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My new snake charmer
really, such amazing setups in the background, and in so many scenes could get screenshots of such spectacular peelers. Good for the crew I hope. Would make great GOT blog material with all the Klingon translation etimology over analytical shiz....... just the simple beauty of it, so many examples........
I'm thinking about my fin setup on my 10'6 Mitsven egg. The surf's tiny in SD right now so I'd like to try a setup that maximizes glide but still holds on and maneuvers. I'm surfing small beach break so I still need to make little bottom turns and change direction. Current setup is what it came with: super small skippy side bites (2.5"?) and a 6.5" flexy Frye center.

I have a really little 3.5" center fin I could put in there, if I can find it in all my junk, not likely before tomorrow. Or I could run it with just the center. I have a 9.5" a-flex I could run as a single. Also thought about putting a couple of short board side fins in and go twin fin.

I know somebody's going to say: try them all and let us know how it goes. Sure, makes sense, but I have this 'if it ain't broke don't fix it thing with fins so it's unlikely I'd do all three. Somebody else has probably figured this out, right?
1. The circle of life comes to your local break.
2. Viral Shunt- great band name.
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Hi folks, been a while, hope all's well with you jammers.
Fin question...
My current log of choice is a 10' Squire (John Isaac) based on the Jacobs, Lance Carson signiture model.
The board has a 10" glass-on fin similar enough to a 4a.
My problem is, I'm finding it too stiff and not getting enough flex to drive off the bottom and set up.
I'm very used to the flex in the 4a as it's my overall fin choice.
I'm thinking of putting a box in and my question is... would a 9" fin work in a board of this size ?
This is my first time on a ten footer.
My logs are normally 9' 6" - 9' 8".
I'm 5' 7", and 12 stone.
I was lucky enough to pick up the Zeph board from Kroo. I have been super busy though and cant get away to san diego any time soon. Anyone heading up this way or going down there and got room for an extra board? If not no worries.

I'm seeing more and more Volan fins these days. From what I gather, it seems that they are usually hand shaped, but also that the weave of the cloth is oriented in such a way to optimize flex. Accordingly to True Ames, the flex is throughout the fin instead of just flexing at the tip.

  • Do you think this just a design trend, or are there legitimate benefits?
  • What is the construction of your garden variety longboard fin... E-glass?
  • Is there a reason that Volan would flex better than e-glass? Being that Volan is usually heavier weight, I feel like it would flex less. (Or is that part of the goal?)
I know the answer could ultimately end up being "try it and find out". I happen to have two Volan fins, but not their other-material counterparts. I like them and think they work great. I'm curious to see what the consensus is from people who have experimented more than I have.
It's on it's way to Moonlight, should be finished in a few weeks, I'll shoot some pic's when done. Check out the matching fin.
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