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  1. ParSurf
    ParSurf Lackosense
    You still have that planer?
  2. Robert Hoppe
    Robert Hoppe
    I just like quality boards lol. I buy too many and don't surf enough, and am having a great time doing it.
  3. sk8thom
    sk8thom Croweater
    Re: Ventura contact 805-844-0503
  4. Kingkook
    Kingkook Artz
    Sure .. what’s your phone number or email?ill shoot pics today.
  5. crnickazy
    crnickazy Iceberg
    Do you have a pic of the skip Frye twinzer? I’m interested...
  6. Kingkook
    Kingkook Artz
    Hi Artz.. I have a 7-8 x23.15x3.15
    Stoker V machine I’m currently not using since I just picked up a 7-6 Balsa same exact model. If interested, I’ll shoot you pics..
    In Miami 3054317672.
    1. Artz
      Hi, king kook. Yes I just might be interested. Could you post up some photos? What’s your asking price?
      Jan 10, 2019
  7. ridgeline
    ridgeline kclibman
    Any interests in trades? i have brand new joe falcone twin keel awesome condition wiht geppies and resin tint. 6'1 21 5/8 2 5/8.

    Can text pics. Would be interested in speed dialer
    1. kclibman
      Hey man! Not really looking for trades right now but I do appreciate you reaching out. Someone hit me up on here a little bit ago so if that falls through, I will let you know.
      Jan 3, 2019
  8. deemce
    deemce njrider
    I would like to get a couple of raffle tix for Tony. How would I go about doing this (without having to make the ~2hour drive)? Thanks Dave (deemce on Jamboard)
    1. njrider
      Dave, great to hear from you! If you go to paypal and send $20 per ticket to as a Gift, I will enter you. I'll send you a photo of your ticket. Thanks for doing that!
      Dec 12, 2018
  9. Big D
    Big D
    Oceanside - San Diego
  10. Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez Big D
    Where is the long fish located?