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For some reason it hasn't made the news, but we lost a surfer early this week in Oceanside at the Harbor. Bigger surf, rips running as usual in big surf (moderate to severe). Guy hadn't been surfing for a while (maybe months/years), without a leash, in his 50's and out of shape. Complained to fellow surfers that he had a "heart problem" and was in distress.

Short version, he died. Despite all life saving efforts.

Rough on everyone, including the guy, the family, the guys doing CPR and official notification to family.

Long version, it isn't about wave count. Keep an eye on others for self preservation and for evidence of distress. Could be you one day.
how do you wax a surf board?

Do you melt parafin? Do you elbow grease parafin?

Do you use that clay based shit?

Is your wrist rigid? Or do you let it flop about?

Do you wax from tail to nose first, then rail to rail? Or vice versa?

Do you break your log into thirds and hit each section? Or do you raw dog the entire thing?

Do you wax a freshie at home before her maiden voyage, or do you blast it hurriedly on the sand?

Do you make fancy argile designs in the wax?
I was wondering what the expectation was of longboarders(9’+) to duck dive their boards. If I try, I can do it in 2-3’ at beach breaks. Once it get bigger I can’t do it as well and opt to punch thru the waves using my momentum or just turtle over, if I’m clear of any riders. I ride traditional-style boards in the 10’ range. Just wondered what the general rule/expectation was.
Kellys' operation employs 65 million gallons of fresh (pumped from a highly polluted agricultural water table) water..15 million gallons of it used in the wave pool itself is supposedly UV and chlorine treated...having dealt with water treatment on a commercial level, have remained skeptical to the effectiveness of treating such a large body....this is just sad, and hopefully will generate a closer look at wave pool water safety..

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Don’t know him but bummer for this little grom hopefully he gets back in the water soon and doesn’t let his waterman ways die!
2 Weeks with the misses. She doesn't surf.. Costa Rica and bali are a no since we have been a few times before. Looking for suggestions. Thanks