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  1. deemce
    deemce njrider
    I would like to get a couple of raffle tix for Tony. How would I go about doing this (without having to make the ~2hour drive)? Thanks Dave (deemce on Jamboard)
    1. njrider
      Dave, great to hear from you! If you go to paypal and send $20 per ticket to as a Gift, I will enter you. I'll send you a photo of your ticket. Thanks for doing that!
      Dec 12, 2018 at 1:33 PM
  2. Big D
    Big D
    Oceanside - San Diego
  3. Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez Big D
    Where is the long fish located?
  4. BrazilButtNut
    Beetlejuice 2020
  5. Jimflorida
    Jimflorida LB LIZARD
    Like that clear/wood fin the picture 3. (top row). What’s the deal on that one? Jim
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  6. Eelgrass
    Eelgrass shadydave
    Hey Dave! I was in the water with Ned this morning, and he mentioned you might be headed to NJ soon? I'd like to pick up that ham board from lycokayaker. I sent him a message, just trying to see if any travelers might be moving soon. You know of any folks going between NJ and NE in the near future?

    How you doing?
  7. ac95
    ac95 miscreant
    Feral Pig, your thoughts. I had a 9’9” Phillips pig. Sold it and now I want one again as an option for daily use at Malibu or El Porto. Got my eye on a 10’ one on CL, heading there tomorrow to check it out. Was wondering what your input was on that board.

  8. Thunder Chicken
    Thunder Chicken
    Finger lickin good
  9. SDBoardHoarder
  10. Islander1341
    Say “Yes” to friends and adventure.