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  1. JamesWes
  2. Tlri
    Tlri LittleComptonSurfer
    Interested in the dnnr wondering the price without a trade. Closest I could do for a trade is a
    10’ bing noserider from early 80s.
  3. surflugen
    surflugen LÜGEN
    Lügen, is that part of your last name?
    1. LÜGEN
      No, lügen is a german word that means lie. My last name is Weber.
      Dec 12, 2017 at 7:16 AM
  4. flyer17
    flyer17 cuda
    Hi Chad
    U still have the skip Magic?
  5. AndrewSamuel
  6. Cbb1
    Cbb1 Mars
    Did you ever sell Tyler MBP?
    1. Mars
      Nov 27, 2017
  7. Cbb1
    Cbb1 twills
    I am interested in your Hornet. I’m in Hermosa, but will be heading up to Cayucos soon. Still got the board?
  8. Cbb1
    Cbb1 japsom
    What kind of trades are you looking for. I’m in Hermosa.
  9. Cbb1
    Cbb1 Dopesandwich
    Where are you located?
    1. Dopesandwich
      hermosa beach
      Nov 4, 2017
  10. GETWET
    GETWET Wade In The Waves
    Aloha Wade,
    If the boards ever makes it to the West coast, I would like to buy it.
    I am serious.
    Let's here a ride report.
    Have a great winter.