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Here are some shots of a vee bottom Jim did in Portugal last summer. What’s old is new - this partially based of the Crystal Ships done for Bahne in the late 60’s.
I'm not a big TV watcher, well, I barely watch any TV (mostly weather/snow days etc) and clearly stuck in 1080p world. Finally, my wife had enough and new TV is here. I'm flipping through all these free streaming crap channels and came across show about Matt Archbold. Enjoyed it and as I'm about to leave the room - next show is about surfing too. wtf..? holy crap - this is surf channel TV..

For those who live under a rock like me here is the link:

p.s. looks like a better couch is in order
E736EA27-F0AC-4A2B-B480-AF69331EAA76.jpeg 9AB60893-A9F7-48DD-AFA9-5B747649D706.jpeg 2D78E234-D0CE-4C2B-A8CD-A597BEAE235D.jpeg 6373F06B-9A4B-4FE9-B165-7ED2BA52631D.jpeg E736EA27-F0AC-4A2B-B480-AF69331EAA76.jpeg .Old busted Al Merrick for free sitting around. Should I make a sign, a mailbox, or let’s spend a ton of time and build something I know nothing about.
Yup! So cut it all up and thought paipo. Then a buddy of mine showed me his collection of 30+ hand planes.
So I’d like to make him one. All of his are hand carved wood and he will appreciate the thought. It will probably be a really bad example but so far other than the mess it’s been fun.
Looks like I might be able to get 3 from the blank. First one is the test dummy. You won’t hurt my feelings. Already have a new appreciation for builders.
Tried some yellow streaks and tinted the lam with a different yellow. So far cutting the lap and holding it in place was the hard part.
[​IMG] tw.jpg

"...inspired by the Australian foils of the mid sixties log just before boards began to go shorter. A very foiled rail but added nose kick to help for nose riding a wide diamond tail produces quick responsive turns."

Anyone own one or ridden one. Really intriguing to me, just looking for some feedback...
NPR interviewed my buddy, Big Al, yesterday on his journey and reflections of his surfing life in the PNW. Having known Al from day one when he showed up in Westport 40 years ago in an old PGE truck to today, Al has kept the stoke alive. Here's the link to his interview:

Some fun looking waves. Don't have the names for those on here except for a pair of Lurch (aka Taylor Jensen) in the yellow singlet, photos 4 and 5.


Taiwan 2018 NR 2.jpg

Taiwan 2018 NR.jpg

Taiwan 2018 Phil Rajzman.jpg

Taiwan 2018 TJensen1.jpg

Taiwan 2018 TJensen.jpg

Taiwan 2018 Nice Wave.jpg
at tree house Hawaii film photography shop

In Honolulu on Dec 1
Hey All-

A few hours ago, I banged my right kneecap on the corner of a chair. Didn't seem like a big deal, but then had to drive for an hour+ and after that (and thus using my right leg to use the gas and brake), I got home and was hobbling and have been even since. Every time I get up to walk, it kills. It f*cking sucks.

Any recs besides ice and ibuprofen?

Thanks in advance,

OK, I think it deserves a thread...

Surely up there with Lairds 'millennium wave' and Brock's 'pressure drop' in the gnar Hall of fame (infamy?)