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I know there are a few reference guides out there to determine some build years based on logos used, but can't seem to find the thread with the information.

Any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.
Anyone know any glassers in the Northeast? I’m in Rhode Island and The glasser I previously used out of Gloucester closed up. Just a hobby shaper making one for a friend.

Let me start with a brief snap shot of my last month and more. A few week back I noticed a lump about 8To 5 inches below my right arm pit. At first I er my head. me under the arm it was a bruise from a wipe out the rail or something hittting me under the arm. Hay things happen. Gave it some time to heal. It didn’t in fact it got worse. Localized redness and very painful.
Made an appointment with the Dr. Dr sends me to get X-rays Ultra sound test and more. Now my lymph gland starts to swell. I can barely lift my arm over my head. Did I say this would be short? Guess I lied. Sorry about that. Now after all these test I am referred to a surgeon. Yikes! Surgeon said he did not thinke it removed. it was cancer. But to make sure he would remove the what he called a Subcutaneous Cyst. Do a biopsy se to make sure no cancer. Well today he had a hard time locating the cyst. We made the decision no surgery was needed. Keep an eye on it and if needed make an appointment to have it removed. No cutting into my body at least not today. I can go Surfing. my shoulder feels good. Yes there is still arthritis but not that bad.
Thanks for reading this.
OK so the Question is should I buy a new Board?
Helping a friend relocate he needs to ship a 10' board to San Diego. I have a box ready to go and we'd like to ship in the next week or so. If you have a board up to 10' long that you want to get to SD and are into splitting the cost hit me back to make arrangements.
Interesting article exploring the history of Baja from the 50s/60s through today. Worth reading, as it goes into more history on the Mexican side of surfing.

Got my eye on something pretty down near Jacksonville. Would be cool if anyone out there could take a look at it and possibly hold onto it while I figure something out.
Seeing the vintage wetsuit thread reminded me of some old rubber that I have. It's O'Neil stuff from long ago, but I never got the real story or vintage on it. Note the nifty neoprene shorts. Anybody have information that might be useful (or amusing?)
wetsuit 2.jpg wetsuit booties and gloves 2.jpg
hi there
Cleaning some stuff
And I found this three pieces
I believe they came Straight out of the Calypso

1- I think is anXL full suit
Kinda rusted zippers

2- looks like a more modern Large long john body glove
Zippers are fine

3- pants size M?
Or small
In excelent shape
Brand new
Ols school divers pants

If anyone has a museum
Of old stuff , take them
Pay for shipping and everyone’s happy
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