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  1. cpg
    cpg Tlri
    nice pintail. Is that a newer one or vintage? Interested and have a friend surfing RI who could grab it tomorrow.
    1. Tlri
      Newer. Calvani signature on it. I’m around part of the day tomorrow but schedule could be tight. Daughters bday party later in the day. House is being invaded by a dozen 11yr olds.
      Mar 1, 2019
  2. Cayukie
    Cayukie dingpatch
    I’ll take the no. 8 Velzy fin. Let me know how to get you paid.
  3. kickout
    kickout xyzzy
    Red Ole still around? If so, price?
  4. ParSurf
    ParSurf Lackosense
    You still have that planer?
  5. Robert Hoppe
    Robert Hoppe
    I just like quality boards lol. I buy too many and don't surf enough, and am having a great time doing it.
  6. sk8thom
    sk8thom Croweater
    Re: Ventura contact 805-844-0503
  7. Kingkook
    Kingkook Artz
    Sure .. what’s your phone number or email?ill shoot pics today.
  8. crnickazy
    crnickazy Iceberg
    Do you have a pic of the skip Frye twinzer? I’m interested...
  9. Kingkook
    Kingkook Artz
    Hi Artz.. I have a 7-8 x23.15x3.15
    Stoker V machine I’m currently not using since I just picked up a 7-6 Balsa same exact model. If interested, I’ll shoot you pics..
    In Miami 3054317672.
    1. Artz
      Hi, king kook. Yes I just might be interested. Could you post up some photos? What’s your asking price?
      Jan 10, 2019
  10. ridgeline
    ridgeline kclibman
    Any interests in trades? i have brand new joe falcone twin keel awesome condition wiht geppies and resin tint. 6'1 21 5/8 2 5/8.

    Can text pics. Would be interested in speed dialer
    1. kclibman
      Hey man! Not really looking for trades right now but I do appreciate you reaching out. Someone hit me up on here a little bit ago so if that falls through, I will let you know.
      Jan 3, 2019
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