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My repair guy is no longer around. Looking for someone to replace a FCS side bite fin box that ripped out yesterday.
Any recommendations welcome.
I’m in the providence area.
hi there fellas
I need some help
Transport a board from
West hills ( fifteen minutes from
Malibu ) to Encinitas , JP factory
Thanks a lot in advance
We are thinking about a family trip to the UK this August. We would spend a few days in London, maybe go to Bath, and then not really sure where we are going. Surfing would require all the stars to align, but, if I wanted to be in the right place if the stars were to align, where should I go?

Also, any recommendations of places to go, things to do in the southern end of the UK?
Hey there,

I ran across the board I like and seller describes it as "It's an old school glider for the retro enthusiast or an older surfer in generally smaller conditions." I think I'm more confused than I was before. What are gliders for? To glide right? I get this part. I remember someone called them " Point and shoot", does it mean you really cannot turn it? Are they easy to paddle? Is it an everyday board or is it something special what taken out just a few days a year? I'm in Boston and don't surf OH.

p.s. Perhaps this question and recent shopping frenzy caused by my lackluster experience the last couple of times when I felt foreign on my board. I probably just have to get out more often and practice but aren't we always looking for a magic board that will do everything for you?
OK, I'm getting some inspiration for a potential new custom, probably something between 6'6" and 7'2" with a roundish nose, that will hopefully fill a gap, so feel free to throw some eggs (well, photos of) at me.... Cheers
bought a APE awhile back and am in love with it
It has put the stoke back into stoke I didn’t know was lacking in stoke and put me to adding another edge to the stable
This has in turn led me to hulls...
I’ve ridden a hull or two and liked them
Never owned a hull But am now looking at adding a hull or two to the quiver
Death machine Bee Gee Vaquero. What’s a good board to get started on?
Any recommendations?
Looking for access to- either temporary (borrow) or for sale. Ive looked around on E-bay and amazon.

Looking for Litmus, Glass Love, Beyond Litmus.

Any help appreciated.
starting to work through decades of photo albums, keepers to be digitized.
when Fiji is on, about as good as it gets anywhere...and always a good idea to bring two speedsters on the boat each day, as only one might make it back intact...15 year old goofyfoot son on the right watching the wave he always dreamt about spinning right at him..he scored endless barrels on this trip, was so stoked for him..

Hey all,

I'd like to purchase a 10' log in Inglewood off of Craigslist. I'm wondering if there is anyone that would be willing to pick it up and hold until the last weekend in May when I come down to visit (and ride it if you'd like).

Some food for thought for keeping ourselves and each other safe in the water. I’ve been meaning to take CPR classes for some time now and still haven’t.

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