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Hey all-

I’ve been building out a website with the goal of logging the intimate details and sometimes kismet stories of individual surfboards.

We've all heard good ones...
An old performer that someone found in a basement being used as an ironing board, that board that has been passed around endlessly, or an old gem that's been in someone's care for 50 years before being passed over to a worthy individual. There are beautiful stories out there surrounding these boards. I'd like to preserve some of them before they're lost in time.

Simultaneously, I'm hoping to capture impressions, ride reports, and other personal details of your favorite boards.

Not looking to make any money, nor flip any boards, nor looking to sell anyone anything. I just want to share the stoke I personally get from boards, board details, and their stories.


Feel free to participate by going to the site and filling out an entry - or if you spot a board in the database that used to belong to you, you can add to it's entry (by clicking "Is this your old board") with images, history, and personal ride reports.


Happy Monday Jammers -

This is a stretch (no pun intended), but I'm wondering if anyone here has had any experience with shipping boards from the Northeast to Oz.

I have a potential customer in Oz who's very interested in purchasing one of my boards but shipping costs are getting in the way. I've shipped two boards before to Queensland but together they only cost $590 ($295 each). The shipping company I'm working with is now quoting me $600 for a single board.... which is insane considering the fact that he's only paying $800 for the board itself, so shipping would nearly double the cost.

I'm thinking it might be cheaper to wait till I go out to CA to shape a few, then have it shipped from there?? Anyone in CA ever ship to Oz and have a rough estimate?

Otherwise, if someone in the Northeast has shipped to Oz, do you have a parcel service that you highly recommend??

Thanks - Johnny B
Does Jamboard have a cell app available?
I have a board that is a very good rider. It has a glass on fin. I've recently become curious about how it would go with other fins. I kind of feel like cutting off the old off and glassing another on or maybe just getting a box installed. What's holding me back is fu king up a good thing. The dilemma is basically my typical m.o. of nothing lost nothing gained.

Anyone done this to a favorite board?
If I go the box route I can get a box version of what I have glassed on so not a huge risk.

Been hearing about this comp for the past week or so all over Instagram. Seems like a Florida take on Joel Tudor's Duct Tape Invitational. Single fin, no leash format. Justin Quintal is the one who set the whole thing up and looks to be pushing logging on the East Coast. Looks like a lot of fun!
I'm heading to Maui in a month and half. I've been twice before but this will be the first time taking my kids - 6 & 8. They want to try surfing in Hawaii. Previously I've stayed in Kihei and I've heard the best beginner break for lessons is at Cove Park. This time around we'll be staying in Kaanapali. Are there any good beginner spots near there? Where is the best place to rent a board? I've had some great experiences on Maui that I can't wait to share with them. Hopefully there will be some fun surf as well.
Anyone ever experience this?
Recently, picked up a sweet used twinzer from a good friend. It came with fins. First paddle out in 2 ft surf (sand bottom) and two of the fins snapped off at base. One from each side and one of each size.

Not sure how old the board/fins are but I assume 5-6 years or more. The board is immaculate. Its not a big deal, just curious if anyone else has had this happen. Weird!
FCS 0810180931_HDR.jpg 0810180931a_HDR.jpg 0810180931.jpg
Someone posted a pic of Tamarindo, and it flashed me back..

First run to Costa Rico, late 80's, wife and I got in late, stop for the night in Tamarindo on our way further south. Grab a decent enough room, raining off and on, some pretty heavy looking anvil clouds offshore, wife says she's going to grab a nap, I decide to amble down to the beach and go for a swim, stick some bills in a plastic bag into my baggies for maybe an after swim beer, and shove off.

Some surfers out scattered up and down the beach, pretty crappy surf, put in some yards swimming north, swim back, hang out a bit, body surfing the waist high onshore closeouts.
Dark clouds start drifting over, see some anvils starting to really stretch upward and get blacker, suddenly the wind just dies out and everything gets really still.

The entire sky lights up as a massive lightening strike just slams into the ocean maybe a quarter mile away, so bright it's like someone had just triggered a camera flash in my eyes close up, an immediate massive boom that I literally feel in my bones, and then the skies open up and it begins raining just friggin buckets, a torrential downpour.

Swim, high step, make the beach, join the stampede, surfers and beach goers to the left and right of me, all of us sprinting for shelter, water coming down so hard and thick hard to even see.

Find my way to a beach side bar, open sides, wood roof, join the growing throng, work my way to the counter, find myself next to a strapping blonde guy, looks like a college linebacker, he's ordering a beer, I say make it two, and pull some bills from my bucket. Lineback tells me in a thick German accent he's got it, we're begin to bullshit, rain is just relentless, hard to talk, suddenly another massive lightening explosion, this one maybe closer, and now the rain is impossibly raining even harder, and soon there's a few inches of water running over our feet, then quickly a few more, and suddenly we're ankle deep in water, so I say...
son sent me this link..refreshing to see good surfing without the thruster double pump turns... just single fin flow and speed...also doesn't hurt to have such a user friendly wave