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Preferably used, 10ft. Any shops sell them?
Or if anyone has one for sale let me know, thanks
7'4" Pink two crows midlenght two plus one set up as a single fin with a grey fin in there. Stolen 9/21 from ocean city nj if you see it around send me a pm. Thanks
Anyone have any time riding a Joel Tudor Model T or a Takayama in the pink and bing mr Rodgers ? I saw both pop up for sale locally and was thinking about adding one to my quiver and give it a shot. The Model T is barely used and they want 1100 and the in the pink is 650. Anyone have anything good bad or ugly to say about it? I have been riding high performance longboards and looking to change it up.

Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, if any group can do it justice it's the folks here. Swash your buckles, shiver your timbers, it cries out for AK's feline pirates. Carry on Mates!

If that leaves you cold you get another chance to celebrate, it's also National Butterscotch Pudding Day. Arghh
My Tak Howard Special Mini has been received by Colin (Scottyp's brother) and he tells me he is stoked!! It wouldn't have gotten to him as easily as it did if Fred hadn't gotten it up to Brooklyn. Thanks again!! As we were driving from Virginia Beach to New Jersey, I told my wife how great it is to be in a community that has so much trust. Colin sent me, a guy he doesn't know, a significant (to me) amount of money for a surfboard he has only seen pictures of. He trusted me to get it to Fred, another guy he doesn't know, so that it could get to him. I trusted Fred, a guy I had never met (although I did meet his Mom when I dropped his board off in another board train for Wade) to get it to Colin. No one was worried that it wouldn't work out. This puzzled my wife, a former prosecutor, who thought about how easy it would be for someone to be ripped off. I haven't heard of anyone getting ripped off and I hope it has never happened. I love Jamboards!!!!
Just snagged a board down there and was wondering if anyone is making the trip anytime real soon?
Board is a 7'0 and located down there.
I've seen a Lot of NY plates as of late so figured there's a Solid chance.

Thanks for the Help!
Looks like she is going to be packing a heavy load when she knees PR in the balls. The island could seriously be Tits Up.