses to sonOsea's kind offer to send his fin around for try outs and it reminded me of the board (green argyle?) Austin sent out for similar fondling.....believe it was his Soul Glide model....anybody know the where abouts of the board? Tried a search but came up with nothing…
Here's a good problem to have....

I have an opportunty to step away next week for a quick surf trip. I've narrowed it down to Ixtapa/Saladita and the Mal Pais area of Costa Rica. I can get a miles ticket with easy itinerary to these places...

I've been to Costa Rica, so I know what's involved, where to stay etc. Have not done Saladita so I'm tempted to check it out. If you have an opinion, please let me know.