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the stranger that took me to BriBri in Panama that one time I had inter-corse with the reef at Salsa Brava. I gashed a gath helmet, broke a board, and got all stitched up. Logout was there.
Some super deals on Dakine board bags on craigslist at the link below.

I am meeting the seller Monday night to buy the 8 foot Daylight Deluxe Noserider bag -- so you can't have that one -- but if anyone wants me to pick up one of the others for you just let me know.

does anyone have one of these cameras laying around that they are not using? I have a project that requires one, and I'd like to avoid dropping the few coins required to acquire one. Ideally, I just borrow it for a bit , then ship it back to you.
Who's got one of those sweet Andreinis, Mandalas, or whatever other company is making boards with those funky Greenough edge rails? They look fun. Let's hear your take on it.


Here's a ding repair newb question: What do you guys do for ding repair during colder months? I seem to remember reading in the Ding Repair Scriptures that there is an ideal temperature and humidity range for working with resin and that the rate of the curing process can vary depending on your climate. What about when it's cold as hell out? Is moving it into a garage/shed with a heater a must, or can you still work outdoors with it? (I'm specifically talking about NJ.)
Just putting out a feeler for now, as I do not yet have a deal on the board. Looking to get a 7'10 board from VA Beach to Philadelphia or anywhere in NJ or Del in the next few weeks.

EDIT: Board is in VA beach.
I'm not gonna riddle this with ridiculousness.

Pat passed away on Thursday.

He was a wonderful shaper (legendary to us here in the east) & a beautiful personality.

Gosh, I'll miss that fella. A unique soul.

Surfing in a light rain is my favorite weather condition. Just the sound of the drops hitting the ocean, and the usually glassy surface. Those of you familiar with what kelp does for surface conditions, will understand my thinking that rain is like kelp for the wind. Anyone else feel this way?