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I've noticed my Google Photo hosted pics disappear soon after pasting them onto a thread on this forum..read something about temp addresses with same..what's the flavor of choice for pic hosting..?
While you guys on the East coast are struggling with cold temps, Great Lakes is getting whacked ,and PNW is going through a stormy season, those us in in the Golden State have our own crosses to bear. First it was Great Whites chasing folks out of the water, then there was a rash of stingray hits, now this. I hope everyone hears about this and stops surfing before they get bit. You can safely golf here year round.

IMG_4896.PNG had a grueling half day apprenticeship with a old member. Got sick of half ass expensive repairs. Been doing automotive collision work for 20 years. How hard can it be?
He taught me the basics and a few of his tricks. Can't believe I waited so long to learn.
He unfortunately did not enjoy the flashbacks of his old life. He does however miss the stoke and vibe from many of the great people here. Say hi and order a pen from the local legend. Check out highcalibercraftsman. He's got kids to feed.
After seeing the pics of guys with the icicle balls on the east coast during the latest freeze cycle, thought I would pass on some direct user feedback. When I moved up to Oregon from Half Moon Bay 12 years ago, these elder bones had a hard time in local winter conditions, so went through a series of heated vests trying to find one that really worked.

After going through the other brands, which are comparatively b.s, found and went with the Thermolution, which is the real deal. In our coldest conditions, cannot surf in this vest with the lowest setting on continuously, have to cycle it off and on otherwise I begin to feel like a steamed lobster.

These are built bulletproot, unlike the other cheesy brands, and are surprisingly comfortable. Tend to run a bit large so go down a size from what you would think. Pricey at $390, can find them on sale occasionally with a $100 off, which they are currently running at HeatedWestsuits.com, the licensee who sells them online. The other brands I tried worked piss poor, none lasted over a year, my Thermolution is on year 4 and going strong.


I'm getting ready to buy a new 4/3 (probably with a hood) and have a 50% off coupon for Billabong. In my mind I was comfortable spending in the 200-250 range which opens up their entire 4/3 line. Does anyone here have an opinion on their suits? I've been rocking the same O'neil 3/2 for years and it finally got to an intolerable level of seam leakage. I replaced it with an Xcel and I've been happy with it so far. Quality seems average based on initial impressions.

I was originally looking at the 4/3 Furnace Carbon?

What about the 500$ Furnace Carbon Ultimate? Is "Kiwami Japanese 60% Carbon Fiber Lining: Carbon threads maximize warmth and minimize weight" worth the extra scratch?

Should I spend my 200-250 on a past season XYZ brand?

I've always made do with a 3/2 and just passed on those super cold days. The cold doesn't bother me I was just hesitant to make the investment until I felt committed to the cause.
This has become my go to fin on my big heavy longboards... 10-1/2' 27/28lbs.

The shape lets me shove the fin up in the box and still have enough rake to keep the board stable when moving up. The big base keeps it from stalling out but it still turns great. I have been running a 10.0 fin.

I'd like to surf this Sunday in NJ, but looks like the water temp (35?) and air temp (high of 27), may be colder than my R3 can handle. I am fairly resistant to cold, but I think the R3 is rated only for mid-40's (which is about as low as I have used it). I don't want to drive two hours only to find out I am woefully under-covered. So, would I be crazy to try an R3 in NJ on Sunday?


what is your favorite kind?

Which kind do you believe doesn’t work for you?

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great short flick documenting some quality Pavones logging: