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Who here did I sell that board? I can’t remember! I’d buy it back for what I sold it for if you would let it go.
i am helping a buddy’s wife order him a surprise board. He lives near Santa Cruz and something in the 9 foot range would be good for him. Question is magic or egg? What are the differences in performance? Of course I will ask bob but I wanted to check here as well just to have as much knowledge as possible. Thanks!

20190209_133612.jpg So, I stopped by an estate sale this weekend. Scored some bird baths an sht. Picked up an old goped (manual) and this poster hanging in the garage. Any idea who it is? Also, it says "thanks to Randal and Marilyn for the skate trucks. Is he talking about Randal Fuller? Because doing some web research they are the owners of the house I was at for the estate sale. Why am I attending an estate sale at his house? Why come there is no evidence there, like skateboards, tucks, etc...? Is Randal still with us?
Whata whata?
Hey All,

Reaching out for some input. A very brief background: grew up logging in Florida, never surfed anything under 9'6. Moved to Ventura, CA in August and picked up an 8'5 Hot Generation for bigger days at the point and fell in love right away.

What I'm looking for:

I'm in love with driving the hot generation from the middle and connecting sections that I could never make on the logs I grew up surfing. The only thing that I'm missing is the feeling of getting back on the tail for quick turns that I love on my pin tail logs. Can anyone weigh on on a board that I can surf from the middle with a nice, narrow stance and still be able to drop some weight through my back foot and surf a bit more vertically than my hull? I'll be surfing mostly long point waves of C Street and Rincon but also want something I can throw around in the beach breaks in our back yard (living one lane up from the dredge in Ventura)

Hopefully all of this verbiage makes sense.
Thanks in advance for any input!
Just throwing out a feeler before purchasing. Has anyone read this book... any insights?

Pretty familiar with the character, so it should be worth reading in any case, but I'm not feeling quite as immortal as I was a few years ago and I'd rather learn from others than have to reinvent the proverbial wheel!
Let's hear about your secret spots, past or present. Does anyone have a secret spot up their sleeve? Please, no specifics -- I don't expect anyone to blow up their own or anyone else's spot. But I would love to hear some stories. How did you find it? How long did it stay under wraps? Is there even a such thing as a secret spot anymore?


Here's what got me thinking about it: I went for a spot search two weeks ago and zeroed in on a killer little spot that was largely off everyone's radar. It wasn't anything exotic or unreachable, but it was just down a random street that was very seldom checked. The beach entrance was kind of hidden and it wasn't very exposed in terms of lateral visibility, so it was simply unlikely that anyone would even bother checking there. There was a little notch in the beach, so it behaved like a small point break with an easy paddle out and very consistent rights that held through the mini cove. It was amazing having my exploration to pay off and discovering my own spot, like a little piece of winter paradise just off the beaten path. While everyone was bumping elbows at the more visible, more crowded, and not-as-good breaks down the beach, I was quietly slipping up to those reeling rights with just one buddy. We scored three empty sessions over the course of two weeks on three consecutive south groundswells. One of my favorite mental photographs is one of us running up to the point with our boards under our arms, stoked out of our gourds at the conditions, no one else around, and a sliver of sun just cracking the horizon. That last session was Tuesday morning DP.

The rub: I showed up after work later that same day for my fourth session to find out that the spot had completely blown up! I counted at least 24 heads on it, all cluttered up at the point. The cat was fully out of the bag and fur was flying everywhere. It was a lineup of mostly shortboarders pockmarked with clunky SUPs, drop ins galore, guys were...
The post by SnF re: The Lightning Bolt for $5K got me to looking into the status of the brand today.
Some of you guys may already know this but it was news to me.
Lightning Bolt USA is owned and run by Jonathan Paskowitz. I found some articles about the company and an interview with him. He actually does explain why the Gerry shaped boards command the price they do and stated he really doesn't mark them up.
At some point he mentions Sundek. So I Googled it and sure as shit they're still going.
Who'd a knew a pair of Sundek boardshorts would run you $129? WTF??
Kind of a pattern...capitalism in full swing. Some brilliant type buys the rights to the classic/vintage brand and sells the same or similar product for 2x-3x the price it should be. Makes those Labor Day clearance prices I find on O'Neills or Billabongs or Volcom seem like thievery.

Here's the Bolt interview: https://thehundreds.com/blogs/content/jonathan-paskowitz-interview

Sundeks: https://www.shopsundek.com/en/man/boardshort/?RwGal=true&nodi_ID=9161
Anyone know of anything?

What type of wetsuit do I need for march? I have a 5/4 and hood/booties/gloves.. Is that enough?

Is there anywhere within 2 hours of victoria?
Just got a new board in and it was damaged during shipping. One of the rails is banged up.... bummer. In anycase... If anyone in NJ could be so kind as to recommend a good board repair shop/guy, Im in need. Im up north so monmouth or ocean would be ideal.

Last place I had a repair done isnt around anymore and recently Ive taken to doing my own repairs- but since its a new board Id rather let a pro handle.

Thanks in advance!