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My parents decided to give me a new board of my choosing for my birthday. They said to pick any one I wanted, don’t worry about cost. My choice was an easy one...my dad’s custom 9'6 Hansen he got in 1963 and still had hanging in his garage. He was thrilled to give it to me. I surfed on this board well before I finally got my own board that was short and looked liked what all my friends were riding in the 1988. Polished it today and threw on a new coat of wax. I know the Superlites, Powerflexes and Masters are considered to be Hansen’s best boards, but this one just stops me in my tracks. Clocks in at 24lbs, 2" balsa stringer with surprising refined rails for 63’. The fin is a work of art.[​IMG]
Im doing some repair on a board. In one spot I needed to remove glass down to the foam. There was a little foam loss in the process.

Can I use household spackle to even things out? Is there a better option?
Watching from afar but can anyone give any info about whats goin on at Malibu???
Not to turn this into an old-guys-griping-about-their-ills forum, but have any of you had to deal with this? MRI yesterday revealed arthritic lesions in the upper spine (I can go and get the results to say which discs are affected) in addition to the expected pinched nerves, bulging disc. The examining doc suggested that most of the pain is actually coming from the arthritic lesions. And that it's just part of the normal aging process for me.

Of course, I will do my full PT with a very competent physiotherapist that I've worked with for years. Diet is already pretty darn good - few refined foods, low sugar, etc. Exercise regime was solid until this Spring when the neck/shoulder has had me limited.

Anyway, just throwing it out there.

A couple years ago I snapped my well used and much loved 9’0 Mitsven Magic. I have a bunch of boards so I made due without it for a while, but a couple months ago I finally ordered a new one. 9’2” x 23” x 2 7/8”

I felt like I was taking a risk when I picked the color in the chart, but when I went to get it today I was super stoked. Can’t wait to get some wax and salt on it!
I will be in the Cascais Sintra Ericeira area close to Lisbon as part of an Europe trip over Thanksgiving. Can't take my surfboard but hope to get in a few sessions. Does anyone have any experience with mid size to longboard rentals and surfing in that area?
Heading to Amelia Island staying at Amelia Hotel at the beach any info on must see places restaurants would be greatly appreciated from the Jamboards Family, may take run down to St.Augustine for day trip short trip with wife to checkout retirement area’s.
Mango Bill
Picked up an old 5'11" Christenson pintail bonzer last night and while I've had a couple bonzers (Hanel, CB shortboard, Russ Short), I've never really played with the fins outside of the typical bonzer template.

This might dive real hard into fin theory real fast but curious if anyone has ever tried anything other than the tradtional bonzer fin and had success with it. I've been loving my Greenough Stage 6 in my 9'0" mini glider (thank you @DanSan) and like the snappiness of the paddle a lot, so I'm thinking maybe a small (6") Stage 6 or something.
anyone have a comparison
Trying to sort out somethings without having to buy everything in sight!
How do the 2 compare?
Are they actually even in the same category?
please forgive my straight up ignorance -
Why are hulls typically clear?
I know there are exceptions especially nowadays- but why overall?
Lack of color resin at the time, principle, personal preference of shaper, tradition based out of the black wetsuit white surfboard days? No judgement here either way- just curious...
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