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Anybody...411..on them..
Im looking at the anderson glider
And this L1VE glider on boardsource...
Thanks ahead of time.
loved it in high school (late 80’s)
Can’t find it
Any help greatly appreciated
I knew Jack London tried surfing while in Hawaii at Waikiki, but until very recently, was completely unaware that AC was a surfer, and from the sounds of it, she and her husband were more instrumental than many at the time.
Who here did I sell that board? I can’t remember! I’d buy it back for what I sold it for if you would let it go.
i am helping a buddy’s wife order him a surprise board. He lives near Santa Cruz and something in the 9 foot range would be good for him. Question is magic or egg? What are the differences in performance? Of course I will ask bob but I wanted to check here as well just to have as much knowledge as possible. Thanks!

20190209_133612.jpg So, I stopped by an estate sale this weekend. Scored some bird baths an sht. Picked up an old goped (manual) and this poster hanging in the garage. Any idea who it is? Also, it says "thanks to Randal and Marilyn for the skate trucks. Is he talking about Randal Fuller? Because doing some web research they are the owners of the house I was at for the estate sale. Why am I attending an estate sale at his house? Why come there is no evidence there, like skateboards, tucks, etc...? Is Randal still with us?
Whata whata?
Hey All,

Reaching out for some input. A very brief background: grew up logging in Florida, never surfed anything under 9'6. Moved to Ventura, CA in August and picked up an 8'5 Hot Generation for bigger days at the point and fell in love right away.

What I'm looking for:

I'm in love with driving the hot generation from the middle and connecting sections that I could never make on the logs I grew up surfing. The only thing that I'm missing is the feeling of getting back on the tail for quick turns that I love on my pin tail logs. Can anyone weigh on on a board that I can surf from the middle with a nice, narrow stance and still be able to drop some weight through my back foot and surf a bit more vertically than my hull? I'll be surfing mostly long point waves of C Street and Rincon but also want something I can throw around in the beach breaks in our back yard (living one lane up from the dredge in Ventura)

Hopefully all of this verbiage makes sense.
Thanks in advance for any input!