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Hello, I have updated this video (Biggest Waves Ever Surfed In The History) with the record in Prowlers (Ireland) 16M. - 55 FT. Kurt-Ris.

You can see this video and more in the best playlist of surf: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLADDr_Ttzp6d_ywe-_ccm03SgHy3qL-3M. Please, add your play list :)
Hey Fine Folks-

I woke up this morning and, for no apparent reason, the patella on my right knee was aching as though I'd twisted or injured it in some other weird way. But it was fine when I went to bed last night and I hadn't done anything to it. I can get around on it okay but it does hurt especially when standing up. Tried doing deep knee bends but obviously that's a bit painful too.

I'm lucky in that I've largely avoided knee injuries despite surfing, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding (and playing sports in general) for most of my life. But this is kind of worrisome and would love any advice and/or possible explanation for something this odd.

I've put Salonpas on it but am wondering if ice would be better. Yes, I've searched the web too, but this forum has provided lots of great info and I value your judgement.

Thanks in advance.
What are your thoughts on wide points? With all these boards that I want...(ie: Hilbers Ant, Andreini Double enda, Lovelace V-bowls, etc.) with these wide points aft. They just look like they work in the type of waves I surf...San Diego county beach and reefs...but, I just saw that Dave Parmenter Aleutian Juice V6 8 ft single fin and man that thing looks killer...but the wide point is forward of center. Thoughts on this?
I purchased a board down in Long Beach area and was wondering if anyone was heading north and could bring the board with them. Its a longboard 9'10" glassed on fin, in perfect condition. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Ordered this bag from Rareform which recycles old billboards into all kinds of products. This 8'0 was bought on sale during black Friday and is pretty well made. They were on Shark Tank a while back too.
Shout out to Brian Hilbers and the crew at Waterman's for hitting this one out of the park. I havent been putting much up on this site choosing to use the gram instead. But this seems right up the jamboarder alley so here is some goodness for your imagination and wandering eyes :)

This particular Ant is the 1st generation (2nd 9'1 for me)
Apparently Brian has a few variations of his models that represent the fluidity of evolution and inertia. I'm sure this is no different than any shaper worth their salt but, it was refreshing news for me to learn. Additionally, I should say that I've been getting boards from Brian for a few years now and each has out done the last. It's great talking with him there is always something unexpected and thought provoking.

Late last summer I got a 10'2 Monster (glider) Ant and a 9'1 for good day 2nd sessions (after ive spent my shoulders earlier in the day).

anyhow the 1st session of the original was a blast HH lined up and pretty much roping long sections. The board worked as expected but I noticed on late steep drops I was having to over compensate for the flat rocker.
When I told Brian that and that I was psyched on the board but it would have a learning curve too He shot back that it was the rocker, to sell the board ( to shadydave) and let him make another with the original rocker designed for the board.
What had happened over the course of this models evolution is Veterano (Tim) Had Brian lower the rocker for his purposes to closer to his Sam model and this is how it's been. trust me, everything about the model Tim helped revise is solid and works I've have had 4 previously and each unreal in all kinds of set ups. If you have an Ant you know.

This throwback to the original rocker template is just a slight adjustment to dial it in for my intended use. Brian, jokingly called the board his elf shoe version ( I ran with it and came up with a elf shoe colorway) but in all honesty the rocker change is very subtle. Basically...
Because of the interest in the Wayne Rich #3 fin lately I decided to get committed. Been trying to stay focused and keep moving forward. Tons of time, a lot of dust created, and I ain't done yet. Two locals are stoked on this template and are waiting. Some others want another style so I'm a laminating foiling maniac. Sharing some pics of the progress.

WR first laminated.JPG WR 2 Rough Outline.JPG WR 3 Outline Tuned.JPG
Hello Jam Family,

Anybody traveling from San Diego to Santa Cruz in the next week. I've got a mid length EC that is packed in a day bag and ready to go if anyone is on the move between San Diego and Santa Cruz. The gent that is picking up the board will be in Santa Cruz Dec 10th - 15th. Thank you.
Hi...I'm looking to buy a board from a fellow Jammer in PB. Now that Lackosense is shipping his case, I'd love to split the cost to ship with him and make this board viable for me.

Seller seems like a really good and honest guy, however he doesn't/won't do PayPal, and would like cash in his hand. Just his thing I guess.

I know this is a leap of faith, but is anyone in the area generous enough and willing to accept a PayPal from me and then give the cash to him?

Thanks for your consideration!